Saturday, November 22, 2008

Light is Shining Down on ME from Above!!!

I swear I can hear choruses of angels singing! My heart is swollen within my bosom and I feel as though I am walking on air!

I wasn't a happy camper this morning. Mr. Macchiato made plans to go on a very difficult hike with a buddy and Double Shot today. Mr. Macchiato really isn't in the right condition to go on the hikes he does... and I can't go because I am more out of shape than he is and have been having a problem with my right foot. So... that means that he will over do it and be whining tonight and will be doing nothing but wallering on the couch tomorrow. Trust me. This is how it goes. Don't get me wrong, I like that he's getting into hiking and I'd like to join him. It's just that... it is the weekend before Thanksgiving and we are having people over... and Frappy's new beau is coming down for a couple days... and the molding from the summer remodel of 2007 is still not down in the kitchen and the molding in the bathroom and laundry room looks like CRAP and the shower in that bathroom still has yet to be sealed. Mr. Macchiato is a wonderful guy but... uh... Mr. Fix It he is NOT. There is so much around here that has gone unfinished that I don't feel capable of doing on my own. And he took the circular saw and put it in storage... no doubt to keep me from trying to figure it out. Of course... I could go get it... hmmmm...

Anyway, I'm a tad passive aggressive. Just a little. I mean, I really wanted to jump up and down and cry, truth be told. Of course, when Mr. Macchiato asked me if I was mad at him last night I told him, "No." I've got a bunch of laundry in the family room that is clean but still needs to be put away. He came down this morning and was rooting around for some clean underwear. He's the type that needs co-ordinates to find the ketchup in the fridge and I still end up going in there and getting it for him. It's some sort of male who relies on his wife too much syndrome. I told him he didn't have any. He wasn't too happy about that. I showed him in the laundry room where the whites were next up in the cue. He likes to wear clean underwear every morning... which I wouldn't be married to him if he didn't... anyway, I'm not proud. He did have clean underwear. I just didn't get it for him. He's going on a big long hike anyway... it's not like I sent him to work like that. I have to be really super mad to do that. I still packed his backpack for him. Once he starts sweating he won't remember his underwear are dirty... right?

Well, Mr. Macchiato is aware that I'm upset about the baseboards. I finally told him when he came up to kiss me goodbye. I was under the covers, head and all, and he only got my cheek. Maybe he won't get all sore and will be able to help me with some stuff tomorrow. He won't know he had clean underwear until some afternoon when he's bored at work and decides to read my blog. He's real busy right now so this little entry may just slip right by him.

I thought I'd at least be able to blow my hair dry in my underwear with the bathroom door open in peace. Nope. The Jehovah's Witnesses are out this morning. And kids gathering canned goods. And my neighbor who found yet another ball of Double Shot's in his backyard. Why answer the door? Because our cars are in the driveway and they know someone is home! Don't worry, I put on clothes first!

My injection seems to be yet another dud. I'm pretty upset about it. Where do we go from here? Is this really the best there is for me now?

I really do have a lot I want to accomplish this weekend... well, before Thanksgiving anyway. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself so I decided to go get a Route 44 sized Diet Coke with lime from Sonic and then get busy. I had to wait in the drive-thru line for a bit and saw an employee take a bag of ice out to a car. I sat up ramrod straight! Do they sell their ice in bags?!?! The people in front of me must have had some huge order because a dude with a tongue stud came out with my drink.


Mr. Tongue Stud: Yeah.

Me: NO WAY!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! There was a faint tingling somewhere in the fatty recesses of my brain... had I heard somewhere before you can buy ice from Sonic??? Did I forget??? How could I forget you could buy ice from Sonic? No, I hadn't heard that or read that somewhere had I? I've got to lay off the diet coke...

Mr. Tongue Stud: Uh.. no.

Me: Oh my gosh! This is AWESOME!!! I want THREE BAGS!!!

Mr. Tongue Stud: Okay. I'll get ya at the window.

At the window...

Mr. Tongue Stud: I've never seen anyone get so excited over ice.

Me: I love the ice here. It's awesome.

Mr. Tongue Stud: Here's an extra cup of limes. I've noticed you seem to like a lot of lime.

Me: Oh my gosh! You are so sweet!

Mr. Tongue Stud: Get Better!

SONIC SELLS THEIR ICE IN BAGS!!! How cool is that?!?! It has so lifted my spirits! The sun seemed to be shining a bit brighter on my way home! I am actually now looking forward to today and I will get what I want to done before Thanksgiving. I will. I know it. I can do it! I CAN DO IT!!!

Oh... and, uh, Mr. Macchiato... sorry about the whole underwear thing.


Two Dogs said...

Well, alright, you get excited about bagged ice. I had forgotten what it was like to married with kids at home.

I bet a hot dog with mustard would give you a heart attack from the quivering excitement.

I bet you have to take a Valium to go get the mail to keep from jumping straight outta your skin with joy and elation.

