Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh! The Weather Outside is Frightful!

We woke this morning to a Winter Wonderland!

I named this squirrel Forrest...

Booper loves snow!
Lu Lu?
Not so much.

Where's that squirrel?

I saw a squirrel!
I did! I did!
I did see a squirrel!

Just get the flippin snow off my paws already.

I'm tired of you saying I'm a CAT.
I'm a DOG.

I saw a squirrel Mama!
I played in snow Mama!
Double Shot is rubbing me with a towel Mama!

This is the truth about snow.
It sucks.
Frappy was supposed to go back up to school today. We were worried about her because she does not have any real experience driving in this kind of weather. We decided to have Mr. Macchiato drive her car while I followed in mine. Chai Tea came along and rode with her Dad and Frappy rode with me. It took us nearly three hours to drive approximately 25 miles. Her school is around 120 miles away. We then decided to turn around and just have her miss tomorrow's classes. There was much less traffic going in the other direction but it still took us and hour and half to get home. We live in a pretty hilly area and had to turn around and go another way after several vehicles were spinning their tires and sliding backwards in front of us. We should be able to send her up on her own tomorrow around noon.
So you know, I'm pooped.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Take a few moments to think about what you have to be thankful for in your life, American or not. One of the things I'm thankful for is all of you neat bloggers out there and for how y'all have been a part of my life this last year. You've made me laugh. You've made me cry. And you've made me feel more connected to others in a different way. A lot of us live in places where our homes are surrounded by fences and our hearts are tucked away behind invisible walls. Something about the anonymity of blogging allows those fences and walls to fall. I know I've shared my heart here in ways I would not do in person, at least not until after some time has passed and a relationship has formed. It's funny... there are some people that know me in real life that read this blog and I've been told on several occasions that it wasn't until they read this blog that they feel they got to really know and understand me. So many of you have shared your hearts on your blogs and as I've read your stories... your ups, your downs... your laughter and your tears, you've made my life richer.
Thank You and God Bless You!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Six Random Facts Meme

Sandi at Holding Patterns tagged me...

1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog (copy and paste 1-6).
3) Write 6 random things about yourself (see below).
4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5) Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6) Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Sandi said, Since the Coffee Bean is so sassy I'd like to know how she got that way...genetics or life? So, I think I will have my six random facts go along that line.

1. I am only sassy in my mind, writing and with those that I am comfortable with. In most situations I am very quiet and more of an observer. I do have the ability to step out of my comfort zone in an effort to put others at ease... such as when I am the host or am in some sort of leader capacity.

2. It is entirely possible that I am mentally ill. Or have split personality. Or am humorously retarded and intellectually repressed. If so, I totally blame it on my parents. Just kidding Mom. It's my Dad's fault. (That's to see if my Dad is reading, I don't think he is... so yeah, all his fault).

3. I am procrastinating my Thanksgiving preparations. I do it every time. EVERY. TIME. It is an illness. I'm sure of it. And I'll pull it off. I always do. Last year... I made homemade pies at 3 am. Yes, I could buy them. But, I won't.

4. All my laundry is done. Not the ironing. Just the laundry. That is enough to declare a moment of silence on this day next year in remembrance. I pray it is not the last time.

5. I love pumpkin flavored stuff so much that... I'm actually kind of over it for this year. Hmmm... Apple pie is sounding mighty fine. Is it a crime to not eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving?

6. I made homemade lasagna for dinner. I forgot to take Prilosec this morning and I now have a raging case of HEARTBURN and I haven't even laid down... and I'm TIRED. Oh Lord am I tired... I've been reading how acid inhibitors are actually bad for you. Should I try to drink some apple cider vinegar? I tried that once before and I think it burned off all my nose hairs.

Now for the tags...

I TAG YOU if you if you have a blog and you've been reading mine but have never commented! I'd like to get to know you, so if you want to play along, leave me a comment and I'll come check you out!

Monday, November 24, 2008

No Contest

As y'all may recall, Frappy's on again/off again boyfriend of two years, Hot Chocolate, broke up with her in September. You may also recall that I mentioned that she has a new boyfriend. We will be meeting him this week. Some of y'all suggested we have a name that boyfriend contest when I said I was trying to come up with a name for him for the blog. Well... we've got a name so there will be no contest.

First of all, little Miss Frapps is... um... quite twitterpated. From what we can tell the feeling is mutual seeing as he told her he was interested in a relationship with her... not dating. Said boyfriend is now my friend on facebook and we've had a little bit of communication back and forth... he called her a woman. I fell out of my chair onto the floor and died. Then I came back to life.

