Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Hate Painting. I Do. I Do. I Do.

This was taken back in August... When I started this project. The color of Chai Tea's paint was called Atomic Vomit. No Joke. I was dizzy that day and the smell of Kilz kills me. Ha Ha! Get it? I know I'm lame. Apparently, I am embracing it. I don't normally paint from the bottom up but, like I said, I was dizzy. It was such a horrible job that it took me until this past weekend to work up the gumption to get back in there.

I spent a lot of time making sure to do a good job. I measured carefully and taped everything. I was a shrieking shrew of a mother. Just ask Double Shot. But, because I love him so much I only let him paint the inside of the closet. If I mess something up I just stomp my feet, pull out my hair and then eat vast quantities of chocolate. If someone else in this family messes up... well, let's just say it ain't pretty and there are no Mother of the Year awards waiting for me under the Christmas tree.

This was taken around 2 am Saturday night. I was very excited and felt I had done an excellent job. I was bone weary but fell quickly into a contented sleep... dried paint all over my body and all.

I woke to the day with the anticipation of a child on Christmas morning who knew she was getting that special dolly. Do you remember how a new baby doll smelled on Christmas morning? I bounded out of bed and excitedly and carefully peeled the tape away... only to reveal... TO MY HORROR... THE CRAPIEST PAINT JOB EVER TO BE SEEN!!! I was so upset that the swearing words of a sailor did not even pass my lips. Only silence. Dead silence.

It was worse than the last time I got a perm... around 7 years ago. The perm that a lady from church sent me a sympathy card in the mail for. Yes, it is THAT BAD.
UGH! What the heck?!?! My close up shot is not here and if I try to add it now it will go up on the top. I hate stuff out of order but Mr. Macchiato is breathing down my neck and wanting to go to bed. GRRRR!!! I'm going to have to add a close up and change the time on it so it is under this one. oooooooh. That is gonna bug me.


MaBunny said...

Yeah, add the close up because atm, from far away it doens't look so crappy....

Laura ~Peach~ said...

when you add more than 5 photos all you have to do to move them to the order that you want them in is to hit the edit tab and then copy cut and paste the picture to where you want it... of course the picture is in code so you have to watch and make sure you get all the diddly whoo haaassss but with a tiny bit of practice I get it right 99% of the time (this morning I was having an issue because somehow i missed a > thingy ) gads dont you love my technical terminology?
HUGS Laura
ps must email you later today you will NOT believe the converstation that happened here last night!

Flea said...

You just can't do tape and lines on a textured wall. Better to do some kind of texture technique, like a metallic rubbed into the color or something. Sorry it didn't work for you.

Just Me said...

On arranging photos, I use the drag-and-drop method, but it fuddles the spacing of my paragraphs and I don't know why.

If it's any consolation, I really like the colors.

AirmanMom said...

As I have told my kids (and myself) many times...self inflicted wounds always hurt the most!
You tried!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Elysa said...

Just FYI....Kelly moved her pc to her "new office" and is having troubles with her pc as a result.

Also, please pray for her. Someone that she was a very close friend to during her Mississippi days has died. Kelly and I were both friends with this woman but Kelly had really poured her life into her during some rough times and so this is very rough news.

The woman had two sons that are close to the age of Kelly's son so prayers would greatly be appreciated for them

Maren said...

I'm sorry! Nothing is more aggravating than to spend all that time and effort and then not be satisfied:(