Saturday, December 27, 2008

How it Went

Hmmmm... Christmas Eve at my house...

9 am: Sweetly told my kids to get up because I needed some help (my back is still hurting).

11 am: Told my kids to get up in a matter of fact way. Tried not to get upset because it was Christmas Eve. Told myself that when they finally did get up they would feel guilty for ignoring me and do what I wanted them to joyfully.

11:20 am: Daughter got up and started helping me.

12 noon: Told my son to get up again.

1 pm: Tried to call my husband but couldn't get him.

1:20 pm: I jumped up and down and banged on my son's wall before I slammed my bedroom door.

1:25 pm: Husband called and I told him son wouldn't get out of bed. And then heard him downstairs... he must have hopped up and ran down there the second he heard the phone ring. Talked to his Dad for 5 seconds and did what he was supposed to. Which annoyed me greatly.

8 pm: Christmas Eve service... My husband slept on my right while my son on my left mutilated his candle. I think he was carving a baby Jesus out of it. At least that is what I hope that thing was.

All in all it turned out to be a nice night. We watched a movie, had a fire going and ate Christmas goodies.

Christmas day started early because Benny is a morning dog. He's a morning dog all day long. He's joyful. He's energetic. He bounds around and doesn't care if I am holding a hot cup of coffee. I try to be mad at him. I try to be mad at him every morning. But... he's just so darn happy!

We had guests for dinner and had a wonderful time.

I won't mention the wee little iddy biddy meltdown I might have had about an hour before they got here... You know how it goes. That it's getting down to the wire and you are not quite sure you are going to be able to get everything together the way you want... and no one will keep helping until things are done type meltdown. Nope. Not gonna mention it.

Today Chai Tea flew home and we spent the day with her. We all went out to eat and to see Marley and Me, which was awesome.

Okay... so, someone please tell me... why is Christmas break from school so long? I'd also like to know how my kids can sleep so much. I was not like that. I've always been more of a morning person. When I went through my growth spurt I would take a nap after school and then go to bed right after dinner... but I still got up in the morning easily. I don't get it. It irritates me no end. I think the teen years must really be so Moms can survive her little birdies flying away... in fact, this Mama is having fantasies about an empty nest.

Just saying.


Flea said...

I don't have Christmas meltdowns anymore, since we go out of town. But every other holiday merits a meltdown.

Kids are supposed to sleep late on break. It's what they're wired to do. Of course, staying up really late because they can doesn't help any ...

Angela said...

After Randy went into Asher's room for the 7th time yesterday to tell him to get up, I said to him, "remember those days hon when we slept till 2 pm.?" "Wonder when it stopped? Oh ya, when we had kids". "Whose bright idea was it to have children" "I think it was your's Randy"

Asher can go to bed at 7 pm. and sleep till 1 pm...He can sleep and sleep. I'm a VERY early bird. The earlier I'm up, the more happier I am,lol. As a teenager though I slept ALOT..when Randy and I were together, before children, we slept ALOT, (might have been the wicked hang overs though that contributed to that fact back than).

I thought about you on Christmas Eve and Day, wondering how you were doing. I'm glad all in all it went well. The f word (and not fun word) sprayed out a at 7:50 pm. on Christmas Eve. I remember it because I LOST it on the phone with His Living Sacrifice when I was sharing what was going on in our household at that moment. I don't think I was 'acting' much like a 'living sacrifice' at that moment...It got better though, when my mom went home. Sigh!

Trisha said...

Hmmmmmm. Teenagers sound a lot like my dear Hubby! On Friday (when Mom was hosting Christmas), I was up and working away while he continued to snore. I had to finally wake him up to get him to the store so we could by a little truck for my cousin's son who would be at dinner (if you are less than 18 you get a present - older than that and you are in the gift exchange).

I hope you found time to enjoy the day and the resason for the celebration despite the meltdown (totally justified, I know!) and all of the work.

Have a super day, Coffee Bean!

Brenda said...

I'm glad you made it threw and I personally did not see you melt down so don't believe it happened. We studied the sleeping issue when I was in psychopathology. Teens biological rhythm actually changes so they sleep later.

Two Dogs said...

I am beginning to like this Christmas thing. Then again, I am deadlining on two projects and did not even get together with my family. Three solid days of not speaking to anyone was absolute bliss.

Sadly, that is over.

Gladys said...

Oh Honey it does no good to have meltdowns. I have one child who absolutely does not chip in and help. It is as if she is the queen of Sheba and she is entitled to lie in bed. I just send her sibling in there to pester the shit out of her until she gets up.

I hope your back is better.

Just Me said...

Hey, nice new pic, Flea.

I'm glad Christmas turned out okay despite the late-sleeping kids and the might've-been meltdown.

I have to admit that Double Shot's complete ignorance of you until Dad called is NOT comforting to me in the least. My son is five, and he's already made ignoring and disobeying me an art form. My daughter is almost as bad. I spend more time screaming and turning purple than I care to admit.

The possibility that this will not improve over the next ten or twelve years is depressing.

My son does, however, get up faithfully at 7:00 a.m., no matter what time he goes to sleep. Daughter, 7, will stay in bed all day if I let her. She gets that from me. If permitted, I could also enjoy sleeping late.

Karen Deborah said...

awh girl, when they're asleep they aren't eating everything in the house or making a mess. I like sleeping babies myself. Please be sure to come read Piglets story it's very special.

Chris H said...

It has always driven me mad tying to get a sleeping teenager out of bed to help... a glassful of icy cold water thrown over them ALWAYS works for me!
Meltdowns can be averted by having 5 (you heard me!) 5 glasses of wine BEFORE you start to dish dinner! Worked for me, I didn't have a care in the world! lol

Two Dogs said...

Chris, that works once or twice, then they kinda get used to it. I told Ben that if he ever overslept after the first time, that he would have to wear what I picked out for him. Guess how many times he overslept after that promise?

He certainly doesn't like the pirate shirts that I keep around the house as future attire.