Now, this has all moved rather quickly as "relationships" often do in college. They spend a lot of time together and there are few questions I've asked that Frappy didn't know the answer to. We are definitely in new and uncharted territory as parents. We learned through Chai Tea that once your kids are a certain age that you do not have the control over them you once did. We are trying really hard to keep communication open and allow them the freedom to make their decisions, even the ones we disapprove of, and love them through.

They are killing us.

Truth is Miss Frappacino met Pumpkin Spice Latte (who will be referred to as simply Pumpkin Spice) on Halloween. We never celebrated Halloween outside of alternative church festivals... Apparently, a certain establishment made it an underage night and everyone went in costume. Frappy went as a Fairy. More and more details have been coming forth...

Pumpkin Spice was dressed all in black, including a black cowboy hat.

Pumpkin Spice: Who are you supposed to be? I'm Johnny Cash.

Frappy: Well... I guess that makes me June Carter.

Yes. My little girl. My little girl who wore glasses until last year. My little girl with the freckles on her nose. My little girl who still has her baby blanket on her bed. My little girl who loves sour candy. My little girl...

Yesterday Mr. Macchiato and I took our little girl to the mall. Pumpkin Spice works for a construction company online... he interned there last year and he wants to take her to their Christmas Party. She did not like the suggestion that she wear her prom dress... hey, it's red! We were joking with her, don't worry! We figured she should get a black dress that she could wear again... you know how we all have to have that little black dress? Anyway, we were successful and she loves the dress. She told Pumpkin Spice that I told her she has to act like a grown up at the party. That was before I knew what she said to him when she met him. Somehow, somewhere, my little girl grew up a lot more than I thought.

Frappy's friend was over for dinner and I was trying to talk her into, "Cuppa Joe," for the blog. Chai Tea is the brains behind that one and I thought it was brilliant. Her friend liked it too (we'll call her Panda). I then suggested, "Hotter Chocolate," purely as a joke. A joke that went over pretty big. But, I like Hot Chocolate so I would never actually do that. Miss Panda lets things slip... so when the story came out about when they met we all agreed he must be Pumpkin Spice.

We always thought Miss Frappy was more like me. Evidentally she may just have a bit more of her father in her... In which case, ole Pumpkin Spice might just be done.

Boops and Lu

Well, Good Morning Benny!
I love you Mama. I be a good boy.
Good Morning Lu Lu!

If you say so. Did you make me any coffee?

Pway wif me Wu Wu!

Oh, for the love of Pete. Where's my coffee?

I play nice, promise!

Why do you have to be so cute?

I wanna play tug-o-war, kay?

I don't want to play tug-0-war.

I don't have to play with him if I don't want to, right?
That's right old girl.

What are you doing home Double Shot? I love you!

Lu Lu won't play tug-o-war with me Mama... will you?

No, I'm taking pictures. Go ask Double Shot.

Will you play tug-o-war with me Double Shot?


I love you Double Shot! I do, I do, I DO!

Heh, that all ya got Booper?
I'm just a pup. I don't play football. I don't have big muscles.

Hmmmm... Benny's getting more attention.
I guess I'll play tug-o-war with him then.

Old age and treachery overcome youth and skill everytime big boy! He He!

Oh Really? I say Ha!

Oh, it's on big boy. You know I'm getting that back!
I'd like to see you try Grandma!

Bring it!
Stand back cause I'm bringing it!

Really... you call that bringing it?
He He He Ha He Ho Ha He!!!

Yeah... that's what I'm talkin' bout!
I love you Mama!
I love you too my Mr. Happy Booper de Dooperdedoo!
**Yeah, so... I'm, like, totally not getting a thing done. Darn dogs! Why do they have to be so cute? And... I'm sorry. Yes, Booper is my favorite. It is okay because Lu Lu is Mr. Macchiato's favorite. Don't be feeling sorry for her. She's not even really a dog. She's a CAT... in a dog suit. I know it.

Thanksgiving Week!

Frappacino is home! Double Shot is home! Chai Tea was over yesterday and will be over throughout the week!

Oh my Lord, was it ever loud here yesterday afternoon! How on earth did I end up with such LOUD children?

I've got to get busy! I need to do the shopping for Thursday today so Frappy and I can start making things. I needed to empty out the fridge and want to give it a good cleaning this morning. The weather here has been unusually warm which is causing me some stress... It is normally cold enough to store food out in the garage if I don't have room in the fridge. Not so this year. Not yet, anyway.

Coffee... I must have some coffee. Happy Monday to y'all! It's a good one, no? oooooh! I am in such a GOOD MOOD this morning! I love Mondays!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Light is Shining Down on ME from Above!!!

I swear I can hear choruses of angels singing! My heart is swollen within my bosom and I feel as though I am walking on air!

I wasn't a happy camper this morning. Mr. Macchiato made plans to go on a very difficult hike with a buddy and Double Shot today. Mr. Macchiato really isn't in the right condition to go on the hikes he does... and I can't go because I am more out of shape than he is and have been having a problem with my right foot. So... that means that he will over do it and be whining tonight and will be doing nothing but wallering on the couch tomorrow. Trust me. This is how it goes. Don't get me wrong, I like that he's getting into hiking and I'd like to join him. It's just that... it is the weekend before Thanksgiving and we are having people over... and Frappy's new beau is coming down for a couple days... and the molding from the summer remodel of 2007 is still not down in the kitchen and the molding in the bathroom and laundry room looks like CRAP and the shower in that bathroom still has yet to be sealed. Mr. Macchiato is a wonderful guy but... uh... Mr. Fix It he is NOT. There is so much around here that has gone unfinished that I don't feel capable of doing on my own. And he took the circular saw and put it in storage... no doubt to keep me from trying to figure it out. Of course... I could go get it... hmmmm...

Anyway, I'm a tad passive aggressive. Just a little. I mean, I really wanted to jump up and down and cry, truth be told. Of course, when Mr. Macchiato asked me if I was mad at him last night I told him, "No." I've got a bunch of laundry in the family room that is clean but still needs to be put away. He came down this morning and was rooting around for some clean underwear. He's the type that needs co-ordinates to find the ketchup in the fridge and I still end up going in there and getting it for him. It's some sort of male who relies on his wife too much syndrome. I told him he didn't have any. He wasn't too happy about that. I showed him in the laundry room where the whites were next up in the cue. He likes to wear clean underwear every morning... which I wouldn't be married to him if he didn't... anyway, I'm not proud. He did have clean underwear. I just didn't get it for him. He's going on a big long hike anyway... it's not like I sent him to work like that. I have to be really super mad to do that. I still packed his backpack for him. Once he starts sweating he won't remember his underwear are dirty... right?

Well, Mr. Macchiato is aware that I'm upset about the baseboards. I finally told him when he came up to kiss me goodbye. I was under the covers, head and all, and he only got my cheek. Maybe he won't get all sore and will be able to help me with some stuff tomorrow. He won't know he had clean underwear until some afternoon when he's bored at work and decides to read my blog. He's real busy right now so this little entry may just slip right by him.

I thought I'd at least be able to blow my hair dry in my underwear with the bathroom door open in peace. Nope. The Jehovah's Witnesses are out this morning. And kids gathering canned goods. And my neighbor who found yet another ball of Double Shot's in his backyard. Why answer the door? Because our cars are in the driveway and they know someone is home! Don't worry, I put on clothes first!

My injection seems to be yet another dud. I'm pretty upset about it. Where do we go from here? Is this really the best there is for me now?

I really do have a lot I want to accomplish this weekend... well, before Thanksgiving anyway. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself so I decided to go get a Route 44 sized Diet Coke with lime from Sonic and then get busy. I had to wait in the drive-thru line for a bit and saw an employee take a bag of ice out to a car. I sat up ramrod straight! Do they sell their ice in bags?!?! The people in front of me must have had some huge order because a dude with a tongue stud came out with my drink.


Mr. Tongue Stud: Yeah.

Me: NO WAY!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! There was a faint tingling somewhere in the fatty recesses of my brain... had I heard somewhere before you can buy ice from Sonic??? Did I forget??? How could I forget you could buy ice from Sonic? No, I hadn't heard that or read that somewhere had I? I've got to lay off the diet coke...

Mr. Tongue Stud: Uh.. no.

Me: Oh my gosh! This is AWESOME!!! I want THREE BAGS!!!

Mr. Tongue Stud: Okay. I'll get ya at the window.

At the window...

Mr. Tongue Stud: I've never seen anyone get so excited over ice.

Me: I love the ice here. It's awesome.

Mr. Tongue Stud: Here's an extra cup of limes. I've noticed you seem to like a lot of lime.

Me: Oh my gosh! You are so sweet!

Mr. Tongue Stud: Get Better!

SONIC SELLS THEIR ICE IN BAGS!!! How cool is that?!?! It has so lifted my spirits! The sun seemed to be shining a bit brighter on my way home! I am actually now looking forward to today and I will get what I want to done before Thanksgiving. I will. I know it. I can do it! I CAN DO IT!!!

Oh... and, uh, Mr. Macchiato... sorry about the whole underwear thing.