I bet shiny stuff must send you into fits of hysterics.

Wow. Bagged ice.

Trisha said...

I am glad that Sonic could help elevate your mood!

I will be waiting to hear if Mr. M comes back in any shape to help with the baseboards and shower!

I am so sorry to hear that the shot didn't work. I have been praying for you daily. I know how frustrating it can be but, don't ever give up hope!

Coffee Bean said...

Two Dogs,

I'm not fond of hot dogs. I don't know what they are made out of and am pretty sure I don't want to know.

Half the time I don't even get the mail. Now if the UPS guy drives up... I might get a little excited about that.

Nope on the shiny stuff.

I did jump up and down when my Mama sent me a Rowenta iron for Christmas a couple years ago. I love it and had been wanting one.

I cried when my husband gave me my laptop for Christmas two years ago.

And... it is not bagged ice. It is SONIC ICE IN A BAG!!!


Thank you so much for all your prayers! You are so sweet!

Two Dogs said...

Oh, my bad, I stand corrected. You should ask Sonic how they make their ice taste so good. Maybe they use water and chill it to below 32 degrees or something MAGIC like that.

Coffee Bean said...

You need a drink from Sonic Two Dogs.

It is the way the ice is shaped... it is in the fact that you can actually chew on it without it sending you into orbit. It is the fact that it is... MAGIC.

Two Dogs said...

Oh, I had no idea that you were talking about the aesthetics of the ice, that makes all the difference in the world. Beautiful ice makes me cry.

Angela said...

I LOVE ice,,lol, especially with coke! When my neighbor calls me over to have one of our bad habits outside, I ask "do you have coke?" "yes". Than I ask, "do you have ice"
As for hubby not being a 'fixer upper'..girl..mine is an amazing fixer upper and builder and everything else, I'm still waiting though for a ceiling in my rec room, LOL. I tried 'helping' and tore the ceiling apart 8 YEARS AGO and I'm still waiting for him to put a new one up..LOL..oh well,,in God's timing...OH Lord,,,I sure would like to have a ceiling! amen! You know what came to me,,I may not have a ceiling so it will be easier to see heaven??? oh well,,,trying to find positive,,lol.

Dave said...

this was too funny! I get a better picture of folks that live in the south when I read these posts. Being a Canadian that lives in ice most of the year, I try to avoid it as much as I can.
Great blog btw, I am enjoying.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

I love that they sell their ice in bags... I am a peach tea addict... and good god to eat as much as I want of a super sonic with mustard (no pickles no onions) and maybe an onion ring or two ... yeah I know bizzare that i love onions on just about anything except my hamburgers. ANYWAY.... I found out last year that sonic sells their ice in bags.... HUGSSSSS and I hope the man forgives the underwear thing... My hubby is the same way thank God...

Gladys said...

Now see Two Dogs you just don't understand Sonic Ice. There is NO other ice like Sonic Ice. I have driven 100 miles with a ice chest with ice to keep the Sonic ice cold. :)

MaBunny said...

I love Sonic too. The nectar of the Gods that we receive there are large diet-cherry lime-aids, YUMMY!!
thats pretty funny about the whole underwear thing:)sorry your shot didn't work as well.

claudia said...

I just had to laugh at the banter between you and Two two are funny!
We don't have a Sonics close enough to us for me to know the asthetics of their ice...I live a very sheltered life.
Send me some! (please) You have plenty now.

Just Me said...

Hey, Coffee Bean.

Stop worrying about the trim. Stop worrying about the stuff that isn't "fixed" to your liking. Your guests aren't going to be on their hands and knees inspecting your baseboards. If they are, don't invite 'em back. You LIVE in your house; it is not a museum.

Two Dogs: Ouch. FWIW, I got excited over a trip to the library for grown-up books!!

Karen Deborah said...

You are so easy to please, SONIC ice and extra limes. So what's the big deal about baseboards anyway. Mine are usually lined with dog hair blech. WHOOOOO is going to be looking at your trim? look I know you and everybody is going to be looking at the fantabolous dinner you are going to cook. Yessirreeeebob. Mr Machiatto going off with his son, now that is heart warming and also what Advil is for.

Junebug said...

How funny! I used to buy bagged ice from Sonic to make homemade ice cream with. It's great for that and yes, I loved crushed ice to eat when I drink my pop.

thislittlepiggy said...

LOVE happy hour at Sonic! :o)

Melody said...

Reading this post and all the comments has been a great start to my day. Thanks to all for the good laugh. :-)

And Coffee Bean, I am so sorry about the shot not working. How frustrating, especially after the discomfort from getting it.

I *am* glad that you found out about Sonic's ice! One of life's simple pleasures!

COMamabear said...

SONIC SELLS THEIR ICE IN BAGS!???!!? And you didn't tell me, WHY??!! Oh, wait... you just did. :giggle: