Thursday, November 6, 2008

Getting Old is a "Bleep"

I got a haircut and my eyebrows waxed yesterday. *&$#%*%&#!!! I told the gal that I did NOT want my eyebrows thinner... that I just wanted them cleaned up. Now I know why old ladies draw their &*%$# eyebrows on!!! &%$##$%$&!!!

I liked my haircut until Mr. Macchiato just looked at me and said, "It's short." That's it!!! "It's short." Uh... yeah... it has been for awhile now!

A zillion years ago my Mom gave me a ginormous nightshirt with Snoopy and Woodstock on it. She had a ton of them that she gave to her sisters and me. I actually had two of them. I wore them for years and years before Mr. Macchiato told me he hated them and that he had always hated them. In fact, when we were at my Mom's this summer I saw she still had one so I took it and held it up to Mr. Macchiato while I said, "Look what my Mom just gave me!" He hated that nightshirt so much that he didn't even laugh at the JOKE.

I went through a Homeschool Marm phase that included homemade/ denim dresses and overalls worn with bobby socks and Keds. I even wore crafty little wooden necklaces and sometimes put bows in my hair. Just typing that makes me cringe. But, it is true and part of my history. After a couple of YEARS Mr. Macchiato says to me, "You dress like a 6 ft tall 5 year old." I looked down at what I was wearing and it was TRUE.

I love hair clips. I've loved them since they were invented. I have big ones, little ones, teeny weeny baby sized ones... it is amazing what you can do with them! Mr. Macchiato tells me one day, "I like your hair better down."

I asked him what he meant. Well, he says to me, "I don't really like it when you wear your hair up." I'd been wearing my hair up for YEARS people. Oh, and get this, he says, "Sometimes it looks like a rooster tail or something."

I tried to wear my hair down but even when I took the time to curl it and make it look nice it ended back up in a clip before the end of the day. My addiction to clips is that strong. So, I got my hair cut at the beginning of the year to where I couldn't put it up in a clip. It is still a feminine cut and about two inches below the bottom of my ears... well it grew out some and I figured out a way to use my handy dandy little clips until yesterday when I got it cut again. AND He thinks it is too short. After wearing it this way most of this year. &%$#*&%$#!

Sigh. Double Shot's school had a big to do Pep Rally/fundraiser last night at one of those huge indoor activity centers with laser tag, go carts, bowling, etc. The girls' volleyball team is in the state play offs too. There was a local radio station there that did an hour long program talking to the coaches and players. It was a MAD HOUSE! We ended up leaving and walking around a row of furniture stores nearby before we went and got some coffee at a coffee house. We then sat in the car in the parking lot while we listened to the program on the radio. Our little heatwave of last week has certainly gone on its way...

Anyway, Mr. Macchiato says, "I'm ugly." Oh my gosh. I'm cracking up again. You'd have to know my husband and the way he says stuff to appreciate this... He then went on to talk about how he was looking at the pictures from the Bronco game on Sunday and how he looks old and fat. We went round in that vein for some time telling each other what we were saying wasn't true. Then... we decided that getting old really is a BLEEP.

I guess I should be impressed that Mr. Macchiato has improved in that he didn't take years to tell me he doesn't like my hair this short... I think he wears his hair too short too. I think I'll grow mine out longer if he grows his out longer. Yeah... like that's gonna happen!

My eyebrows had better grow back.


Junebug said...

It is awful the things they wait years to tell you. I would like to tell you something my husband told me he didn't like about me not too long ago but I don't think I can tell you. It wasn't nice. I'm still mad even though I did not tell him so. Turd!

Cheffie-Mom said...

I'm sorry, but the eyebrow thing made me LOL! I think you should wrap one of those night shirts up as a Christmas present for your hubby! (:

Chris H said...

OH. HELL. I've been married to Stew for over 20 years and he's NEVER EVER said he didn't like something I wear or do with me hair. Do you think he's building up to it??? ha ha ha.... you are too funny. Can't imagine how bad your eyebrows are!

Memaw's memories said...

Yes you are right, getting older is bleep.

I've decided a shorter life span is better than getting old and being sick all the time.

MaBunny said...

Oh yeah girl, sounds like you were styling! I do the little hair clip thing too, chris doesn't alwasy like it, but doens't say much about it.. hes learning, lol.

April said...

I have some bad news for you. We are close to the same age. Your eyebrows are not going to grow back. My eyebrows are half the size they used to be. The last time I had them waxed she effed them up big time. Now I always look like someone is grabbing my ass. One of my aunts had her eyebrows tatooed on. Is this my future?? Just kill me now.

And don't be offended, but since we are FB friends I have looked at all your pictures. Mr. Macchiato is most certainly NOT ugly. And he does not look old at all. I think he's adorable and you can tell him I said so. Unless you are totally offended I think you husband is cute. In that case don't tell him at all. But I am not one to gush over ugly babies or husbands. Just so you know. :)

Coffee Bean said...

April! You about made me fall out of my chair! LOL!

And I am definitely showing your comment to Mr. Macchiato! It will make his day!

jojo said...

Is it wrong of me to laugh at you while my hair is about 2inches too long, frizzed out from the rain, and my eyebrows are also 'missing.' I hope they grow back too!
And yeah, my husband waited years, and I mean YEARS to tell me something he didn't like about me. He should have kept his mouth shut is all I can say.

Just Me said...

All I can say is that I've never waxed, plucked, or trimmed my eyebrows in any way. I am WAY TOO SCARED to do that. Fortunately, I'm not sporting the early Brooke Shields look, either.

My husband, thank God, has no fear of telling me when I look awful. It's one of the many reasons I married him. When I was all pimply and pregnant with Baby #1, he knew my baby shower was that day, and he did his best to steer me away from the usual, lazy-comfy clothes I'd grown into the habit of wearing. I didn't completely listen, but I lookd a lot better than I might have otherwise.

On the other hand, he's been tellign me to cut my hair ever since we met. When I finally did it a few months ago, he was so happy and excited, and wouldn't stop gushing about it to our hairdresser when it was his turn to get a trim.

Trisha said...

Coffee Bean -

Tee hee! I know that you are venting but your entire post had me laughing! I have never had my eyebrows waxed for fear that I would leave with a very surprised look on my face! I have heard too many horror stories.

About the husband thing . . .true M might be slow but it is better than my Hubby. He tried extremely hard to not have an opinion about anything I ask him! Talk about frustrating!

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, this is a Me Too post if I ever saw one...I love hair clips and even call them hair clips...I hate my hair long but Mac hates it short...I let it grow till I can't stand it anymore and it shirt was a Clemson Party Shirt...three families and two cats could live in it but it was comfy! And Mac hated it. Who knew? Great post, like looking in a mirrow life, lol. Congrats on the the post of the Day mention

Carol said...

This is hysterical....and way too true of a lot of us! You're right...this getting old is not pretty!

Congrats on your POD award!!