Double Shot and Poetry

A few weeks back Double Shot had to write a poem for one of his classes. Trust me, the boy was not happy about it. He put it off and put it off... and put it off. The night before it was due there was weeping and knashing of teeth. He did not want to do the assignment! Here is what he came up with.

Autumn Memories
Summer so sweet, but over nonetheless.
School back in, hard at work again.
A crisp Autumn breeze, changes in yellow, orange and red.
Time moves on as if summer never was,
But once a week, timeless memories.
Friday lights cut through the night,
Cleats click clack on the track
As we enter to thunderous applause.
My body tenses awaiting the whistle blow.
There it goes, it's game on!
The roar of the crowd is deafening
As helmets crash, this will be a fight.
I meet his hate filled glare,
Try and get by me if you dare,
But this is my Autumn memory,
Get your own some other day!
Only one of the great memories
Created on Autumn nights.
Though it was a fight,
we remain victorious.
Winter comes along,
But these Autumn nights will last.
Oh this boy... he brings me much laughter! Yup, the poetry of a football player! He got an A and the teacher read the poem aloud to the rest of the class. He. was. amazed.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Enjoying the View from my Back Door!

Hi Booper!!!
What? You want to come inside?
You've been out there .001 seconds!
You want hugs and kisses?

I literally took these pictures minutes ago!
There is no other blue like the blue of our Colorado sky!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Week Until Thanksgiving!!!

I am afraid I'm coming down with a cold and am feeling the need to concentrate on getting some things in order around the house. I started a big re-organization project last week and have created a big mess for myself. There's a lot I need to get done... OY!

No change in the voice yet... I'm surprised. I hope it doesn't mean that the injection didn't work. It hasn't been 24 hours yet... the times it has worked there were changes the next day. I'm not sure I will handle it well if this injection does not work. I'm afraid that if it doesn't that means I'm resistant to the botox because my doctor definitely got it in the right spot. Supposedly, some people can develop a resistance. Even though the injections have not been working for me, they have before and there was always the hope that they would again. If I lose that hope it will be a real blow.

What are y'all doing to get ready for Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thank You!!!

Mr. Macchiato decided to take Double Shot to school after all. Thank you Honey!

Little Chai Tea funny for ya... she was extremely active from the get go and when she was a baby she was like this amazing little wrecking crew that would go behind me and mess up whatever I cleaned. We were having people over so I put her in her high chair with a snack in front of a video while I cleaned our tiny two bedroom apartment. As much as I had waited for her to call me Mama or Mommy she... called me Kelly. After 20 minutes or so she tired of the high chair and started calling my name. I ignored her and kept cleaning. She then switched gears and started calling Mama. She had called me Mama here and there and I really needed to finish so I continued to ignore her. She was quiet for a little bit and then she said, "Honey?" That got her out! I'm not sure... but I think that might have been the same night that Mr. Macchiato I told a bunch of little old people that came over for a bible study that the coffee was decaffeinated only to learn afterward that it was not. We still feel bad about that.

The counseling session with Chai Tea had some tense moments but, in the end, went very well. We go back next Wednesday. Really... the most progress made to date!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the prayers and please continue to do so if you feel led!

Mr. Macchiato could not accompany me to my doctor's appointment because he had to pick up Double Shot for me. Chai Tea did. She got to see the inside of my nose, throat and vocal chords and watched it all wide eyed. She went with me to another injection a couple years ago when someone in the building pulled the fire alarm just as the doctor was about to go in and we had to all go outside until fire fighters said it was okay to return. She was very sweet and I could tell she really felt sorry for me.

I've had everything that was done today done before but never all of it at once. They first shot in a very unpleasant numbing spray in one nostril that also went down the back of my throat. They then numbed the injection site from the inside using the camera and then the front of my neck. Last month was the first time I've ever been numbed. They usually just go straight through the front of my neck with a needle and use an EMG thing that is attached to my neck that emits sounds to let the doctor know when he's in the right spot. He likes to tell me I am his number one patient... number one most difficult, lol. It is extremely difficult for me to sit still and not cough while he's digging around in there with the needle. By numbing things up he is able to spend more time poking around. Today he injected 10 units unilaterally on the right side. We won't know for a couple days whether it is going to work or not.

I've was in a lot of pain once everything started wearing off. I could not feel my upper teeth at all during the procedure and it felt like I could not swallow at all (although, I could) for about 45 minutes afterward. I took Chai Tea back to her apartment and then went home and fell asleep for a couple hours. I now have a sore throat and my nose is running. I am hoping it is just a reaction from the procedure today. It seemed as though I dodged the bullet and didn't get what Mr. Macchiato had last week but now we are worried I am coming down with it.

