Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Terrorism of the Domestic Kind

I am ruler of the Family Room!
My squawk reaches far beyond imagination.
My one pound of feathers has the power
to bring the giants in my realm to their knees.
I am...
Paco, The Terrorist
This is my throne.
I am the great and mighty dictator of the corner!
I will bend you to my will.
You will not provide me with a bowl in which to bathe.
I choose to defile my clean drinking water
with my magnificent form.
I do this because I can.
Your are powerless to stop me.
It matters not that I cannot fit into the cup.
It is my will and my will will be done.

I fling water far and wide...
because I can.

Excuse me... Do you mind?
I'm trying to take a bath here lady.
**editor's note: This post is in no way meant to offend terrorists throughout the world. We here at the Righteous Buzz take the job of the terrorist seriously and respect their rights to wield their power and intimidate the innocent. In fact, if you are a terrorist, I cordially invite you into my home, with no pre-condition, and we can have a little chat over a pot of tea. You can tell me how you feel, how our very existence in this country is the problem and what I can do to make your job easier in this world.


Trisha said...

Why don't you just give the poor bird a bigger bowl? I did chuckle when I read this post and I have to ask . . . do you really want terrorists to come over for tea?

Coffee Bean said...

We have tried and tried and tried and tried to get this dumb bird to bathe in a bowl... He REFUSES. He wants to bathe in his drinking water. He does sometimes take showers with Double Shot.

MaBunny said...

My other bird used to sit on the shower rod and preen with the spray from the shower.
my current bird flings water from her water dish too, but likes to sit in her food dish, despite all the pretty ropes and perches she has. go figure..

Flea said...

Inviting terrorists into your home, hmm? What will you do when one takes you up on that?

How's the Trailblazer? I about swallowed my tongue when I read what that would cost.

Two Dogs said...

Wow! A guest post from Barry Obama. Awesome.

But, put my firmly in the "No birds in the house" camp.

Accidental housewife said...

Is that a Quaker Parrot? My mother had one that is now owned by my sister. His name is Chico and he is a scream. There are certain shows on TV that he doesn't like and will screech through them. They have more personality than should be allowed a bird.

Junebug said...

Oh my God! That is so hilarious! I cracked up laughing. "My will will be done!" And your editor's note is quite the rib!

Elysa said...


Chris H said...

OH yes, I remember what those sort of Terrorists are like! We had a ring neck parrot some years ago, he was the same!

Debra W said...

I really enjoyed this post, KJ! Paco reminds me of my Kiwi who passed away this year. Even though she drove me crazy, I do miss her now.