Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh! The Weather Outside is Frightful!

We woke this morning to a Winter Wonderland!

I named this squirrel Forrest...

Booper loves snow!
Lu Lu?
Not so much.

Where's that squirrel?

I saw a squirrel!
I did! I did!
I did see a squirrel!

Just get the flippin snow off my paws already.

I'm tired of you saying I'm a CAT.
I'm a DOG.

I saw a squirrel Mama!
I played in snow Mama!
Double Shot is rubbing me with a towel Mama!

This is the truth about snow.
It sucks.
Frappy was supposed to go back up to school today. We were worried about her because she does not have any real experience driving in this kind of weather. We decided to have Mr. Macchiato drive her car while I followed in mine. Chai Tea came along and rode with her Dad and Frappy rode with me. It took us nearly three hours to drive approximately 25 miles. Her school is around 120 miles away. We then decided to turn around and just have her miss tomorrow's classes. There was much less traffic going in the other direction but it still took us and hour and half to get home. We live in a pretty hilly area and had to turn around and go another way after several vehicles were spinning their tires and sliding backwards in front of us. We should be able to send her up on her own tomorrow around noon.
So you know, I'm pooped.


Karen Deborah said...

wow it sure does look pretty though! It's cold here today. The wind is bitter and goes right threw you. Booper is so cute. Lu too.

Just Me said...

Yeah, driving in it sucks, but it's so pretty to look at.

My mother always said that snow should learn how to cover rooftops and lawns and leave the streets alone.

Frappy isn't the only one weather delayed tomorrow, I'm sure.

Enchanted said...

I also posted pictures of snow today.

I'm glad you decided to try to take her yourself. She may have tried to keep on going and gotten into trouble.

I have to go over lots of big hills and curves to get to work and it can be very dangerous. Our roads were still so warm that the snow just melted off as this was our first snow and we have been pretty warm and I think the snow is only going to last a day or two.

Chris H said...

Experiencing a 'White Christmas' would be lovely... as I never have... but I'd want to stay inside! Brrrrrrrrrr.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

its pretty but PLEASE do NOT send any this way!

Two Dogs said...

From what I understand, it was freezing cold here in Mississippi today too. In the mid sixties.

Melody said...

I'm sorry! I hate that part about snow.

Angela said...

I'm ever so patiently waiting for our snow storm..sigh! Randy is putting the lights on at 5 pm.. Make sure you have your sun glasses on girl,,you may be blinded by the light,,LOL..ear muffs on too,,the music will be