Now, we wait and see.

Need Prayer!!!

I'm stressed. Very stressed. Today I go in for another injection. I did experience some relief with the one last month in that it smoothed out some of the choppiness in my voice but it was short lived. Today they are going to use a camera to see if they can get the injection in the right spot. They will thread it down through my nose. I've had this done several times before but never coupled with an injection. All of it is most unpleasant and I am very anxious. I am trying very hard to be a big girl and think about it logically. I hate getting through the disappointment of failed injections... and at this point, I've had way more of those than successful ones. Way more... I go this afternoon.

This morning Mr. Macchiato and I have a counseling appointment with Chai Tea. We've got to cover some tough stuff... Sigh.

Can I just crawl back in bed?

Oh... and I have to take the boy to school this morning. And he's got a good attitude and is doing what he needs to without being crabbed at... which means I'm going to have to let him drive.

I need prayer today.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What If?

I've been taking a trip down memory lane. Do you ever do that? Do you ever wonder what your life would be like had you made different choices? Do you ever think you could have made better choices? Do you ever wish you had?

Being 42 and looking back at the 19 year old girl I once was I sometimes wonder... What if?

What if... I had never said yes to a date with that 20 year old boy in the wool sweater with the leather elbow patches, Levis, penny loafers and fedora that was hurting over a recent break up?

What if... We had never taken that drive up to Snoqualamie Falls and on the way home I had never looked over at him as he sang along to John Cougar while bathed in the sun's late afternoon glow?

What if... We had never gone to Mary Moor Park and swung on the swings before holding hands for the first time?

What if... He never kissed me on my parent's front porch?

What if... We had waited until we were married... ?

What if... He hadn't asked me to be his wife on Christmas Eve?

What if... He hadn't been there for me the two months I was hospitalized with an eating disorder?

What if... I hadn't found out I was pregnant in time to step off the path of self destruction?

What if... He gave up on me the day I threw my engagement ring at him at a park and then drove away?

What if... He never talked me into swallowing my pride and walking into a marriage class at a church with him... obviously pregnant?

What if... He never held me as I wept in the parking lot of the church after the pastor told us that if I wasn't pregnant he would have advised us not to get married due to the results of our personality tests?

What if... I hadn't been six months pregnant by the time we finally married?

What if... We hadn't fought so much once we were married?

What if... A couple at church had not befriended us?

What if... That woman had not taught me to pray for my husband?

What if... That woman had not taught me to search the Word for how I should respond?

What if... It hadn't taken me years and years to learn those lessons?

What if... After 10 years we hadn't experienced the worst year of our marriage?

What if... We chose divorce?

What if... We weren't both brought to our knees?

What if... We hadn't been surrounded by the love and support of the friends that knew the truth of what we were going through?

What if... We hadn't consistently chosen the hard way to do things?

What if... Through all of our bad decisions... through all of our individual selfishness... we had not cried out to God for the help we so desperately needed?

What if... We never learned what grace and forgiveness really means... ?

What if... I never learned that life is not easy... that it is messy and that you will get hurt... but that in the midst of it all... pain, sorrow and fear... there is also joy?

What if... Our marriage had never been redeemed?

What if... I wasn't sitting here this morning... on our 20th Anniversary... thanking God for everything in my life that has brought me to this place?

Mr. Macchiato, you have been worth every single moment. The good... the bad... the ugly. I wouldn't trade a moment of my life for the possibility of a different outcome because it might change where we are at and what we have now. Happy Anniversary... I love you.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hard Times and a Contest

Many of us here in the United States are facing an uncertain fianancial future... The Holidays are upon us and, if you are like us, you may be worried about how you are going to come up with the money you think you need to participate in the normal exchange of gifts within your own families... much less finding the resources to give toward the needs in your own communities...

I pray that you took the time to watch the video above.

Two years ago I taught Geography to a small group of homeschooled high schoolers. I had taught the same group of girls U.S. Government the year before. I chose not to use a prepared curriculum for either course. Yes, me, the community college drop out. The Geography class was a bit eclectic in what I chose to bring into it, including political issues. When we got to Africa I became obsessed with trying to figure out what the answers might be amidst a heavy realization that the second largest continent (land mass and population)contains 54 countries, many of which are racked by war, starvation and disease. There are cultural issues that I don't think we in the West can truly comprehend. Many of the principles we find at work in our society may just not be possible on a wide scale in Africa. At least not yet.

