Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y.

And do you think I can sleep in just a little bit? That Benny! ooooooooh!!! 6 am rolls around and he's up and ready to go! Why can't that dog realize it is the WEEKEND and I don't want to get up at 6 AM!!! AARRUUGGHH!!!

A lot of times I can just let the dogs out and then let them back in a couple minutes later, put them back in their crates and then head back to bed. Not today! Everything is wet which means I had to wipe their paws before letting them in. Lu Lu is a good old girl and knows the drill. She nicely lays on her back and lets me wipe all of her paws while she looks at me. When I am done, I rub her belly and tell her she's getting to be a chubby old lady and then she squiggles into my lap and I scratch behind her ears and then she is free to go.

I sit on the floor right by the back door while I am doing this. When we are not dealing with wet or muddy paws or snow it is not a big deal. I just open the door and let them in. Booper sees the towel and goes bananas. I have to open the door a crack and grab his collar and then make him lay down. He's good for the two front paws and manageable for the third. The last? Oh good grief. This dog is so smiley and happy and bouncy and he just wants to PLAY. He gets that towel in his mouth and is all ready for a game of tug-o-war!

Lu Lu just went and got in her crate by herself, like she almost always does. Of course, she went into Benny's first and stole his bone. No matter that she has one of her own. I took it from her and was luring Booper back into his crate when he snagged it from me and ran upstairs. He was all shiny eyed and proud of himself standing at the top of the stairs, all a wiggle and doing his adorable play with me growl. He then plopped down on his forelegs with his rump in the air saying, "Play with me Mama! Play with me!" I started up the stairs and he ran all willy nilly crazy down the hall and then jumped all over Mr. Macchiato who was still sleeping.

I finally got him to come down and rubbed his belly for awhile. If you rub his chest or his belly he instantly freezes and then slides down to the floor with a rapturous look on his face. I absolutely love the way this dog just gazes into my eyes and smiles. Lu Lu looks into our eyes too, but not for long. She's kind of a strange dog... almost catlike in some ways. She's also a tad moody.

Anyway, after all that there was no way I was going back to bed. I got on the other blog and wrote a post before doing this one. The earlier excitement is waning so I have got to make some coffee! Double Shot got put in last night's Varsity game during the 2nd quarter and then was pretty much in the rest of the game at safety... and some receiver. He never got the ball passed his way though. That boy sure does want to make a touch down! He's excited because he might get to letter this year. They won 54 to 6 and that 6 points was made right at the buzz of the 4th quarter! They did let them go for the 2 point conversion, but it was no good. Double Shot is annoyed that I was glad for the other team. He shows no mercy in sports. Anyway, the JV game is today.

The Frapster is most definitely home. Her bathroom looks like a bomb went off in it! She was so sweet and kept calling me on her way home because she wanted to get there before I had to leave for Double Shot's game. I ended up being late because I waited for her. We haven't seen each other since that hasty hug at the car shop up at her school. She gave me such a hug and squeeze that I could feel her heart thumpity thumping and I smelled her. She's always had a unique smell... like fresh warm straw. My other kids aren't like that.... unless, where Double Shot is concerned, you count sweat. She hung out with her boyfriend, Hot Chocolate. Today she reserved for us. Awwww.

Oh, that book, The Naked Roommate and 107 Other Things You May See in College... she brought it home. It is a secular book that just gives a lot of advice on how to handle many of the issues one faces in college. My Mother-in-law actually only read the section on sex. She highlighted all the parts that were warnings... like being careful of your reputation and not "losing it" when you are drunk and that those decisions you make can become a problem in later relationships... that sort of thing. There are places where it says to be sure you are comfortable with the person and that you are able to communicate about things such as birth control and STD's. She crossed out the stuff about being comfortable on who you choose to be with and put stuff about her future husband. Oh, and there was something about the "first time" that she crossed out and put, "On your wedding night with your husband!!!" with it underlined. It seems to be a good book with a lot of common sense... minus any kind of faith. But, we've taught her everything we could and have been as open as we can be. Those decisions are hers now.

Have a great weekend y'all!


Trisha said...

The book sounds interesting. I chuckled when you told about your MIL's additions and deletions! At least she wasn't afraid to "tackle" the sex issue!

I am sorry you didn't get to sleep in - I am sleeping in daily here at my folks' house. So nice. Of course, that is getting away from the kitty!

Just Me said...

I don't get to sleep in either. Knucklehead usually starts nudging to be let out for a quick pee at 5:30. By 6:00 or so she keeps coming back and asking for breakfast. I play possum as I try not to gag on steamy dog breath. It isn't easy.

Flea said...

Your Benny sounds so wonderful. Much as I don't miss a puppy, I do miss that constant playfulness. Mine, being brother and sister, play with each other. But they wait till I'm up to go out. Probably because they sleep on the floor next to my bed and know when I stir.

claudia said...

I'm right there with ya on the rooster...I mean dog! My big guy gets up at 5AM. Habit, cause most mornings of the week that is when I get up, but he has never learned the days of the week, so I'm screwed on my late days and days off. My little one will sleep until I tell her she has to move to let me out of bed. (Big guy sleeps on the floor, little sister sleeps as close as she can get to me on top of the covers) No matter what, I couldn't live without them!

Mabunny said...

Oh that book sounds funny!

Roland Hulme said...

You are a wonderful Mum! And I love your MIL's additions to the book!

I'm sure Frappy has a wise head on her young shoulders (thanks to you.)

Elysa said...

Glad you had a good time with that straw-smelling girl.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY early! Mwaa-a-a-a-aah!