Friday, September 5, 2008

Football... and MORE Football

Double Shot has football practice at 6:30 am. He is dressing for the Varsity game tonight. They feed the Varsity players so I won't see him until the game. Then he has the JV game on Saturday. I'm already tired of football. And they haven't even started watching games on TV yet. Of course, this year I may not mind much seeing as no one will notice if I'm on the computer or not. I'm really pretty good about it all. I usually just have one meltdown of monumental proportion over all the football watching once a year that usually ends with Mr. Macchiato buying me a new piece of furniture. We usually throw a Super Bowl Party at which I am celebrating the END of it all.

Little Miss Frappy is coming home this weekend. She wants to make her Daddy and me a birthday cake. Mr. Macchiato is one year and one day older than me so it is 43 and 42 this year. That wigs me out a bit. My parents were 42 when Chai Tea was born. Our birthdays are toward the end of next week but Frappy wants to stay at school next weekend because it will be her roommate's 18th birthday. They have plans.

Frappy has been calling me a lot. Cell phone family plans are really cool. She was cracking me up the other day when she told me about a package my mother-in-law sent her full of books. Some of them were Christian and others were not. My mil talked to my husband about one of them before she sent it and he asked her to read it first to make sure it wasn't inappropriate. It is titled, The Naked Roommate. Well she did. I don't know what all is in there but she wrote Frappy a note and then had highlighted all the stuff about sex and then blacked out certain words and put different ones in their place. When some of the girls in her hall saw she got a package they all piled into her room and took turns reading the highlighted parts while howling with laughter. They all got a big kick out of Grandma. I hope she brings it home so I can take a peek.

Have a Great Friday! The winner of this weeks Starbucks card will be announced over on the other blog.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

thats hysterical!!!!!!! hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy birthday to you OLD folks :D
love n hugs Laura

Flea said...

That's hilarious about the book! And happy birthday! You're not old. Not at all. Especially not since I'll be 41 next month. You're very young. Really.

thislittlepiggy said...

Happy Birthdays! :o)

The Naked Roommate? Snort.

Angie said...

Oh, my that is precious. I hope you get your hands on the book so you can scan and post some of Grandma's word substitutions.

I don't enjoy football, either In fact, I skimmed over the first part of your post when I saw the word "football." It wasn't until I clicked on the comments and saw people wishing you happy birthday that I thought, "Happy birthday? Maybe I should go back and read more than the last paragraph."

So...happy early birthday!

Michelle said...

I always like to share with others when I find a blog worth reading. I have to ask, with all the references to Starbucks, are you located in the PNW?

Coffee Bean said...

Hey Michelle,

No, we are in Colorado but we are from Seattle. Starbucks is well known and has sort of become what Coke is to soft drinks. When we lived in the south everyone referred to pop as coke, no matter if it was sprite, root beer or some other brand. Starbucks is also an easy giveaway because they are everywhere now. ;O)

Brenda said...

I remember those feelings of passing parent's and inlaws ages at the time of our wedding and when our kids were born. YIKES. Happy Birthdays!

claudia said...

OMG! 42 and 43??? I wish I was 42 or 43 again!
The book package sounds like it was a hit in the dorm. Yay! for Grandmas!
Happy Birthdays by the way!

Junebug said...

That is so cute about Grandma's book censoring. How sweet! Sounds like my mom. Hey, you're young. I'm 51 now and I'm young! And I'm not kidding. :D

Chris H said...

OK... I havn't read a post of yours in ages cos I've been busy moving... but the piccy by Rick is awesome! LOL... that's all for now!