Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just Stuff

Ugh! Double Shot has been in school for over two weeks and I'm still having to fill stuff out and send check after check. The only checks we ever write anymore are for school. This morning it was this long form in which contained many boxes to initial including one that Double Shot and I had both read the Student Handbook. I initialed it but, no, I did not read it. I did when we put him in school in the 7th grade. So... I'm not a total liar, right? And so you know, his school is K-12. I am all stressed out and feel like a fraud... ugh. I'll read it again. Like I said to myself I would last year.

And another thing I've been stressed about. My grammar. So, I totally know that I often write in incomplete sentences and you aren't supposed to start sentences with "and"... and I use "... " way too much and I stress about whether I am using apostrophe's where I should and I homeschooled my kids you know... so shouldn't I be using the right and proper grammar? Should I pull out our homeschool materials and relearn me some grammar?

And why do I keep dreaming that I'm miraculously pregnant or just given birth to a baby? I'll be 42 next week and that baby making factory done been burnt down. I actually wake up disappointed that it isn't true.

And guess what? I used to be very social, you know, before ole froggy toad came and set up shop in my vocal chords. Mr. Macchiato had himself a big ole fit on Monday because we had plans to go to our friend's house for a Labor Day BBQ and when I found out the day before that there were going to be, like, 30 people there, most of which I did not know... I didn't want to go. Of course, I did go but not before Mr. Macchiato ranted about how he cannot believe I, of all people, have gotten into blogging. A couple years back I even wrote an article against it. He even jumped up and down about me not going out with my friends and he made me cry. So... this morning I have a friend coming over for tea and then I am going out with another friend for lunch. And I'm glad. I just wish Mr. Macchiato would jump up and down and tell me I should buy a bunch of new clothes!

What have y'all got going today?


Caution Flag said...

I do understand about those checks. We send in about a half-dozen for each of our 4 kids every September. One year, I wrote one big check for all the yearbooks. That check was still being floated from class to class four months later. I really messed up their system.

And, yes, I sent in four forms this morning acknowledging that I, too, have read the student handbook. I am now guilty of perjury.

Brenda said...

We have 2 in college, plus myself. $$$$$$$$$$$ Maybe you dreamed about babies because you just sent one to college and are missing her.

Stephanie said...

I have dreams about being pregnant too. I am always sad when its not true. I miss the baby cuddling and smells.

Kathy said...

Enjoy the friends today! Funny you mention the baby dreams,I had one this weekend. In my dreams, the old cowboy gets really mad at me for producing a little cowkid. Sheesh, I'm in my 50s and I really have no desire to even adopt a baby. Yesterday a toddler whacked his head in the clinic and screeched uncontrollably for 1/2 hour scaring all the kitties and puppies. I was giving thanks for being too old to have toddlers of my own! Hopefully Mr M. will read your blog today and insist you go out and shop to your hearts desire.

Mabunny said...

Maybe u are dreaming about having a baby because two of your three are no longer at home all the time.
I don't think your grammar is bad, if it is, that puts me in the same boat as you...
If we ever got to meet face to face I know I wouldn't make fun of your voice, or ask you if you are sick, as well that I know you wouldnt' make fun of the braces on my legs:)

Two Dogs said...

Oddly enough, as a male Lone Ranger parent, if there is anything at all that I do not miss about raising the monster, it would be the smells. I flinch every single time that I see a can of Alimentum. The thought of that first whiff as the can was punctured is forever seared into my brain and I find myself wanting to ball up in a corner, suck my thumb, and pee on my belly every time I see that can. I made the mistake of sucking the dregs off the can lip one time and immediately went and spanked my three month old for actually drinking that crap. Chunky white stuff on the back of every single shirt that you own. And it is more potent that pool chlorine. Company comes over and they immediately ask, "Oh! How many cats do you have?"

