Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Week Until Thanksgiving!!!

I am afraid I'm coming down with a cold and am feeling the need to concentrate on getting some things in order around the house. I started a big re-organization project last week and have created a big mess for myself. There's a lot I need to get done... OY!

No change in the voice yet... I'm surprised. I hope it doesn't mean that the injection didn't work. It hasn't been 24 hours yet... the times it has worked there were changes the next day. I'm not sure I will handle it well if this injection does not work. I'm afraid that if it doesn't that means I'm resistant to the botox because my doctor definitely got it in the right spot. Supposedly, some people can develop a resistance. Even though the injections have not been working for me, they have before and there was always the hope that they would again. If I lose that hope it will be a real blow.

What are y'all doing to get ready for Thanksgiving?


Sheri said...

Oh, I'm praying that the injections work for you!

Thanksgiving: Merely scheduling where to be an when. The joys of single-dom with family far away. I get adopted by friends, and have to be careful not to offend anyone by turning them down!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I am procrastinating on getting ready for thanksgiving... and I hope the botox injections do n hugs Laura

Chris H said...

Give it time mate, it might still work for you. We don't have Thanksgiving in New Zealand... So I'm doing NOTHING! ha ha ha

Angela said...

We had our Thanksgiving in October, thank you,,LOL. Been there, done that..I'm getting ready for Christmas now girl!~ Awww. to be Canadian!

You have been on my heart ALOT since yesterday. I want to share something,,don't look at what is seen, but what is not seen, what is seen is just temporary girl..What is not seen is eternal. Praying for the sickness that is trying to attach itself to you..kick butt girl..Walk around the house, getting all that mess you made in order and start proclaiming your wellness.!~ Everything is going to be ok Buzz! I love you and am standing in the gap for you! I got your back!! ((hugs))

Flea said...

Oh CB - I really hope it works and works well.

Thanksgiving is at my brother's house. Family's coming into town. I'll be making pumpkin pies and traditional foods, including a southern favorite - cornbread dressing. Mmm!

Just Me said...

I'm sorry I haven't checked in. You've had a busy couple of days, and I hope that both the sessions with Chai Tea and the botox injections have long-lasting positive effects.

Thanksgiving: Family and I are going to our friends' house to feast. I'm really looking forward to it.

Trisha said...

Do NOT lose hope! The good news is that the last Botox shot I had didn't "kick" in until a day or two later. So, be patient. Also, as a support group meeting a doctor was speaking and she said that it is very rare for people to be resistant to Botox these days as the proteins are much smaller and less prone to cause a build up of resistance.

I know that it is hard to keep faith but, that is really all we have!

As for Thanksgiving, I am having family for the first time this year and am really procrastinating with the best of them!