Personally, we are sponsoring a boy through World Vision. He is fortunate in that he is in good health and both of his parents are living. The money we give each month actually goes to the community in which he lives and is used in many different ways that benefits the community as a whole. It is my hope to develop a relationship with him through letters and to play a part in the shaping of the man he will become. He is at an advantage above the orphans and I pray that he will someday be a leader that will affect true change within his country and ultimately bring relief to many.

Although we sponsor a child through World Vision... this post is about the ministry of Children's Hope Chest. Just as there are many churches, there are many relief agencies and ministries servicing Africa. The need is overwhelming and the suffering is great. Africa is a continent of orphans. Malawi, Somalia, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi and Tanzania are all African countries that are listed among the top ten poorest countries in the world. There are those that have given their lives to be the hands and feet of Jesus and step down into the world of these forgotten ones. They need help.

But... times are hard. Things are... uncertain. Christmas is coming and there are just too many organizations with their hands out and a bell ringing on every corner. What about the needs of those in our own backyards? I don't know. Only you can answer those questions for yourself.

I know the above video can spark and emotional response. It did in me. It is so easy to feel guilty when you see something like that. I know there have been times for me when, remote in hand from my comfortable perch on my couch, I've quickly moved past infomercials of this nature because I just didn't want to deal with those feelings. And then felt the guilt anyway. The guilt of willingly turning away. I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel manipulated by such images. Will you step away from the emotion of it with me for a moment?

I know how it is. We've got bills. We've got a kid away at college and another one that wants to start going to the local community college in January. We've got repairs that need to be made in our home... a rotting deck and a fence about to fall down. We've got health expenses and debt. There are other ministries in our town that need help. You may not be in a place where you can help. You may not be able to commit to a monthly payment but... you might be able to give a one time gift of $10. You might not think it is much but when gathered together with the $10 from other people like you it could be a lot.

Or... you can multi-task your gift giving. Saint’s Coffee is a small-batch, micro-roaster offering specialty blends and unique varieties of 100% Fair Trade Certified™ and organic coffees. But beyond being the freshest, finest,and fairest of them all—Saint’s Coffee is transforming the lives of orphaned children by investing over 1/3rd of net profits from every sale into organizations helping children. Purchasing just one pound of their coffee will also feed an orphan for a month. World Vision has a gift catalog where you can purchase life changing necessities for those in need in the name of someone. Maybe this is the year your family can join together in pooling those resources normally spent on one another to reach out to one of the least of these...

Or... maybe you can truly be thankful... joyful even, for the life you have been given. We all face difficulty. We all experience pain and sorrow. But maybe... just maybe, we can take a moment to see all that is good and wonderful in our lives and just. be. still.

Tom Davis of Children's Hope Chest has partnered with Patton Dodd (isn't that a cool name?) of in an effort to raise money for orphans in Africa this month. I'd like to help them get the word out so if you post the below button on your blog I will enter you into a drawing for a pound of Saint's Coffee. Just let me know in the comments if you do. Tom is also offering up a free trip to Africa with him in 2009. You need not donate to be entered.

I believe the answer to the problems in Africa are the children of Africa. Africa is their home. I believe God loves these children. I believe God will use those of us that are willing to care for them.

Will you join me in praying for these children?

Will you please join me in seeing how many people we can reach in the blogoshpere?

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Miss Paula of Kids Say the Darndest Things tagged me a few days ago. It's been awhile since I've done one of these so... why not?

• Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules in your post.
• Share seven random/weird facts about yourself.
• Tag seven random people and link to their blogs.
• Let each person know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment in their blog.


1. I still feel horribly guilty about the time in the 5th grade when I let a big ole loud (cough) foof right as the teacher rang the bell and when everyone looked at my table I blamed the girl sitting next to me and no one believed her when she said it was me.

2. I was married before I would drink milk because my mom always mixed one part real milk to one part powdered milk. Now milk gives me the foofs.

3. I still fantasize about being a rock star. Or an Olympic athlete. Or being amazingly HOT.

4. I stuffed my bra in high school. Not every day... but more than just once or twice.

5. If my knickers are too tight or ride up... I am very mean to my family.

6. Watching someone eat ribs makes me want to PUKE.

7. I can still fit in my wedding dress. I bought it at a chubby chick shop because I was six months pregnant.

I am tagging:

Trisha, Claudia, Piggy, Melody, Debbie, Karen, and Laura

Friday, November 14, 2008

Stink, sTiNk and more STINK!

The weather here is crummy today. It is cold and blowing snow. I keep thinking about Karen. She says she is sicker than stink right now. The way she uses the word stink has always cracked me up. It has found its way right into my head and I found myself saying "stink" as I've been going around town this morning...

