Saturday, November 8, 2008

State Play Offs

This has been an exciting season for Double Shot's High School Football Team. It has also been an exciting time for the school as this is the first time the football team has made it into the state play offs... with last year being their first winning season ever in the history of the program. They've come a long way! We are all so proud of all the boys and our coaching staff.

Last night we traveled up to Denver for the first play off game. It was against a team that hasn't had a regular season loss in three years and their boys were huge. Within the first two minutes of the game our star senior was injured and was never able to make it back into the game (he played Linebacker and Receiver)... also within those first two minutes another key player... and also a receiver, was severely injured. You could see that his arm was broken as he ran from the field. He also happens to be our head coach and Athletic Director's son. For whatever reason, this team did not have an ambulance at the game (we always do) and there was a bit of a wait as people scrambled to get the other team's trainer over to our side of the field. We don't have a trainer but a player's mom is a nurse and she volunteers at all our games. She got him on the ground on his belly with his arm flat on the back of a stadium chair. It was very distressing for the team and for all of us in the stands. An ambulance finally arrived and took him from the field after starting an IV. All the while, the game went on.

By half time the score was 56 to 0. We did not even know a score like that was possible. Our boys sucked it up and put forth their best effort during the second half. They do not stop the clock when one of the teams is more than 40 points ahead so that half went very fast. Our team was able to keep the other team at bay and score 16 points (I think they put some younger players in).

It was a long ride home. Our school was so excited... we had tremendous support and filled our side of the field to overflowing. They sent 3 bus loads full of football players, cheerleaders, band members and other students. It was a sad and quiet trip home on the buses and, I'm sure, in all the cars. I know it was in ours. During the drive we learned that our guy broke his ulna, radius and collarbone and was headed to surgery. We also learned he may have to miss the next football season.

Even this morning we find ourselves kind of moving about in silence. Our thoughts and prayers are very much with our coach, his son and their whole family. It is a bitter pill to swallow to have our season end this way. I'm hoping that as the days pass that the feeling of this last game passes and each of our boys remembers that they did have an incredible season and they have much to be proud of.


Two Dogs said...

While the experience seems terrible and soul-crushing, it is always a character builder and that memory in the boy's mind will make his effort that much more determined. The other team's guys never see what your guys saw. They expect life to be a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Feh, your boys got to the playoffs and drew a tough opponent. Welcome to life, young one, there's more of that to come. Pick yourself up, dust your cast(s) off, and get back to work for the next round next fall.

Roland Hulme said...

Oh, Gosh! How awful. I'm so sorry... American Football is a physically punishing game (almost as bad as rugby) but I reckon facing that kind of adversity is even more challenging.

Good for them to have made it that far.

Just Me said...

Wonderful that they made it to the playoffs, and they should be very proud. As Two Dogs said, Double Shot's team got a lot more out of this loss than their opponents got from the victory.

I hope the injured players are doing well.

Cheffie-Mom said...

I'm so sorry. But I know the team has made so many wonderful memories together. And what an accomplishment to make it to state.

Kathy said...

All I can say is BUMMER! Losing is never any fun, (even with all of the life lessons, and sportsmanship, and reality) just no fun at all!. It all sounded quite painful. I hope the injured ones are doing well.