Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Mr. Macchiato's Mom and Grandma live near Youngstown on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border so he flew Colorado Springs to Chicago to Pittsburgh on United. He was delayed in Chicago and got in three hours later on Saturday. Yesterday he was delayed in Pittsburgh for an hour and a half but then there was a problem with the bathrooms on the plane so there was a longer delay before they had to fly to Columbus to switch out. That meant he missed his connecting flight to Colorado Springs in Denver. They had him coming in on an 8 am flight this morning so I had to drive up to Denver last night to get him. We didn't get home until nearly midnight and had to drive through some pretty dense fog near Colorado Springs. I just sent my very tired hubby out the door to work.

Grandma was not released from the hospital yesterday and they now do not know when she will come home. Her veins kept blowing out so they had to switch her to oral antibiotics which aren't as effective and the pneumonia is still there. They've been trying to get her out of bed but she is non-compliant and has been cranky... which is very unusual for her. She may need to be moved to a convalescent home because my mother-in-law cannot care for her if she will not walk. If you feel led, could you please pray for Mr. Macchiato's Grandma and for his Mom? His Mom has terrible trouble with her back and knees and it is difficult for her to walk. This all is very stressful for her! Thank you!!!

My day is going to consist of laundry, ironing and cleaning. WOO HOO!!! Hopefully, I will find that camera chord while I'm at it!

Also, I am wondering... Have any of y'all seen the commercial for Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise? When I was in high school I was quite obsessed with WWII and the Holocaust. I've read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich several times (many many years ago). I've always found Hitler's rise to power to be utterly fascinating. Anyway, every time I see that commercial I want to jump through the screen and slap Tom Cruise! This is a movie about German officers who try to take Hitler down from within... couldn't he muster up a German accent? Oh my gosh does his American accent annoy the living bejeebers out of me! I don't even know that I'll be able to watch the movie! I've gotten to where I have to switch the channel but just hearing him speak makes me crazy for at least 20 minutes every time I hear him. Really, to do the story justice they should have filmed it in German with subtitles or AT LEAST used German accents!!! AARRUUGGHH!!!

I'm sorry. I just can't take it.

Today is my Step Dad's birthday! My kids call him Grumpa. We all love him very much! For years my Mom and Step Dad came out over his birthday and we had a little Christmas celebration with them early. They haven't been able to do that since they've been taking care of my Grandma and Down Syndrome Aunt. I so appreciate the sacrifices they've made over the last four years and it breaks my heart that they can't get away together. Chai Tea didn't go with us to Seattle this summer so she is flying out for 10 days with them next week. It will be weird for us to not have her here for Christmas but things are going well between us and it will be good for her to see everyone in Seattle. She wasn't speaking to us on Easter and that was very difficult.

hApPy bIrThDaY Keith!!!


Junebug said...

Tom Cruise is going to ruin that movie! I do not like Tom Cruise anymore and I don't like Brad Pitt either. I don't like Brad's mustache and Cruise is crazy!

Two Dogs said...

I winced when I read that her veins kept blowing out. For some reason, that just seems too painful to discuss.

Tom Cruise is an awful actor and a certifiable moonbat. Do not support him, it is wrong.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

PICC lines are wonderful for those with poor veins... I was so glad when they finally put one in mom... oral antibotics would not have helped her at all... Glad MR made it home safe! Prayers for the family!
Love n hugs Laura