Friday, November 14, 2008

Stink, sTiNk and more STINK!

The weather here is crummy today. It is cold and blowing snow. I keep thinking about Karen. She says she is sicker than stink right now. The way she uses the word stink has always cracked me up. It has found its way right into my head and I found myself saying "stink" as I've been going around town this morning...

Stink. Why does that make me laugh?

I'm going to have to walk the dogs to do their business so they can't go waller in the wet snow and get all wet dog smelly. Stink.

I need to clean. Stink.

I am hungry and want to eat things like banana bread and chai tea egg nog lattes... which makes my butt big... well, bigger. Stink.

Did I say I need to clean? Yeah, I need to clean. Stink.

I don't want to clean the house. Stink.

I think I'm getting a sore throat. Mr. Macchiato has been sick all week. I think he breathed on me on purpose. I could just be freaked out because he's been so miserable. If I get sick... I will be sicker than stink too.

Get better Karen!!! You too Mr. Macchiato!!!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

lol love that word !!!
Hope your day gets better! HUGSSSSSSS

Just Me said...

Great use of a good word.

I hope you're not getting sick.

Anonymous said...

That's funny. My other word is "that's NASSSSSSSTTTTY" makes everybody laugh. I say somethin is stinkin cool, stinkin cute, and then I'm sick as stink. so obviously I have a very poor vocabulary, maybe third grade. At least it keeps the chuckles coming. I really am SICK. I havne't been this sick in a long time. I sweat and soak the bed at night, and have been doing nebs, this crud flaired up my asthma like in the old days. I got a shot of steroids and a pile of drugs, and my voice is a little better today but it has wiped me out. Be careful with you know who and this crap and his low peak flows. Get some of that airborne defense or something to beef everybody up. This stuff ain't pretty.

Sandi McBride said...

Ah you're not going to get stinkin''re going to get Mama know, that's where everyone else is in bed hacking up lungs and you're delirious with fever at the kitchen sink imagining how you're going to get even...then never do...that's Mama Sick...hugs to you, please don't let the stink get you down!

MaBunny said...

Well I hope you aren't getting sick! Poor Mr Macchiato, hope he feels better soon!

Brenda said...

I'm thinkin bein sick is stinkin

noexcuses said...

Please take care. Kids and adults are dropping like flies around my school. Maybe consider getting a flu shot, too.

Talk about words? Stink, Nasty, my kids use the word "sick" to describe something that is awesome, or really cool. Go figure!

Hope your weekend gets better.

Trisha said...

You just gotta love "words of the week!" Stink is a good one! Personally, mine has been "dorkbutt." Skor has been a dorkbutt, the ASL teacher has been a dorkbutt, my hubby has been a dorkbutt, and pretty much everyone has been a dorkbutt!

Maybe next week I will go with stink!

Karen Deborah said...

Would love to have you move back. At the end of the street one of the house is for sale for 169,000 they painted, put in granite counter tops and hardwood floors. You know how it is back here. America's secret.

Rick said...

Hey - thanks for the kind word about my daughter's wedding photos.

There is always hope - Bean