Friday, December 5, 2008

It Just Keeps Getting Worser and Worser

I am absolutely shocked by Rick's Copy and Share that he has up today! Shocked! It did make me laugh given the mess I've got going in my attempt to create warm and fuzzy memories in my home of the Christmas season. It's a lot of work!

Yesterday was miserable cold.

You really shouldn't attempt to take pictures while driving in this kind of weather. You might drift a little too close to the icy shoulder and you might over correct and it might just frighten you.

Does this not look miserable to be out in?
It was.

This morning the sun is shining and the snow is glistening!

I've got an old black and white movie on. It is a 1958 Susan Hayward movie called, I want to Live. It's about a woman with a criminal background that is convicted of murder and given the death penalty. I missed the first part but she is apparently innocent of the murder. The role the media plays in it all is very interesting given the year the movie was made. It appears the problems with the media have been long standing. Anyway, I was kind of expecting her to not be executed... but she just was. They went into great detail setting up the scene. Not an uplifting movie...

Our lights are a mess. Last night Mr. Macchiato tried to help me. We've got a lot but there is something wrong with nearly every strand.

We've only got lights part way up the tree and some blink and some don't. We gave up late last night. So, now I'm watching TV and staring. I should take a shower.

I did accomplish some things yesterday... but not so much on the decorating front. I even made dinner. I hadn't in a couple days. It was Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Impressive. (For those that are new to my blog... nearly 20 years ago I made Macaroni and Cheese with breast milk and my husband ate it... of course, not knowing what I made it with. It is my greatest prank ever)
The, "It Just Keeps Getting Worser and Worser," is in honor of Karen. She has a story she tells about a retreat we went to in Florida some years back that she can hardly even tell because she laughs so hard. That is a line that is repeated throughout that story.


Rick said...

I looked back at it again, and I too was shocked. Sorry to burst the halo you have in your picture of me in your mind. I feel really bad. Seriously!!!

Two Dogs said...

I decided that this year I am not going to observe the pagan rituals. This season is for focusing on the birth of our Savior. My boy is devastated that he shall have to sleep in a manger and eat very little food. I told him that I am reaffirming my religiosity and that I am trying to get closer to God. Okay, I lied.

But, at least it keeps me from going into the attic to pull out that dang-blamed stupid Christmas Tree and dealing with presents and the like.

Melody said...

LOL! The whole thing has made me laugh: the cartoon, the post, and the comments. Thanks for a good laugh.

Elysa said...

Now why don't I remember that story??? Was I there?!?! Oh...the mind is a terrible thing to lose...almost as bad as losing all good taste. *clearing throat sweetly and gently and discreetly*

Coffee Bean said...

Oh Elysa! That made me laugh obnoxiously! Any good taste I've ever had has been a facade!

Karen Deborah said...

that was a funny story.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

oh dear the breast milk tales I could tell LOL.
Giggles.... and aACK on the snow... you know that IS a four letter curse word around here!