Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, it's another Monday morning folks! The weather here is cold and dreary... and it is dark! I'm behind the eight ball on some things.

Our new water heater is no good and leaking worse than the old one. We had the plumber out yesterday and we are going to have to go through Whirlpool. UGH!

I've got a week's worth of homework for my Tuesday morning bible study class.

Double Shot has an out of town football game this afternoon.

My house is a wreck and I can't stand it!

I've got tons of laundry and ironing!

I normally clean out our fridge every Thursday but have missed the last two. I went shopping and just crammed everything in anyway and now every time I open the door I about have a panic attack!

AND I have to take Double Shot to school (it'll take me an hour round trip).

All that to say I don't have time to blog. Oh, and I didn't mention I hurt my back (which is why the house is a wreck).

Can't I just crawl back in bed? Aren't there real little fairies somewhere that can come do all this for me?

Must. Have. Coffee.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

bump it all and go back to bed it will be there waiting for when you feel better! shrug ok I tried!
HUgs and hope you feel better!

MaBunny said...

Hope your back feels better, and it is cool and wet and dreary here too...HOpe you get everything done!

Trisha said...

I sure understand your situation (well, except for taking kiddos to school). I am sure the weather isn't helping the back issue! Sometimes it is worth it to just crawl back into bed for a bit. I would, however, attend to the refrigerator in the near future - I have been "attacked" by icky things from the refrigerator and know how bad that can be!

Just Me said...

As soon as you're done dropping off Double Shot, crawl back into bed and never mind the whole thing. It isn't going anywhere.

It sucks that you can't even soak your back muscles under a hot shower. You have my sympathies.

Cheffie-Mom said...

I hope your back feels better soon. It sounds like today is a day to stay in bed all day -- easier said than done, right? (:

claudia said...

I hate days (weeks) like this! I hope, really hope that you are feeling better. And not just so that you can catch up on everything, but so you can FEEL better!

Chris H said...

Awww POOR Chick... crawl back into bed! I would. But then ... who would do all the housework??? *sigh* Hope you had your coffee, and it perked you up.