Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is it Really Wednesday Already?

Photo of Pikes Peak by Cuppa Joe
I'm feeling pretty introspective this morning. Well, even a bit melancholy truth be told. I took down all the fall decorations and pulled out all the Christmas ones yesterday and made a huge mess. My usual excitement over decorating for Christmas is missing. I'm not sure why. Probably because I made a huge mess.
Then I checked my e-mail. Mr. Macchiato's Grandma has pneumonia. She will be 98 years old on the 23rd. She is the most delightful little thing. She's only 4'10" tall and just cute as can be. I have always loved her from the moment I met her. She is one of those people that is so sweet and so good... if there is anyone that I want to be like it is her. She will never say anything bad about anyone, even when they deserve it. Eight years ago we traveled to Ohio from Mississippi to attend her 90th birthday bash and to spend Christmas with her and my mother-in-law. On Christmas morning we gathered around a held hands while we prayed before opening gifts. She started crying and our golden retriever, Eve, went up to her and gently put her paw on her face. We all started laughing... Grandma said she was crying because she was so happy. I'm worried...
And I still miss Eve. It will be two years since she died in January. I still have her picture as my background on my cell phone.
Wow. I'm a bucket full of sunshine this morning.


Elysa said...

I love you, my cuppa Sunshine!

And I'm sorry about Sean's grandma. I'll be praying for her and the whole family.

(Please excuse me if this shows up as a sorta duplicate comment. I tried once but apparently it gotten eaten by the cyberspace monsters....)

Melody said...

I have moments being melancholy too; I think they teach us to be softer and more compassionate.

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. I'll pray for her and all of your family, too.

I've been having huge emotional ups and downs lately. I have to remind myself to take cod liver oil and vitamin B to try to counteract them.

Have a great day in spite of everyting, ok?

Flea said...

Sunshine is highly over rated, dear. Just don't wallow too long? Life really is good. Things are looking up with your oldest, no? And you have Booper! Take Melody's advice about the vitamin B, too. I've seen it work wonders with my melancholic, slightly bipolar Hunny. Evidently there are drops that you put under your tongue which work almost immediately.

Angela said...


Melody said "I have to remind myself to take cod liver oil and vitamin B to try to counteract them. " for emotional upsets? wow,,I just finished ready Flea's comment too..Gotta go, I'm off to the store..pray for me though for the cod liver oil, I hope I can take it in pill form!!

Karen Deborah said...

I soooo understand. Rasmus death was a year ago on Oct 13th seems like yesterday and I can still bawl and no it didn't help to get another dog.
you've had a lot going on. I wasn't into it either but then I got a new tree and the girls are pretty excited and happy and like lights outside and and and , it'll be ok really because we ....
we love you, and better than that Jesus does and Mr Machiato is in there too. Don't worry about the mess, waller in it, roll in it, toss it around and enjoy it; amd then tell Double Shot to clean it up!

Karen Deborah said...

ps sorry about grandma and at her age I know that my best next home is coming up,..but it is HARD.
Will pray..
And umm the herbal things for being in the dumps? Naw just get drugs.
St Johns Wort is herbal prozac. Prozac is actually very cheap these days.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

she sounds adorable... and beautiful photo there cupps joe!

jojo said...

Melancholy days can be good for us, just be careful not to get lost in's a tough road back. Vit B does help and so does Vit D...I just started on that and it made a huge difference. Mr.'s grandma sounds just wonder she's lived so long. I'll say a little prayer for her...and you too. Take care...;)