Then there was the awakening at 3:00am, coupled with the 340 decible screeching of some alien from another planet that had an internal warning siren that was powered by all the nuclear reactors in the world. He's less than 20 pounds, HOW. CAN. HE. DO. THAT? It's like an Aerosmith concert!

Not to even mention meconium. The fact that meconium exists just goes to show you that God is "punishing" you with a baby. Women have this mental deficiency where they project those warm, fuzzy emotional memories that they had as small girls playing with dolls, but God needs the planet to be populated, so he makes women forget the actual happenings when you have one of those evil, evil little creatures. What's even worse is that eventually they begin to talk and your life goes to hell in a handbasket at that moment until they are gone from your lives. And it cannot come soon enough for people that have not completely lost their sanity.

notice-->And finally, they look at you like you are the entire reference library for the complete universe. The questions, oh no! They cannot even tie their damn shoes. A millstone, I tell you, they are nothing but a means to make you not live forever and it works, because you wish for that death.

And finally I ask, "Why do men usually die before their wives?"

It's simply because they want to.

Just Me said...

Oh, school checks!! GRRRR! I gave one to the school for tuition, they said they wouldn't deposit until today, and BAM it whacked my account into the red this morning. I am so angry I could throw a ram, but I'd be doing it in the church office and there's just something wrong with spazzing in a church office.

When I was in school, from about ninth grade forward, I filled out and signed all of those parental consent forms, and I did so with my mother's blessing. It made it much easier for me to pen absence and lateness excuse notes as needed. I was not a kid who cut school, so there was little risk.

The new mommy dreams clearly stem from the pinch of the nearly-empty nest, partly because they're nearly grown and partly because there is so much more to worry about that's outside our influence as they reach adulthood.

It's so much easier when our kids are small. There are worries, sure, but they're easier to contain somehow when their world centers mostly around mom and dad.

Please don't stress about grammar. You're supposed to be writing for pleasure, and you use your puncutation to convey inflection where the bald written word cannot. You're not handing this stuff in for a critical English grade, and we're not here to say, "Horrors! Look at that inappropriate comma!!"

You may start a sentence with "and." The Conjunction Police are not going to "book" you for it. As children we were trained away from "and" so we would think a little harder about our writing.

Mr. Macchiato knows how you feel about your voice, and it's wrong to avoid social situations because of it. I understand WHY you do it, but avoidance deprives you of what could be a good time with not only your friends, but with Mr. Macchiato too. He wants you be there with him; he does not want to field the questions of why you're not.

I wish I could help on the new wardrobe!

Feeling better?

Just Me said...

Two Dogs:

ROFLMAO!! !! !! !!

Coffee Bean said...

Yeah right Two Dogs! Someone who is ardently pro-life cannot possibly really feel that way. You are such a man. In fact, I think my father could have written that.

Deborah said...

Well, after reading all the previous comments, and once again getting my laugh for the day...I have only one thing to add....the Bible often has sentences begin with 'and' forget what your english teachers said!

noble pig said...

Who needs grammar, I like the way you write just fine.

claudia said...

I understand what you write, so I suppose that you are writing just fine and dandy.
I love some kids, not all, just like I love some people, not all. I do not wish to have more. I really do not wish my kids to have any...just yet. A dream about having babies would actually be a nightmare to me.
Now, on the other hand...if a baby were to come into my life, and I was holding it and snuggling with it, you be hard pressed to get it out of my arms!
How that for wishy washy?

Rick said...

Thanks Bean for cluing me in on my doodle on display on Chris' blog. It is very strange to think that something I drew here in Oregon now hangs on a wall in New Zealand.

BTW: I mailed your original artwork today. It should be there in two or three days. Drop me a line when it arrives, and take pictures. I love to show them on my blog.

Thanks again.

Flea said...

Girl, I hate those kinds of conversations with the Hunny. I feel doubly bad for you, not being able to yell at him. He really has you at a disadvantage. Did you smack him? I mean, before he made you hang out with your friends? :)