Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Going Crazy!!!

Double Shot is enjoying his first snow day! That means that even though it is almost 11 am he is still sleeping. I am about to make him his two cups of oatmeal and 6 egg breakfast. Can you imagine eating that much at once? He's on a "diet." His is to gain though. We are a bit concerned because he only has 6% body fat and he's growing. The strength and conditioning coach handed out a diet for the boys that need to gain at the banquet last week... only we're having to add additional fat to Double Shot's. Can you imagine? His effort to gain is just as frustrating as mine to lose. We cracked up when we saw that he has to eat a peanut butter sandwich before bed every night. My husband has been doing that for years. It is his favorite nighttime snack!

Anyway, I'm losing my mind because I cannot find the chord to my camera to download pictures! I always keep it in my desk drawer or on my desk. I just don't know where it could have gone! GGRRR!

Mr. Macchiato will be getting home from Ohio tonight!!! His Grandma should be going home later today. Of course, we are still concerned. She sometimes sees people that aren't there and is not entirely with it anymore. My husband said that he wasn't sure if she really knew who he was at times and then others he thinks she knew who he was but had trouble remembering his name. She did know who he was and what his name was a lot of the time though. Thank you to those of you that remembered her in your prayers!

Mr. Macchiato left Saturday morning and the house looked like a Christmas store blew up in it with boxes and stuff everywhere! I'm not done decorating but it is my goal to be before I leave to pick him up. I'm glad Double Shot is here to help me! I totally over decorate... I'm rethinking that for next year...

Hopefully, I will find my camera chord!


Two Dogs said...

Been there, done that. Gaining weight while playing footbaw was almost impossible for me. Try pork rinds, and breakfast chops as snack foods. Not kidding.

Angela said...
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Angela said...

I can't wait to see the pics, and pray you the cord soon..amen!

That's me that deleted the comment. I sounded like a ding dong with all the mistakes I made..

I'm glad hubby was able to visit with his grandmother. I missed the post about him visiting her, I thought he was away on business. I will put her in my prayer journal and pray..

Peanut butter sandwich is MY hubby's favorite too, at night,LOL. or just peanut butter on the spoon, than wants to give me a kiss after that,,peeee u! lol

My goodness gracious, that is a TON of food your son gets to eat. GIVE ME A BREAK!! No one ever tells me I have to eat like that,,waaaa waaaaa.

I can't picture Asher, (the 'jacked up one', you will have to see that pic of him,lol) eating that much. He's tall, BUT so skinny!!! lol...

love ya girl...and again,thanks so much for teaching me how to post the award...I have it on my 'shelf' and plan to dust it every day, I may carry it around every now and than,,lol.

Ok, I'm reposting and hope to God I have caught all the mistakes, if I didn't, oh well..I'm a ding dong than,,lol

Sandra in ABQ* said...

Mmmm, six eggs. Eggs happen to be my absolute favorite food. I like them scrambled, boiled, fried, deviled. I just love eggs. Hope you find that cord soon, can't wait to see your holiday decorations esp. if you do a lot.

I'll continue to keep your grandma in my prayers. Does she have alzheimer's. My dad has been in the beginning stages for a couple of years now and it's tough on my mom. I haven't directly seen the effects so I don't know what to expect. He still knows who people are, just has a lot of lost memories and sometimes can't remember the way home.


Karen Deborah said...

It's not fair. Just not fair.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hope you find the cord and I HATE anyone who HAS to gain weight... sheesh I can see a photo of foods or smell them from a hundred miles away and gain poundage... its UNFAIR... going to the corner to pout.

Trisha said...

Those darn camera cords are ellusive little buggers, aren't they? I finally decided to keep mine confined to an envelope next to our CPU. That way it can't escape. Of course, my iPod cord has recently been dragged off the desk by a kitten who shall remain nameless!