Thursday, December 31, 2009

Getting Real

This is me in July 2009

At my heaviest...


This is Mr. Macchiato and I way back when.

Here we are in June 2008 on our trip to Seattle.

At my heaviest... been at my heaviest for awhile.

This was taken last year around this time.


Ummm... that piece of paper ain't hiding much Honey!

Ahhhhh... the glory days...

August 2009

Whenever I see a picture of me sitting it always throws me for a bit of a loop. I look so much... fatter... sitting. Oy.
We joined a gym in July. That was all Double Shot wanted for his birthday... a family membership to the gym. Ouch. His birthday present ended up being more of a present for us than it has been for him.
Mr. Macchiato has lost 45 lbs and spent time this summer hiking 14'ers. I am hoping to join him next summer. He is down to the last 5 lbs. I have lost weight too but have a good bit yet to go. I've lost and gained weight many times over the years. This is the first time Mr. Macchiato has jumped on the bandwagon and I'm so excited about it. He was my biggest saboteur. I no longer have to fix different food for myself. We are eating the same things.
Hiking is so addicting! There is nothing like being outside pushing yourself and being rewarded with incredible views when you reach your destination. When I am at the gym I think about being able to go farther the next time I'm out on those mountains.
So... my goal is to, first and foremost, take care of this pre-diabetes situation, hopefully without drugs. Secondly, to no longer have my body limit me in any way. I want to be strong and healthy.

December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Out with the Old...

I've been busy... I'm not taking the Christmas stuff down until the 4th but I have been going through drawers and closets. I've got a carload to drop off at the Salvation Army today.

I've been watching a show called "Hoarders" when I'm on the eliptical at the gym. My friend that killed herself last year was a hoarder. The problem is so much more complicated than someone being lazy. Lisa spent a lot of time shopping and stockpiling things. She had plans for everything she bought but could never seem to get from the planning to the doing. I helped her get her house in order but I know she went back to the hoarding and the squalor.

I have never lived anywhere as long as I have lived in this house. I think I've got wanderlust in my blood. On the one hand I really envy those that live in the same area all their lives and have deep roots. On the other... how the heck do you keep everything organized and under control? When you move every couple of years you are forced to deal with all the junk you accumulate. We still have a large number of boxes that we've just shifted from location to location... I can't imagine what we'd have otherwise.

Do y'all do a New Year's purge of your house?

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's...

So... I was diagnosed in November as being Pre-Diabetic. Oy. I met with a Diabetes counselor/RN and a Dietitian the beginning of December. I did everything as I should. I started testing my blood, taking medication and watching what I ate. We joined a gym in July so I'd already been exercising regularly. Then... the latent homeschooler in me was stirred. That part of me that says, "Should I just do as I'm told or should I figure this out for myself?"

As a little girl when I colored I would first outline the inside of the black lines of the pictures with the colors I chose. I would lightly color in the pictures all neat and tidy... then I would add things. That is the way I tend to do things. Initially, I find out what the rules are, I follow them... and then I modify them.

Since I am in that gray pre-diabetic stage... I decided to stop taking the medication. Is one blood test enough to set me on that course? No, not for me. There is a blood test that can determine your blood sugars over three months. I decided to eat as I did before the last several weeks and have that test run on Wednesday. I will be meeting with the RN and Dietitian the first week of January. I will tell them what I did and why. I am joining a 2010 fitness challenge at our gym that runs for 12 weeks. I am committing to eating right and exercising faithfully during that time. At the end of the 12 weeks I will have that same blood test run. If that test shows that I am, in fact pre-diabetic, I will take the medication and follow their recommendations.

This is not a New Year's Resolution. It is a New Year's Experiment... and I'm going to blog my way through it.

Hike to St. Mary's Falls

I'd rather spend the day after Christmas outside...
No catching me in the stores!!!
The creek was rushing beneath the ice and you could see it...
it was really cool and I wish it showed better in the picture.

There had been hikers at some point on the trail before us but they turned around here. Breaking a trail is pretty slippery.

This is the frozen waterfall. You can see the ice beneath our footsteps.

We walked around on it and stood in the middle of it. We could hear the water rushing beneath us.

This is the waterfull up above where we were standing.

We could see some water running through this crack.

Our view of Colorado Springs and Kansas beyond.

