Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Nearly two weeks ago, after I dropped Frappy off at college, I was pretty bummed out driving home. The timing worked out so that I was able to pick Double Shot up after practice. He was expecting his father to pick him up so when he saw me his whole face lit up and the first thing he said when he got in the car was how glad he was I was picking him up and how much he missed me. My heart did a little pitty pat happy dance. He then went on to tell me how Mr. Macchiato made him make his own lunch and even though he put the same stuff in it that I do... It wasn't any good. The pitty pat happy dance faltered for a moment but... hey, I'd had a bad day. He was glad to see me and it was okay if it was partly because he had to make his own lunch.

Double Shot then told me that he likes me picking him up from practice and not Mr. Macchiato or Frappy. Oh, that little pitty pat happy dance picked up the pace! How Sweet! Yeah. Apparently, I don't complain about him stinking. I was a bit shocked by that because I sure think it. Well, Mr. Macchiato rolls Double Shot's window down and then locks it from his side and even if Double Shot is cold... will not roll it up. And according to Double Shot, Mr. Macchiato tells him 40 billion times that he stinks on the half hour ride home. Frappy? Well, it seems she's not so much like me as I thought. In this instance she's all Daddy. Only worse because, according to Double Shot, she is a shrieking shrew of a sister. He then told me I was AWESOME! Yup. He sure did.

Poor Double Shot was also starving to death. He wanted me to please stop at Target and pick up a Buffalo chicken wrap... and sushi. Of course, I did. No way was I cooking when I got home and just on the off chance that maybe Mr. Macchiato was preparing dinner for us... I called and asked. I got a big bowl of nope followed by an awkward sort of silence in which I am sure he was wondering if I'd landed on some other planet by thinking he was at home flitting around in my apron and whipping up a surprise feast. Then Double Shot informed me that the night before he'd had to fix himself oatmeal for dinner. He was horrified. He said he might have died if I hadn't come home.

Oh that boy sure did miss me! It lasted a whole day! Wow. But, I'll take it. And I laugh every time I think about all of the horrors he had to endure while I was away. I also happened upon a brand new parenting tool. It's working too. Double Shot, the lean mean eating machine... has the worst table manners. It drives us crazy. He's like cookie monster when he eats and when he leaves the table there's a ring of crumbs around where he sat. He's an animal. So, when he belched at the table the next night, it occurred to me mid Medusa morph, that I actually had some power over him. I then informed him that if he didn't display the proper manners at the dinner table then I would not make his lunch the following day. He laughed at me. The next morning he had to make his own lunch and he wasn't laughing any more. He didn't even make himself a sandwich. He just threw in whatever packaged stuff he could find. That night at dinner... his manners had miraculously improved.

We are settling in and getting used to just having Double Shot around. There are some pretty cool perks that we discovered before Frappy even left for college but was off on her little world tour... like when Double Shot spends the night at a friend's house... We are Alone. in. the. House. There is no fighting amongst siblings. Just those two things are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Of course, there's also a few down sides... like the fact that Double Shot doesn' t have his sisters around to torture so he's turned his sights toward us. Well, mainly me. I am now stalked in my own home. It is the worst at night. When it is dark. He lies in wait for me. And he gets me nearly every time. The most annoying part is his laughing and almost incomprehensible re-enactments. It appears I am his new toy. He scared me so bad the other night that I'm still recovering.

Some of the adjustments are a bit odd... We don't need as much toilet paper for one.


Melody said...

Living what seemed to be an only- child-life (my sis was 9 years older than me and moved out by the time I was 9) makes me feel a little badly for Double Shot. There isn't another kid to take the wrap for stuff sometimes. When your mom asks "Who did this?" you can't say, "Not me!" and have it hold any water! And Mom can focus all of their motherly attention on you...even when you just want to be left alone.

It also has its up sides though! You don't have to share your treats/room/clothes with a sibling and you don't have to endure their wrath.

Maybe it all evens out in the end!

MUD said...

My Momma would say quietly that she knows where I sleep each and every time I would do something stupid. To make it worse, she woke me up once and reminded me about what she said.
Don't get mad, get even... MUD

Michelle said...

Found you by way of Rick and boy am I glad he stopped by my blog. Your style is hilarious. You made the task of picking up your son seem like n adventure. You must be an awesome mom. I will be back.

Deborah said...

hehehe...I love reading your blog, and your new header is great! Makes me want one too....but what would mine be....hmmm...a silver haired gramma sitting at the computer with kids of all ages pulling on my arms??

Just Me said...

You know it's true. My mother and I could stand side by side, mirroring each other in making a sandwich, and HERS would taste better.

Mom's stuff always tasted better.

claudia said...

I sure wish I had to go through your kind of adjustment...can I say I am a tad jealous? I had three days of single child-dom, but MD is back from her friends and the whole sibling rivalry started not two minutes of her walking in the door. I retired to my room.

Flea said...

Oh wow. This is what I have to look forward to, huh? Except my kids make their own lunch. And know how to make dinner in a pinch (mac'n'cheese or toast and eggs). I can wait for them to grow. Really. :)

Anonymous said...


I love your blog, too! I came here from "Because I Said So", and most recently "Doodles". I don't really have much time to read (or write) blogs, so I look for things short and to the point.

My oldest just graduated from college. I remember dropping him off. I was so excited for him, because I never went "away" to college. It was only when he left to go back after Winter Break that my heart made its way up to my throat, pushing any and all fluids out through my eyeballs. We made sure that #2 was closer (only 30 minutes away) so I could get my fix on weekends!

Hang in there; it does get better. Thank goodness for texting. You may be surprised when you get a call when she's on her way to a class. Try to act like your world is just peachy...never say the word "miss".

Return the stalking favor to Frappy. He totally will not be expecting it!

God Bless,


Accidental housewife said...

We are finally kid free and we had to move 1700 miles away to be so. We left our youngest two home to tend to the house while we are gone. You would think they could figure it out since one is 20 and the other is 24. Nope I still get Mom how do you do this, or Mom where did you put that. Honestly it has been like the honeymoon we never had even if it is a business trip. We've been gone for 4 months and I'm loving it!

Mabunny said...

Wow, I bet your heart did little pittypats while recalling that day, just for happiness. There are up and down sides to only having one kiddo left in the house. You may miss the brotherly/sisterly love shown in ways we can't imagine, like hiding in the closet, taking pictures of his sisters without their makeup and all that fun, but good luck now that you are his new toy of choice for scaring the poo out of .

junebug said...

What a wonderful caricature of you in your header! I love it. Boys can be such an encouragement to Mom when they need her. And also such tormentors. My son likes to pretend to sock me in the face but I have gotten used to it. I told him he better stop it or I'm going to do that to him.

noble pig said...

I'm sure that is quite an adjustment. I can't even imagine the day one of kids trots off to bigger and better things. I better hug them more.

Alison said...

he sounds like a great kid!! enjoy your alone time with him.

Trisha said...

Coffee Bean-

I have been not reading blogs for a while (not wanting to wait for my parents' dial up!) and I must say- I was impressed when the new header started (slowly) showing up! It is super!

Good luck adjusting to Double Shot as an only child. I do like Mud's comment about reminding him that you know where he sleeps. My parents used to say that to me. I feel very lucky that I made it through my teen years without my mother killing me while I slept!

Love ya girl!

Kathy said...

Thanks for the hilarious peek into your world.
AND I found your grandmother's sassy name for your grampa perfect!
Peace *hugs*