Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Boy

I'm so excited! I got the packet on my boy in Mozambique and can now write him letters and send him things (as long as they fit in a 6x9 inch envelope). I need to learn more about Mozambique and will be going to the library! I had one picture of him but they sent me more! Anyway, I am looking forward to getting to know this little guy over the years.

My bible study starts this morning. Well, actually, it started last Tuesday but I forgot to sign up until later in the day and the first day is just a meet and greet type thing. Can you believe that I've got stuff going every single day of the week where I have to get out and talk to actual real live people? Not that y'all aren't real live people... to talk to y'all I don't have to bathe, get dressed, or comb my hair... No more days spent in jammies or sweats for me! I think those days are great but not days of them strung together. And I do get out almost everyday but a lot of times it is just driving in my car to tote the monster around...

Sigh... It's homecoming week. Today is Super Hero day. Double Shot is thrilled to not have to wear his uniform but... oy. He just came up here in shorts, a t-shirt with one of my good pillowcases pinned to it, and a baseball hat that he's stapled a piece of paper to that says, "I'm a Super Hero." Groan.

Double Shot had a JV game yesterday and it was one of the most exciting football games I've ever been to. The teams were neck and neck throughout and then, I kid you not, in the last two minutes of the game (which in football is really the last 10 minutes with all the stopping and starting) there were 3 touchdowns made. It was crazy with all kinds of interceptions on both sides. However, in the last minute the other team made two touchdowns and we lost. It was insane.

Hopefully, I will have a more interesting post tomorrow. I'm severely lacking in creativity at the moment.


Trisha said...

Lacking in creativity? I can totally relate!

I did want to know - how is your voice doing these days? You have a lot of stuff going on where you have to talk to people and I was wondering how you are doing with that and SD. I would assume that the Bible group understands about your voice, right?

Superhero day . . . interesting. Maybe I will make it superhero day here today and dress up myself. Wouldn't that be a shock for Hubby when he gets home from work?

Coffee Bean said...

If you do dress up as a Super Hero you must tell!!! He He.

I was going to try another doctor in Denver but our insurance does not cover any of the doctors I wanted to try soooo... I am going to try my doctor again. He has gotten it twice. The last time I tried was Dec 2007.

I've got to get a new cord for my chattervox... hopefully, I can get a new headset that isn't so obvious. I look like a big fat aerobics instructor with the one I've got.

Maren said...

I understand the low post days. Have a nice week:)

Mabunny said...

Sounds like you will be busy, and good for you to get out and talk to people in person. I'm sure your confidence will grow:)

Karen Deborah said...

What about the question of climate? why don't you come and visit us and see if your voice is better? Catching up on blogs and the news with everybody. Sounds like your diving in whole hog girlfriend.

Angie said...

Hi! Yes we live in Mozambique. I'd love to answer any questions you might have. Do you know where your boy lives? That's so neat that you are sponsoring him. There are SO many needy children here.