The sun came out on the way down and was warm on our backs! So nice with it only being 20 degrees.

Our lunch... YUM!!!
And so not healthy.

We decided to go see Sherlock Holmes...
only it was sold out.
We then decided to see Invictus...
but were way early and had to hang out in the theater by ourselves.
Double Shot was goofing around. Well, we all were.
You can see his hair is no longer black.
Not quite the right color yet but close enough.
We'll just let it grow out now.

Invictus was an excellent movie!
I know quite a bit of South African history and found the movie fascinating.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Random Bits from Christmas...

Benny hates this hat!
He barked at me and then peed on the floor.
Benny is a Pansy.
Miracle on December 23 rd...
I got Double Shot to agree to a real hair cut.
It cost me.

Christmas morning.
Breakfast compliments of Mr. Macchiato and Frappy.


Play time!

Shovel time...

Little girls in my house!!!

Unhappy dogs shut up in the office.
I ended up going to the Urgent Care Christmas Eve. I could not have timed it better! The door was locked right after I got there because they were closing at 4 pm. They were all motivated to get out of there quick. I was seen immediately and my prescriptions were called into the pharmacy that was closing at 5 pm... which I got to 10 minutes before. Double ear infections along with a side of sinus infection. Nice. I refused to let it alter our plans and we went to the Christmas Eve service at church and had a friends over for dinner afterward.
Today we had three families over and it was such a blessing. Good food and good friends help when I'm missing my family. A little less food might have been better though... OY!!! I am NOT stepping on the scale in the morning!!!
I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Boy, getting sick right before Christmas really slows everything down. But... it is okay. What can you do about it anyway?

I am really looking forward to our Christmas Eve service at church tonight. We will be having a family over afterwards and then several families over tomorrow. As I get older it is getting harder and harder for me to be away from our families... especially this year knowing that our moms are both hurting over the loss of our grandmas. Yesterday Mr. Macchiato's Grandma would have celebrated her 99th birthday.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lordy Lordy

Oh Booper...
You do make my heart sing.

He was just hanging out at my feet in a little patch of sunlight.

Here's the little clothes pin chewing piglet...
plumb wore out!
She is such a teeny tiny thing...
all fur really.

Friday night we took part in a progressive dinner.
Some people really do not like those...
I love them!
We had a blast!
These are the homemade desserts from the last house.

Oh Mama...
This one was my favorite!

I ate some of this Italian Creme Cake too...
And half a cream puff...
Oh Mama...

Then, the next morning...
I ate this.

Good Lord. It is hard to be good this time of year! The battery on our scale went out so I don't even know the damage. And... we baked yesterday. I only had a few tastes of what we made but... it showed this morning in the form of my blood sugar reading. Yikes! The brakes are pulled!
My right eardrum ruptured at 2:30 am Saturday. It started hurting during the progressive dinner but I had been "off" all day Friday. My hearing is messed up. I was joking around that all I needed now was to have someone poke me in the eyes and I'd be deaf, dumb and blind. Sadly, it's really not so much of an exaggeration as it should be. Oy. Now I've got a cold. What the heck? I've been drinking Emergen-C several times a day and drinking Danon immunity booster thingies. They failed me. Miserably.
It is so nice to have Frappy home. She's got all her stuff strewn across the counter in the bathroom... there's mascara on my washcloths... and she's got two months worth of laundry scattered across her floor. Yes, baby girl is home. LOL!
I miss Chai Tea. I wish all my babies were home.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fearless Friday

Angela over at FREE SPIRIT HAVEN is always so faithful each Friday where she's committed to pray for other bloggers... and has often prayed for me. She cracks me up as she shares her struggles and triumphs... and sometimes she really hits home.

I would love to pray for you! You can leave me a comment here or you can e-mail me privately at You don't even need to tell me what you need prayer for.

God Bless You Today!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tis the Season...

For Asthma to rear its ugly head...
Fortunately, Double Shot is doing much better.
Not so much...
Actually, I am feeling better now too.
But... I wasn't.
Okay, I decree that we are DONE with illness now for at least one year!
Guess What?
I have not bought one present yet.
And... I HATE shopping.
And... stores are super crowded right now.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tea

I was hosting our small church Christmas Tea for the ladies on Saturday and busy all day Friday getting ready for it. Mr. Macchiato picked up Double Shot from wrestling practice, took him out to dinner and then they went to the gym to play basketball. On the way home they stopped at the store for me and it was there that Double Shot started not feeling well. When they got home Double Shot turned down the protein smoothie I made for him. I knew he was sick just by looking at him. His lips always turn white.

