Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets Revisited and Random Stuff

The other night I had to go pick up some family friends at the airport. They were coming back from California and all the kids were in shorts. I saw these dudes at a stop light. I turned off my flash so as not to alert them to the fact that a strange lady was taking their picture. Unfortunately, it is hard to see what they are doing. They are eating pizza. They had two boxes opened and one of the boys had a piece of pizza in each hand. He also happened to be driving.
I am odd.

The next morning was spectacular. That there is Pikes Peak.


Double Shot is always leaving his balls all over the yard... And the neighbors' yards.

I moved the dog crates down to the basement and they are in them. They are in them because I made a big fat mess and Benny won't stay out of stuff. They are not happy about it. Not one bit.

What do you do when you go pull everything out and then get overwhelmed?
I've been doing a lot of nothing this week.
Well... actually, that's not entirely true.
We've had a lot of things going on and I haven't been able to be home much during the day. We had the Varsity Football Banquet Monday night. It was supposed to be three hours. It was 4 1/2 hours. Mr. Macchiato and I took Frappy out to lunch earlier that day before we sent her off to school on her own. We took pictures of our food and texted them to Double Shot at school. He texted back that we suck. We laughed. Yesterday we took Chai Tea out to lunch after our counseling appointment. Our last one for the time being... Our counselor put us on a call him when we need him status. We texted Double Shot another picture of our food. It was fun. We really are good parents. Even if our son has gotten his cell phone taken away at school. This time we bought him a large order of hot-n-sour soup because, well, that is a tad mean. Double Shot went to the orthodontist on Tuesday and his teeth hurt worse than when he first got the braces. If all goes well he will be getting them off in two months.
Last night we went to a Holiday gathering. I drank wine and ate caviar and pretended to enjoy it. Sometimes I wonder if I could have made it as an actress.
I really wish I could close my eyes and wish this mess away. That is why I am blogging instead. However, I have a plan. By showing you my dirty little secrets it inspires me to do something about it. I'll show you pictures of my progress later tonight. I won't be able to finish today but I am going to make some progress! I can do it! If you are in the same predicament you should post some pictures on your blog and let me know. That way we will know that we really and truly are not alone!

A lot of our weekend snow melted but there's some new falling. Look closely and you'll see it! I wish it showed up better because it is really coming down. Double Shot will not be driving home from school today. Yee Haw!

Mr. Macchiato is going to Ohio to see his Grandma. I'm glad.


Kathy said...

You brighten up my mornings! Along with a hot cup of fresh Kauai coffee, macadamia nut flavored... You also inspire me - after these photos of yours, I have just this moment decided to get ONE Christmas box at a time out and up before getting another box out. Thanks and good luck!

Angela said...

Asher's teeth bothered him also BIG TIME, worse than ever when the orthodontist (sp?,lol) tighted his braces. he said the pain went straight to his head and ear..didn't even go to school yesterday...((hugs)) Thanks for sharing your dirty little secrets...

Angela said...

I had to share with you what I wrote back to your comment to my blog. I'm still not sure if people get my comments back to their comments that are written on the comment board..oh well..

Coffee Bean, after I read your post, well after I had a little nap, THAN I went to take pictures of my bedroom so I could share my dirty secrets,,LOL. Than my batteries died in my camera..I kept saying to God..."Lord, at least her dirty secrets look organized,,mine sure don't,,"

Elysa said...

Just pretend it's MY junk you're organizing Kelly and you'll be able to zoom thru it...rocking out to your headbanging music, of course.

And I love that you send pix to your golden boy of good food you're eating! HA!

Flea said...

I wish I was there! I do the same exact thing, dragging everything out, then feeling overwhelmed. Just do a little at a time, stopping for wine and a TV show as you go. :)

noexcuses said...

You are way ahead of me! Everything is still packed away tightly in the basement.

You are not alone...just take it one box at a time, like your friends suggest.

Please show us a pic when it is all up and shining brightly.

Sandi McBride said...

My place looks much the same. I have stuff everywhere...the only difference is I tend not to photograph it but shove it in closets if I hear a car pull up...and manage to be yelling at Mac for leaving his junk lying around when I know someone is approaching hearing distance...yes, I know, but it works for me.

Rick said...

You've been posted.

Practically Joe said...

First time I visit you and I learn you have a really messy house.
There's no order.
The dogs are more organized.
How can you live like that?

Forgive me ...
I'm just trying to inspire you as you wished.

Roland Hulme said...

what an awesome post.

Don't worry, your house is pristine compared to ours and we have only one kid and no dogs to wrangle. I swear pixies come through the chimney and mess stuff up at night.

Trisha said...

Hmmmm. That is exactly why I don't decorate for Christmas. I know that is HORRIBLE but, Hubby and I are almost always gone during the holidays and I just can't see decorating for the house to be empty. Well, the kitties might enjoy it but not in the way I would want them to enjoy it!

I am glad to hear that you are getting another shot. I will be hoping this one helps.