Monday, September 15, 2008

Politics and Football

Y'all see that tackle there? See how the guy with the ball hasn't even hit the ground yet? If I knew how to crop and enlarge photos I would... that's Double Shot making the tackle. He likes to dive at his victims and hit 'em low. Got a JV game today. He got to dress and play in the Varsity game again on Friday. He wants a letter so bad... I hope he makes it! The Varsity team is smokin' hot this year. They've won all three games so far by huge margins! The JV team? uh... not so hot. Hoping for a good game today! Poor Double Shot had to wear a shirt and tie because they are traveling.

I actually watched the end of the Bronco game yesterday. Mr. Macchiato and Double Shot were pretty darn impressed. What can I say? It was a pretty exciting game. I normally limit my sports watching to games my kids are actually playing in... or Mr. Macchiato when he played soft ball.

Politics... boring politics!!! Not quite so boring right now... I'm kind of consumed.

Oh my gosh... this isn't going to make me manish is it? I'm already taller than the average man! I need to go fluff my hair and put on some perfume and lip gloss!


Two Dogs said...

Check your e-mail. Cropped and zoomed.

Tonjia said...

mannish??? heck no!

we were in Denver yesterday, not at the game but the spirits were high anyway.. Go Broncos!woo hoo! #1 in the AFC!!!

I love the pic of double shot tackling, will you post the cropped and zoomed view too?

jojo said...

Don't worry about the manish! You are way cooler than that.

I meant to tell you I had the exact same experience with the chemlawn guy last week. they all act like that??

Have a good day ;)

Maren said...

Every girl should watch the Broncos with her lip gloss on! I love them and love watching with the hubby!

Karen Deborah said...

mannish? your kiddin right?
your beeeyouteeeefull!

Brenda said...

Cool picture!! Very cool Two Dogs cropped and zoomed it for you! Politics isn't mannish to me, but people do seem to sometimes become extremely opinionated and don't always share their opinions in the nicest way. I prefer to think that trait is mannish ; )

Melody said...

You're just getting in touch with your masculine side. {grin} It is bound to happen when testosterone in the house tips the scale over estrogen! Now you know how your husband felt all the years he was outnumbered! =)