Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Week!

Frappacino is home! Double Shot is home! Chai Tea was over yesterday and will be over throughout the week!

Oh my Lord, was it ever loud here yesterday afternoon! How on earth did I end up with such LOUD children?

I've got to get busy! I need to do the shopping for Thursday today so Frappy and I can start making things. I needed to empty out the fridge and want to give it a good cleaning this morning. The weather here has been unusually warm which is causing me some stress... It is normally cold enough to store food out in the garage if I don't have room in the fridge. Not so this year. Not yet, anyway.

Coffee... I must have some coffee. Happy Monday to y'all! It's a good one, no? oooooh! I am in such a GOOD MOOD this morning! I love Mondays!


MaBunny said...

Glad you are in a good mood! and happy monday to you too! have fun baking for thursday!

Anonymous said...

NO NOT MONDAY!!!!!! MOM!!!! ;p

Chris H said...

Glad you are enjoying having them all home!