Just before midnight Double Shot started throwing up. Even though Mr. Macchiato had given him a bucket he tried to make it to the bathroom and ended up throwing up all over in part of his room and the hallway. At 1 am we were bisselling the carpet. I then went to walmart to buy lysol wipes, chicken soup, gatorade, saltine crackers, apple sauce and apple juice.

Double Shot had a big wrestling tournament on Saturday with weigh ins at 7 am. At 4 am I checked his temperature which was 101 degrees. I told him he was going to have to miss the tournament. Double Shot will play in games even when he's sick. He is that driven. However, this time he looked at me and said, "Mom, I don't even want to wrestle right now."

I thought about going ahead with the tea and just having Double Shot stay up in our room. With him being that kind of sick though I knew I couldn't not tell people before they came. I was afraid if we called everyone that they would not come. I sure wouldn't. I waited until 7 am to call the gal that was helping me to see what she thought. I was thinking maybe we could postpone it until Sunday after church. She absolutely shocked me when she said, "Let's just move it to my house."

So, that is what we did. I got Mr. Macchaito up and we loaded up a table and some chairs and then headed to her house so I could get all my packing material back so I could go pack up my china. I had given it all to her because I told her I would never pack up my china and take it across town for something like that! It was a crazy morning.

Amazingly, we did not lose even one person that had rsvp'd. We all had a great time and everything went surprisingly well. And... all my china made it home safely. I can be a tad controlling when it comes to certain things. I try very hard to hide it. I let things go and went with the flow. Inside it was a little hard at times but I did it. It was amazing to me to watch someone just step up like that. And it wasn't that her house was all perfect and that it was easy for them. They really had to scramble and their house is even smaller than ours. We had 18 ladies... and some children! I had wanted to host the tea because no one else seemed to want to and I wanted to bless the other ladies. In the end, I think I'm the one that was blessed... and I learned some things.

Poor Double Shot is still sick. We are all pretty stressed because he has finals later this week. When he gets sick like that it often times ends up affecting his lungs and that is what he's struggling with now. It can take weeks for him to fully recover. We kept him home from school and are praying that he will be well enough to return tomorrow. He needs to make those finals if he can.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Double Shot has moved on from football to wrestling. (By the way, he got his letter in football at the big end of season banquet Monday night. Woot Woot!) He has never wrestled before and he comes home from practice each night telling us how hard it is. That shocked us because he is very conditioned. He, of course, loves it. He's frustrated at the same time though because he just wants to win. That's Double Shot for you. Oy.
Double Shot had a meet last night and it was my first time to get to see him wrestle. They started things off last weekend at a big 28 school tournament across the state. I stayed home and boy am I ever glad I did! They had to meet at the school at 4:30 am and did not get home until 2:00 am the following morning. Jacob made it to the play off rounds and ended up 2 and 2 for the day, which was excellent for a first time wrestler. He is very strong but does not understand the technique yet. Mr. Macchiato told me that at one point he had a guy pinned and was yelling up to his coach because he didn't know what to do next.
Double Shot is in the burgundy on the right up above. He weighed in at 158 last night but had to wrestle up at 171 with that guy there that made weight by .1 lb. That kid also placed 5th at state last year.

Double Shot fought... he squirmed like a worm to try to get out of bounds several times.

Double Shot does NOT like to lose.
But, as he says, he got owned.
The people around us were telling each other that Double Shot is a "first year," and then they would remark as they watched that he was a "real fighter." It was still hard for me to watch. I can't believe how they smash their faces into the mat! There's another meet tonight. I hope Double Shot gets to wrestle someone more evenly matched.
I really would have liked to have a break from sports. It is never ending... They've already started pitching practice for baseball and off season conditioning for football... so even if he didn't wrestle he'd still be busy. I guess this is what we get for taking our spastically hyper four year old son and putting him in soccer in the hopes it would make him tired. Thirteen years later... he's not tired yet.
*Keith is my Step Dad