Friday, October 31, 2008

Tonight is the Night!

That's right! Tonight is the night! The LAST Varsity game! Although... it may not be... IF they win tonight's game they will be in the STATE PLAY OFFS!!! Yup! If they don't... they won't.

Double Shot on the bench taking a breather!

Not sure what happened here. That's him and that guy about to fall had the ball... you can see it falling behind his booty.

Double Shot's favorite picture of the season!
Wouldn't you know my camera is not working? Of course. I am dangerous with cameras. Ugh. I dropped it at the Women of Faith Conference and now it sometimes will work just fine and then others not at all... lately, mostly none at all.
Tonight is also Halloween. Last night Double Shot carved a pumpkin to blow up in Chemistry. We've never celebrated Halloween... The kids have dressed up and gone to Harvest Festivals at our church though. Double Shot is quite excited about blowing up his pumpkin!


Cheffie-Mom said...

Thanks for sharing the exciting pictures! I hope you go to State! And have fun blowing up the pumpkin -- I know my son would!! (:

Two Dogs said...

The second photo looks like the receiver got hit in the back with the ball. But, the receiver was WIDE open, Double Shot was coming in to cover since 22 (or 32, can't tell) was three yards too deep.

Even more strange is that Double Shot is looking straight ahead, but his left arm looks like he tried to make a play. Check your e-mail, you'll see what I mean.

MaBunny said...

good luck to Double shot and his team!
Blowing up pumpkins sounds like a 'blast', albeit a messy one...

Flea said...

We've never celebrated Halloween till last year. The kids half heartedly went trick or treating. But last night they really got into the whole pumpkin carving thing.

May the good Lord take a likin' to your son's pumpkin and blow it up real good!

Karen Deborah said...

Tigger carved a pumkin with a kitty face it turned out toooo cute.