Friday, September 12, 2008

What the Heck?!?!?!

Yesterday I was running around cleaning like a good little wife... and well, since I was home alone, I wasn't exactly dressed in such a way as to answer the door when the doorbell rang. The dogs were outside and I had the stereo on and... my car in the driveway. I looked at the clock and it was 9:30 am. I couldn't go answer the door! I slinked up the stairs from the family room and waited there in the stairwell. I thought whoever it was had moved away from the door (which has glass) and quickly went up the other stairs to my bedroom. Then the door bell rang again! I was standing in my room wondering if I should throw something on real quick and run down there but.... then this person knocked on the door and then... I kid you not... started BEATING on my door. It really unnerved me. I tiptoed over to the blinds and peeked out of the window and saw the Chem Lawn truck... The guy needed me to put the dogs up. I then decided to run down there and tell him that I'd put the dogs up but I saw him leave the porch and just by the way he was moving and obviously swearing to himself I hesitated. I was glad I didn't run down there when I saw the way he pulled away from the house.

I then felt guilty for not being presentable enough to answer the door... but, what if I'd been in the shower? What if I'd been laying in bed sick? I checked the messages to see if we'd gotten a reminder call.... no. But, we do have a card somewhere that says what days they'll be out for the next six months or something. Did I screw up his whole day? I feel bad, but at the same time the whole thing was creepy. Who beats on someone's door like that? What the heck?!?!

I met Mr. Macchiato for lunch yesterday. We went to a little Mexican restaurant that we've always really liked. We haven't been there in a long time because almost two years ago someone that worked there took Mr. Macchiato's numbers from his check card and rented a limo and a room at a fancy hotel. It was around Christmas time and while we got everything worked out our account was frozen and we couldn't access ANY of our money. The woman was not caught until March of the following year. Some time passed before we felt like going there again and then the food was not as good as it had been before. Well, we bought one of those coupon books from some adorable freckle faced twin boys that came to the door last week and there was a coupon in there for a buy one get one free lunch for that restaurant. We both got the special which was seafood enchiladas. Mr. Macchiato came home from work early and spent much of the night in the bathroom. My system must be sluggish or something because it didn't hit me until the middle of the night. We are never going there again and Mr. Macchiato just sang, "Crappy Birthday," to me before leaving for work.

And it poured all night and it is still raining. Something I would normally really enjoy but... there's BENNY. Benny, who thinks bad weather is for FUN. Benny, who is all muddy and stuffed in his traveling crate in the garage... who is out there whining about it... I'm going to have to figure out a way to get him clean... IN THE RAIN. Why oh why oh why can you not teach a dog to stay away from mud? I should take him out on leash when the weather is bad.

Aww! I just got a call from my happy friend! I was feeling mighty grumpy but I can't stay grumpy when I'm smiling. Thanks Paula! Oh! And guess what she told me?!?! It is snowing in Woodland Park!!! That is not far from here. Yikes! We both hope this doesn't screw up the changing of the leaves!

I hope y'all have a Great NON-Craptastic Day!


Kathy said...

Hope that your tummy is feeling OK!
The Lawn guy owes you an apology. He could have called from his truck instead of banging the door.

We're going to Colorado in 2 weeks, into the back country, with horses and mules... I am hoping for no snow, no rain, and colorful stands of aspens. I know, I am greedy in my hopefulness.

Just Me said...

Chem Lawn guy shouldn't have pounded your door like that, but I guess if you were taking a nap or upstairs, the pounding would have awakened you.

I'm sorry about your stomach. I love Mexican food, but there is nothing nastier than BAD Mexican food.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, CB! So fun that you and Mr. Macchiato share them so close together!

Mabunny said...

wow - seafood enchiladas huh?
take two immodium and blog in the morning;)
I've been there done that with tuna before and you know what? i'm not as crazy for it as I once was, lol.
Hope you r feeling better

Flea said...

You should head over to April's. She's having a very bad day as well. How about if I have a good day for the both of you? :)

Trisha said...

I do the same thing - wander around in a totally unpresentable state. I always think that if it was someone important at the door, they would have called first. Maybe. I always, always, always, have the same internal debate about if I should throw something on to answer the door or not.

Mexican food can really "tear you up" I hope both you and Mr. M are feeling better.

It is your birthday today????

claudia said...

I am so sorry that you had a bad food experience! I have been able to avoid that, I don't know how, cause I'll eat almost anything almost anywhere.
As for answering the door..I don't care what I have on. If I am in my home I answer...but I let my 130 pound pure black german shepherd's head go out the door first. (with me holding his collar) People get the hint to call first after that.
I'm mean, butthey are meaner to just show up like that.
I had some salesguy come by at 9:30 at night in the pouring down rain and pound on my door like that, I answered the door as I usually do. My dog wouldn't stop barking and growling (hint to me: guy's not on the level) He actually had the guts to ask me to and I quote, "shut that dog up" cause I couldn't hear him. I told him I would just as soon turn him loose.
With four girls in the house, I would not live with out my big dog!

claudia said...

And I am sorry...Happy Birthday!

Karen Deborah said...

See EEyore had his momment! Did he sing it slow and low, you know just right...haaaapppppy Crapppy birthday baby,....
although we went out somewhere new.
we forgot about the day,
when we ate some bad souflee
it was the day the plunger was lost,..
do you remember? The way we held each other? I wiped your nose you wiped my tail, how could we forget this Night?
Hope you didn't spoil my birthday,
when we went out somplace new,
thought I'd drop a line to say
on your crappy crappy day,
that it's when you fell in love.

or maybe like this?

it's my bithday
and no one remembered
and now I am crappin
bad fish.
It could be worse,
we could have had desert.
Nobody cares.

Did I come close?