Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ask Coffee Bean!

So lame... I know. I am just drawing a blank this morning on what to post about here on the Righteous Buzz! So, if there's anything you want to know... ask away!

Guess what?!?!

I was contacted by a cooking show that I submitted a funny little story to and they are going to use it on the show and are sending me some prize! It is supposed to air on the 22nd and it will also be on their website... I'll put the link up then.

And... my Mama flies in tomorrow! She and I are going to the Women of Faith Conference in Denver and staying in a hotel... that means I don't have to share her with the kiddos until Saturday night! He He!!! So I am cleaning today. Hopefully, the boys will not mess things up too bad while I'm gone. Double Shot has already been moaning and groaning about being left with his Dad and worrying that he's not going to get anything good to eat!


Elysa said...

What a great time you'll have with your mom!

Though I gotta tell you, they've been advertising lately for a conference around here that will help you become an "Extraordinary Woman". I told Anna that being extraordinary was too much work. I was happy with just being nice and average! :D

Laura ~Peach~ said...

how cool is that I am so happy for you guys ... tell double shot like I tell my kids you are old enough to nuke something and if thats not good enough learn to cook! and when all else fails peanut butter and jelly is good :D
mean ole woman arent I ? LOL

Elysa said...

Oh....and a cooking show? Please DO tell MORE!!!!

Chris H said...

I hope you and your Mum have a fantastic time away. And you DON'T come home to a mess~!

MUD said...

I always say that I am the only hell my momma ever raised. Mom played the piano at the local church, was the secretary of the Democratic Women's party and a nurse. I guess I grew up OK but I'm sure that mom prayed a lot .