Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Plan A, B, or C?

Our middle daughter is a freshman in college and this summer we had to sit down and figure out which dining hall plan to purchase for the semester. I got to thinking about that… What if we Americans could purchase specific plans in regard to our government? What would that look like?


Jobs, Food, Housing, Healthcare, Education.

Advantage: Freedom from responsibility.

Price: Choice


Choice: Jobs, Food, Housing, Healthcare, Education.

Advantage: Freedom from government control.

Price: Hard work


Freedom to pick and choose from Plan A and Plan B

Price: Currently undetermined. To ensure availability of this plan in the future, we advise you purchase Plan B.

Of course, we would be told it isn’t that simple. But, what if it is? Clear away the smoke of debate and the rhetoric thrown out by both sides. What are we left with? Aren’t there ideologies at the very base of these candidates? What are those ideologies? In my opinion, it is either Plan A or Plan B.

Now, I know that life is not that simple and there is much left out of the above equation. However, wouldn’t those basic ideologies be the driving force behind the candidacies?

When I was a little girl my Aunt told me a story that made an impression on me that has stuck with me through the years. She was a wonderful story teller and I very much enjoyed how she changed her voice to make the story come alive.

There was a village in which everyone was starving and one man went into the village square and put on a large pot of water to boil and threw in a stone. This caught the attention of the other villagers and they secretly watched from within their homes as this man stirred the water in the pot and talked of how glorious the soup would be. He would then mention something that might make the soup better… onions, potatoes, carrots, etc. One by one the villagers came from their homes with something they could add to the pot. They came together as a community and no one went hungry that night.

Imagine that the story went a different direction for a moment. What if the leader of the village went and entered each of the villagers’ homes and just took what was needed for the soup? What if some of the villagers had worked hard and stored up more than the other villagers and instead of being given the opportunity to share willingly, their stores were taken and split evenly among those that had not worked hard and planned ahead?

People that work hard and plan ahead are not bad people. People that don’t have the ability to work hard and plan ahead through mental and/or physical limitations or circumstances beyond their control are not bad people. Even the people that do not work hard and fritter away their resources are not necessarily bad people. Many people learn valuable lessons from making those kinds of mistakes. What if those teachable moments are interrupted? What if, rather than experience some discomfort they are just given what they want or need? Is that good for the person? Is that good for the community as a whole?

I personally believe it is much more effective and much more beneficial to the community to inspire those with more to give willingly of their resources, time and money rather than to have a mandate requiring more and more from them. We already have differing tax rates for those in differing tax brackets. What Obama is proposing will seriously affect small business and have a negative impact on our already suffering economy.

Just as trickle down economics has not provided what was hoped for, neither will trickle down change. Change is something that has to occur from the inside out. It begins in our individual hearts and then spills out into our homes, then into our towns, cities and states. The spirit of America’s citizens is what makes this country great, not its government. It is that spirit of freedom that launched this country, the very spirit of freedom that is in danger today.

You are purchasing a plan with your vote. Which plan will you choose?

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Flea said...

You're s-mart. :) I choose Plan B!

noexcuses said...

Very well stated, Coffee! I'm glad you posted it here, too!.

I hope your days have turned out better than before. Keep smiling and writing!

Karen Deborah said...

verry brainy and well stated. Have you ever read "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?"

Coffee Bean said...


I used that book when I homeschooled and it was that book that helped me to better understand Economics... Although, when I tried to get into that on my other blog (and I referenced that book there) I soon found I was in way OVER my head with some of the brainiacs that comment over there!

Junebug said...

My gosh you make so much sense!

Elysa said...

Excellent, excellent post, Kelly.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Great, well written post. I'm so glad you like your prize!! I thought it was super cute!

Brenda said...

Great article. Lifes hard lessons.

Kathy said...

*sigh* this whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. You did a great job with this post. I'll have to look up that book. I have visited your other blog several times, but it was late at night and kept me awake fretting about things..... that being said, it is excellent and thought provoking. I hope voters flock to the polls like never before.....

jonathan said...

plan b. i think it was davinci that said, 'everything God makes available to man is available to man at the price of an effort.' When did we forget that?
good post!

Aaron said...

good post.
my college meal plan included a healthy dose of whatever I wanted...till the freshman 15 hit.

Jeff Goins said...

Thanks for your thoughts in response to my post on Open Apology. Appreciate your bringing balance back to the conversation. Nice blog, btw.