Monday, November 3, 2008

Football, Football and MORE FOOTBALL!!!

We were at the Bronco's game in Denver yesterday.
Frappy drove down from her school and met us there.
Our seats were in the south end zone under the big score board.

We made sure to put the hurt on our bellies.

A field full of little Bronco Cheerleader Wanna Be's.

Thunder! When the Broncos make a touch down a gal charges across the field with a big Bronco flag. Sadly, they didn't get much of a workout yesterday.

It's a big to do as the team takes the field.

Go! Go! Go!

We were, ahem, blessed... to have some rather interesting folks sitting right behind us. I learned quite a bit about what makes girls "hot" and about how much money you makes determining how "hot" a girl you can get... had a smuggled bottle of booze fall and smash right behind Frappy and run down all around our feet making our little area smell mighty fine... and listened to them yelling obscenities in interesting combinations over bad calls and mistakes made. They even got into a shouting match over whether Coach Shenahan is a bad coach or not complete with screaming about the two Super Bowls he coached the team through were only won because of John Elway. I was bracing myself to have one of them knocked down on top of me. See all those people going down the stairs there? When it became evident that the Broncos were going to lose people started streaming out of the stands. Nice, huh?

We have been having unusually warm weather! It has been in the 70's for days! We do have a chance for snow on Wednesday and then again early next week. It has been so nice!
Double Shot's last JV game is this afternoon! Having him be a swing player has made this football season so very long! The first round of the state play offs is this Friday... It is pretty exciting!


Cheffie-Mom said...

HOW FUN!! I'm glad you had such a great time. Those nachos look TOO YUMMY! Happy Monday! (:

Chris H said...

Forget everything else! Would ya look at that food!!!!!! *droolling*

Just Me said...

I'm sorry the drunken fools wrecked your enjoyment of the game.

You were a paying customer and shouldn't have been forced to endure their arguing and disorderly behavior. The "hot" conversation aside, once they became screaming and abusive, you had every right to complain to security. No, don't flag 'em down and make yourself obvious, but talking to someone on your way to/from the ladies' room is a quiety way of drawing some attention your way, letting security make the decisions from there.

Those nachos looked awesome.

noexcuses said...

I could feel the "burn" just looking at those nachos!

We had Rams tickets for 15 years in CA and had the same thing around us. I would hate it when we had the kids with us. We finally just stopped going (they weren't playing that well anyway). Then they moved to St. Louis. Bye Boys!

I'm so excited for your son! My boys played, but are out of high school. We still follow the team anyway. We won our conference; now we play for Districts. Best of luck to you this week!