Stink. Why does that make me laugh?

I'm going to have to walk the dogs to do their business so they can't go waller in the wet snow and get all wet dog smelly. Stink.

I need to clean. Stink.

I am hungry and want to eat things like banana bread and chai tea egg nog lattes... which makes my butt big... well, bigger. Stink.

Did I say I need to clean? Yeah, I need to clean. Stink.

I don't want to clean the house. Stink.

I think I'm getting a sore throat. Mr. Macchiato has been sick all week. I think he breathed on me on purpose. I could just be freaked out because he's been so miserable. If I get sick... I will be sicker than stink too.

Get better Karen!!! You too Mr. Macchiato!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Great Hair Mishap of the Day!

For those who are new to the blog... Chai Tea is my oldest daughter and we've been in a one step forward, two steps back pattern since she left home in January. Things are currently going well and, once again, moving forward.

Today Chai Tea and I went out to lunch. During the course of our fabulous meal at the Black Bear Diner, I couldn't help but notice her roots shining in her natural color. Earlier this year her hair was medium brown with strips of blue, black, fuscia, and blond. Her employer told her that her hair had to be one color so she dyed it jet black. I offered to dye her hair for her back to her natural color and she agreed.

We came back home after stopping at Walgreens and got busy... after she played with the dogs, of course. I was quite excited by the thought of having my girl looking like... well, my girl. Of all my children, she is the one I can most easily see the baby she was in her face.

Everything seemed to be going very well until I started rinsing. I had chosen a lighter shade than her normal color because I thought I should to counteract the black. Well... it dyed her healthy hair almost blonde and ... the black was still black. And she has to work tomorrow. So I took her to the beauty shop. Thankfully, they were able to fix it by re-dyeing it and cutting a good portion of her hair. I won't tell you how much it cost. I want to forget. It did turn out quite cute. She, of course, took pictures of all her hair on the floor and sent the picture to Fly Boy... causing him distress.

I then took her with me to pick up Double Shot. He had detention. Yes, I am a terrific mother as evidenced by the behavior of all of my children. I've given up any pretense of us being a good Christian family. We are just people that believe in Jesus. Anyway, Frappy calls and is upset because she doesn't get to go out and do mother/daughter stuff with me. I told her we would over Thanksgiving break while we clean. She says she's tired of the Frapparella routine. Hopefully, there's a glass slipper and prince in her future. Don't worry it was all in jest. Frappy gets plenty of attention, believe me. She sees to it!

By the way, Frappy's got a new boyfriend. We'll be meeting him over the Thanksgiving break. I'm already hard at work trying to come up with a clever name for him for the blog. Sadly, I cannot say she met him at a bible study... although, that is what she tried to make me believe. Unfortunately for her, I am the most excellent and talented lie detector. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm Trapped in Housewife Hell

I'm curious. Is there anyone out there that gets so grumpy that they can't even stand being in their own skin? Do your beloved family members make you want to rake your fingernails down your very own face only to be followed by pulling out clumps of your own hair? Do you ever just want to stand in the middle of your front yard and scream, "WHY???" Has a padded cell ever sounded... well, inviting?
It's all the animals in my life. They are driving me insane. iNsAnE.

The dogs were given baths on Sunday.

aWe've hit that transitional time of year when I seriously cannot understand why I want dogs in the first place. Oh yeah... I wanted my kids to have pets because I couldn't have them growing up. I would beg and beg and what did my parents say to me? "NO. All they do is eat, poop and tear up stuff and you kids won't take care of them." (we did have a few pets very short term) You know what? My mom is now a dog breeder and always has PUPPIES. Puppies that she lets in her house! My Dad? He has a dog and TWO cats. When he and his wife got the dog and I was listening to him cooing over the dog when he was supposed to be talking to me on the phone... I told him he sucked because he never let me have pets. He still laughs about it and it's been two or three years.

a Do you see those muddy paws? &%$#*&!! That mud is ground in every crevice.

You can find the step by step process I go through here.

aJust know that while you are laughing... I am not.




Did you know that Quaker Parrots have a life span up to 35 years? Did you know that Quaker Parrots are the squawkinist birds on the planet? No? Well, now you do.

aA bit of advice for you parents out there that are dumb as a box of rocks... like us. If your five year old asks if he saves his money can he get a parrot... SAY NO! Unlike some adults... like, uh, say ME... some five year olds can actually save their money and every penny they find on the street for YEARS. Who knew?

aFeel free to cry me a river.

Do you see this filthy, nasty, disgusting cage?

aIt makes me want to hurt someone. It's true. You should pray for me. Right now.

