Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All Dolled Up for Christmas!!!

I'm Coffee Bean.
I've been taking too many Ibuprofen.
My kidneys hate me.
And back still hurts anyway.

The Basement Tree

Yes, we have a little tree in the Basement.

It has all of Frappy and Double Shot's personal ornaments.

Chai Tea has hers on her tree in her apartment.

That I helped her decorate.

It has football players like Jonathan McNab...
*editing here... I've been corrected, it is Donovan McNabb! LOL!

And Angels and Fairies...

And even little Jail Bird... Michael Vic.

I hope he's learning how to treat dogs.

The Living Room Tree

It has all hand painted ornaments.

I painted Santa.

Grandma painted the drummer boy.

Rudolph was painted by Frappy.

The Christmas tree was painted by Double Shot.

This is what our living room looks like clean.

It is glorious.

I took a picture so that I will always remember...

(JK... my living room is usually clean... it is those rooms with doors that you can't see from the front door that aren't!)

And the Dining Room...

There used to be a half wall there...

with ugly spindly things that went up to the beam...

and a horrible step up into the dining room...

that we called the suicide step because people were always tripping off it.

Now... it feels like an apartment...

but, we can fit a lot more people around the table.

This is the top of an antique cabinet in my kitchen.

No picture of the kitchen just yet...

There are pots soaking.

And... The Family Room.

It's been awhile since we've seen the top of that laundry... er, I mean... coffee table.


Sandi McBride said...

I love that, there are pots soaking, lol! Love the basement tree...very festive...and I like the way your dining room looks...I know you're happier with the "half wall" gone!
Merry Christmas to you and hope your back feels better soon...I started sleeping with a pillow between my knees on the advice of my doc and wow it has helped!


Just Me said...

My sink always has pots or dishes or something soaking.

Half walls are dust and junk collectors. In my very first apartment, there was a bit of wall with slanted wood slats that went from the half wall to the ceiling. The slats were just wide enough for me to stuff all sorts of unopened mail, magazines, and other ephemera.

Have you tried one of those icy-hot patches for your back? Maybe that will help. It sure beats tearing up your stomach with ibuprofen.

Your house looks lovely. I hope I can get mine to look that way soon.

MaBunny said...

Sorry your back still hurts, but what beautiful pictures!
I'm hoping to post my Christmas decorating pics this weekend!

Trisha said...

Looking good Coffee, looking good! I love your house! The trees are so nicely decorated and each with its own theme. What kind of ornaments are on the tree in the family room?

As for the kitchen - sometimes I wish I could just fold the whole thing up and shove it in a closet somewhere so I wouldn't have to see the mess on the island and the dirty dishes, etc.

I do remember reading somewhere that you shouldn't make your house TOO clean. It makes your guests feel inadequate when they think of their own houses. Which is why I didn't dust before the family Thanksgiving dinner at my house!

Live dangerously!

Gladys said...

Be careful with the Eye-bee-pro-fin (as my daddy pronounces it)it really will blow out your liver.

I love your home it's warm and homey and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your Christmas trees. I am living vicariously through my blogging families.

Flea said...

Oh how beautiful! I love your decorated home! Mine's not nearly so cozy and pretty when decorated. *sigh* Maybe I'll come to your house for Christmas.

Angela said...

Just love it. You have been busy girl. EVerything looks so beautiful. Love you gorgeous nails also. cripe, nice teeth, nice nails, gorgeous eyes..I WILL NOT BE ENVIOUS..((hugs))

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful home!!! My favorite is the family room. I can just feel warmth and coziness exuding from every corner. Thank you for sharing!

Elysa said...

Awwww how PURTY!

Frappy said...

dang mom, you went all out this year... The family room is glowing... geez. YOu must get bored without me at home. sigh. cough. just kidding. I'm looking forward to coming home on Friday!!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

oh so beautiful!
ibuprophen is NOT good on ulcers... be careful.

Coffee Bean said...

Y'all are very sweet. I should have thrown in a picture of my bedroom... and the laundry room! Those rooms do not look nice or cozy at all. Ugh.

And Trisha, the main tree has ornaments from both Mr. Macchiato and my childhoods... ornaments made by our grandmothers and my mom... ornaments made by me and the kids... a lot of Hallmark ornaments that my mother-in-law bought for my husband when he was a kid as well as an ornament for us each year that we've been married. It's kind of like a history of our family.

Karen Deborah said...

wowie you've been busy! Everything looks great you've got some cool ornaments! Your family room is my favorite it's like a Christmas card so cozy! that's pretty cool you helped CT set up her tree, sounds like progress. Would you lay off the ibuprofen for reals? I'm serious. You can try ice, the chiropractor, or go to the doc and get some muscle relaxers and pain pills. I'm not playing when I said that drug can kill your kidneys, as in need dialysis. DO NOT over dose on NSAIDS EVER. Get some other drugs. Darvacett and flexeril will fix you right up, and you won't become a dialysis pt.

jojo said...

Well I can see why your back hurts! That last pic is just beautiful...such pretty decorating. When are you coming by my house to help me out...I have ibuprofen...just sayin'

Anonymous said...

FYI, it's Donovan McNabb :-)
Your home looks beautiful..

Hope your back improves so you can enjoy the holidays. E

Chris H said...

OOO thank you for the lovely photos! I love seeing other people's homes... I'm nosey like that! Your home is BEAUTIFUL.

Coffee Bean said...

Hey Anonymous! Donovan McNabb?!?! Oh that cracks me up! See how well I listen to the ramblings on of the football nuts in this house? LOL!

Rechelle said...

Hey Coffee bean - the house looks great!