Monday, November 3, 2008

Just Stuff

This is NOT my favorite thing to do...
So you know.
Double Shot's team lost their last JV game 20 to 26. It was a pretty exciting game and Double Shot got a touch down! The first play off game for Varsity will be Friday night in Denver. If they lose they will be out and the team they are playing is 10 and 0... Double Shot's team is 8 and 2. Double Shot just gets to play on Varsity when they are way ahead of the other team so he probably won't get to play Friday night... but, maybe... We can hope, right?
Frappy drove down from school to see the second half of the game and to stay the night. She's gonna go vote with her Daddy in the morning and then we'll go to lunch where Chai Tea works. Chai Tea has to work until 3 pm so I will pick her up and we will vote together in the afternoon.
I went home from the game with Frappy in her car. My Lord does she ever scare the peewaddins out of me! We stopped at Wal-mart to pick up a few things. Mr. Macchiato and Double Shot kept calling, of course. Where are you? What's taking so long? We are starving!
Anyway, while we were in line we happened to be in the aisle that has all the touristy Colorado stuff and I saw some cute salt and pepper shakers with bears on them. I pointed them out to Frappy because I thought they'd be fun to have in the trailer. She started looking through everything and excitedly said, "Look Mom! They have the bear on a cigarette dish!"
Oh did that ever tickle me! Eighteen years old and away at college and she didn't know what an ashtray is! Well, from now on and forevermore ashtrays will be called cigarette dishes in our home! Not that we ever talk about ashtrays...
Very Content Sigh...


Chris H said...

I hope you didn't buy that 'cigarette dish'??? I loathe ashtrays, they are simply the most gross things. OK, rant over. lol

Chris H said...

OOO and sorry the son lost his game, that must have been hard.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

LOL cigarette dish thats too cute... unfortunately my kids know what ash trays are but thankfully they are not INSIDE they live outside.
Hugs Laura

Accidental housewife said...

My 20 something year old daughter had never seen a real phone booth, only the one at Universal Studios on the back lot. Was amazed that they still had them sitting around. :)

Just Me said...

Oooh, sorry about Double Shot's game, but at least they have another chance to stay in the playoffs. I hope they do well.

"Cigarette dish" is very, very funny! As Chris H. said, the purpose of an ashtray is gross, but the designs are a lot of fun.

My grandparents were smokers, and I distinctly remember the various ashtrays around their house. My favorite was steel or chrome or whatever, a shallow metal dish with two alligators/crocodiles side by side, facing opposite ends of the dish, heads up and mouths open to hold the cancer sticks. My eight-year-old mind thought that was the most clever thing on earth.

Accidental Housewife: Shoot, try finding a pay phone anywhere, never mind a phone booth! My cell died, I needed a phone, and couldn't find one to save my life.

Anonymous said...

Gee thanks for telling the whole world mom...