Which brings me to the worst animal in my house.
Yes, a 16 year old boy qualifies as an animal. You know this if you've ever had one.

Food meant to accompany dinner just disappears. An entire pan of focaccia bread. Gone.

aTrash can? Two steps away.

See that butter? The manchildanimus unwrapped that stick prior to gorging himself on waffles. I know this because the wrapper was stuck to the floor. a

This is what I found in his lunch bag this morning.

aIt made my eye twitch. And my stomach burn. He took his lunch in a Target bag. I hope his sandwich gets squished.

If you did not pray for me earlier...

please take the time to do so now.

aI try to avoid Double Shot's bathroom.

aLet's just say that it is a mighty good thing that he is at school.

I really am hoping to read some of y'alls' blogs again someday. Today... I am cleaning. Today... I want to rake my fingernails down my face and pull out my hair. Today... I want to stand in my front yard and holler, "WHY?!?!"

Monday, November 10, 2008


Whew! Today has been a busy one with much running around. And it's not over. The JV Football end of the season dessert is tonight... as well as equipment check in. Of course, the brownies I made have all stuck to the pan which means we'll be stopping at the store for another dessert on our way. UGH!!!

Anyway, guess what?!?! Double Shot had a lung check this morning. Last summer his lung function went down to 69% and they've been having us go in every 4 weeks to keep an eye on things. I became the medication Nazi but we hadn't been able to get his lung function out of the 70's. Last month they added the med Singulair. His lung function was 97% this morning!!! He has NEVER in his LIFE had lung function that high! AND if it is still in that range in 4 weeks they are going to reduce his Advair dose. AND if his numbers are still good 4 weeks after that... they are going to take him OFF of the Advair!!! He has been on Advair since he was 11 years old! We are thrilled beyond words!

Gotta RUN!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

State Play Offs

This has been an exciting season for Double Shot's High School Football Team. It has also been an exciting time for the school as this is the first time the football team has made it into the state play offs... with last year being their first winning season ever in the history of the program. They've come a long way! We are all so proud of all the boys and our coaching staff.

Last night we traveled up to Denver for the first play off game. It was against a team that hasn't had a regular season loss in three years and their boys were huge. Within the first two minutes of the game our star senior was injured and was never able to make it back into the game (he played Linebacker and Receiver)... also within those first two minutes another key player... and also a receiver, was severely injured. You could see that his arm was broken as he ran from the field. He also happens to be our head coach and Athletic Director's son. For whatever reason, this team did not have an ambulance at the game (we always do) and there was a bit of a wait as people scrambled to get the other team's trainer over to our side of the field. We don't have a trainer but a player's mom is a nurse and she volunteers at all our games. She got him on the ground on his belly with his arm flat on the back of a stadium chair. It was very distressing for the team and for all of us in the stands. An ambulance finally arrived and took him from the field after starting an IV. All the while, the game went on.

By half time the score was 56 to 0. We did not even know a score like that was possible. Our boys sucked it up and put forth their best effort during the second half. They do not stop the clock when one of the teams is more than 40 points ahead so that half went very fast. Our team was able to keep the other team at bay and score 16 points (I think they put some younger players in).

It was a long ride home. Our school was so excited... we had tremendous support and filled our side of the field to overflowing. They sent 3 bus loads full of football players, cheerleaders, band members and other students. It was a sad and quiet trip home on the buses and, I'm sure, in all the cars. I know it was in ours. During the drive we learned that our guy broke his ulna, radius and collarbone and was headed to surgery. We also learned he may have to miss the next football season.

Even this morning we find ourselves kind of moving about in silence. Our thoughts and prayers are very much with our coach, his son and their whole family. It is a bitter pill to swallow to have our season end this way. I'm hoping that as the days pass that the feeling of this last game passes and each of our boys remembers that they did have an incredible season and they have much to be proud of.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Green Menace

Hey Paco!
What do you want?
Your favorite person to terrorize is home...
Frappy? She's here? You must show me!

Oh yes... I see her!

You better keep that nasty bird away from me Mom!

I'm putting him back in his cage...

Heh! She does not even notice me! You are right about her and facebook.

Mom, what are you taking pictures of?

I'm just playing with my new camera.

Yeah, well you better not be taking any pictures of me!

She's buying that? Hmmm... I am ready now.

Frappy, I've missed you...
I am coming to you, my darling!

Oh... so close... just one little nibble of your flesh...

Laughing, laughing and more laughing... he he!
That is SO RUDE MOM!
So... you bring me back to my cage then?
I feel so used.
Now... you will pay...