Monday, October 6, 2008

Pollyanna'ing it Up

I'm having a rotten no good day but... I'm going to look on the bright side.

I'm glad a handful of Advil does wonders (okay, 4).

I am glad that my 2005 Chevy Trailblazer allowed me to drive Double Shot to school and yet alert me to the fact that something was wrong seeing as the speedometer wasn't working. At all. My CD player quit back in August and I noticed at night that certain lights on the dash weren't working... but I rarely drive at night so it's easy to forget. We had been discussing the need to go get things checked out and were trying to figure out a time to do so. Well, it was decided for us and TODAY is the day. Remember... the day I said I was buried under stuff I had to do?

I am glad that when I got home I was able to clean out the fridge, the laundry room, sort all the laundry, start the laundry, iron a few things, do some dishes, and vacuum the family room before I had to leave to meet Mr. Macchiato to take the $*#&%@! Trailblazer to the dealership and go out to lunch... the lunch that wasn't exactly within the confines of my DIEt.

I'm glad that Mr. Macchiato noticed that I'd somehow driven over a nail when I got to his office and that I was able to get it to the dealership without him having to change it. I'm glad the gal at the dealership looked at it and said we just made it.

I am glad that we didn't have to go to Double Shot's football game today. There was a problem with the grade check on Wednesday and our very smart but uninterested in homework son likes to walk a tight rope with eligibility during football... because he's "tired." Well, he was eligible Wednesday morning but everything had to be resubmitted later after some lack of assignments had already been entered. No one said anything to him so he thought that he slipped under the radar. Nope. And I'm glad he's learning a valuable life lesson.

I'm glad our water heater is not flooding our basement and that we have a drain in the floor because I could not get ahold of our plumber and we have not heard from Whirlpool. I am glad we have hot water but the fact that we do is contributing to the leakage and I don't know how much longer we will be able to keep it going. The plumber said it would be fine and the water isn't near any electrical stuff... for now... and for all I know he's on his way to Mexico.

I'm glad when I picked up Double Shot that I'm such an incredible woman of self control because his attitude and refusal to take responsibility is enough to incite bodily harm. I even got out the chore chart with the smiley faces and came up with a very minimal list of expectations... take his asthma meds, pick up his room and bathroom, feed and water the bird, clean the bird cage on Tues, Thurs, and Sat., homework, get all stuff packed up and by the front door before going to bed... AND there's even a spot for a smiley face if he manages to have a good attitude that day. When we use up the sheet of smiley faces he can get a Chipotle burrito or an order of wings. Yes, he's 16 and this Mama, who initially felt sorry for him and the embarrassment he must have endured at school today, ain't too happy... especially after a little trip to Wal-mart on the way home to get litter for the bird cage. Don't worry, he's been set straight and is doing every little thing I tell him to now.

I'm glad that my bible study leader said to still come to class even if you don't get the homework done... because it ain't lookin' good.

I'm glad Mr. Macchiato told me to sit down when he called me. I'm glad that it's costing us $1400 to fix the whatchamacallit bundle thingie mahoozit that has the my whole dashboard electrical stuff whatever replaced... I suppose it could have cost more.

I'm glad I don't have a lick of booze in my house.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

damn it man!
YOU are one wonderful pollyanna lady today... I on the othe rhad had a complete and total melt down with martha today... I simply am to the point of giving up... nope she has done nothing majorly wrong its just a pile of little bitty things that are pushing me over the edge. Typical so called teen hood stuff i guess... but I will survive and hopefully so will she. 1400.00 OUCH even if it COULD be worse!
Love n hugs Laura

Just Me said...

Oh, I feel some of your pain. I really do. Especially the hot water heater.

$1400 for a part for a three-year-old vehicle? That's just unfair. Isn't any part of that car still under warranty?

I, for one, am glad thar your day wasn't my day. I don't think I endure what you did today. My day was spastically odd, and that was more than enough for me.

I'll bet the Bible study was a refreshing relief and you're glad you went.

MaBunny said...

Yikes, sounds like the monday from hell....
Hope the rest of the week goes better.

noexcuses said...
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claudia said...

And that last sentence sent to laughing out loud. Sorry, I was feeling all oh poor CB until you said that and then I just burst forth with laughter. I am so glad you can say that. You still have a great sense of humor!
Hang in there, it can't all last forever!

Chris H said...

What can I say? BLOODY HELL I'm glad my day didn't go as bad as yours... and I hope tomorrow is better babe. {{{HUGS}}}

Rick said...

Woah! THE!! definition of a bad day. I'm glad I'm not you (right now). BTW, what does "$*#&%@!" mean?

Roland Hulme said...

I'm glad your positive attitude sets an example the rest of us self-absorbed lumps should follow!

Trisha said...

You are doing great with the positive attitude! What a lot of stuff to happen at one time! The good thing is that tomorrow can't possibly be worse!

Keep your chin up Coffee!

Maren said...

you are having quite the time of it! Keep your chin up, it's hard, I've been in your shoes, but way to have a good attitude. Try to see the humor...if you can:)