Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things You Do When You Can't Get on the Internet!

1. Say, "What?" and peer in a little closer to the screen and try again.

2. Purse your lips and scrunch your eyebrows while you shut everything down.

3. Drink coffee while waiting for everything to boot up and wonder just how long it is going to take.

4. Get the same result... two more times.

5. Make oddly animalistic grunts as you shut the laptop and stomp down to the other computer in the basement.

6. Repeat steps one through four.

7. Raise your face to the heavens and cry out, "WHY?!?!?!"

8. Clean out the fridge

9. Scub out the inside of the coffee pot.

10. Clean the inside of the microwave.

11. Throw some laundry in the washer.

12. Dump dry towels onto the loveseat in the family room.

13. Feed the dogs.

14. Clean Benny's ears.

15. Look at the clock and see that it is 8:30 am.

16. Repeat steps one through four.

17. Holler out, "WHY! WHY! WHY!" while pounding fist on the table, and make the dogs bark.

18. Sit on couch and stare into the distance while drinking another cup of coffee.

19. Clean the inside of the dishwasher.

20. Look at the back door windows and think about cleaning them but don't do it.

21. Consider cleaning the floor, but don't do it.

22. Throw more clean towels on top of the still unfolded towels on the loveseat.

23. Think about folding towels, but don't do it.

24. Pick dead flowers out of the planters on the porch.

25. Make a list of things that need to be done around the house.

26. Make a list of things to buy at the store on Friday.

27. Think about cleaning the toilets, but don't do it.

28. Sit on the couch and stare with a cup of coffee, but don't drink it.

29. Try on winter coat bought last spring with the tags still on it and walk around in it.

30. Go look at sweaters in the closet and think about how new ones would be better.

31. Turn on the T.V. and watch news while NOT folding all the towels.

32. Flip through 250+ channels twice before deciding there is nothing interesting to watch.

33. Repeat steps one through four.

34. Sit slumped in the chair, staring at the screen, no expression whatsoever.

35. Wander around the house thinking there's nothing to do... still not cleaning the toilets or folding the towels.

So, that was part of my day yesterday. I was finally able to get online yesterday afternoon and answer and send some e-mail before I had to leave to take care of some things. I was able to get on last night and send some e-mails but before I could finish... you got it. Back down. Earthlink anyone?!?! This morning??? Still down. I'm now wondering if I can finish this post before it goes down again...


Anonymous said...

I once went without the internet for 2 whole days.

2. Whole. Days.

The two longest days of my life.

Just Me said...

Not having my internet is hell.

We took a trip last May to a place with no phones and no cellular service. It was worse than the time I gave up caffeine.

When I can't connect, I do exactly what you do, only I'm much less productive with laundry and such.

Just Me said...

I failed to mention that I have a wireless card so I can access the internet from anywhere.

It didn't work at that place last May.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i so feel you! we need to exchange phone numbers!!!!!!!!
i just spent two days with dell trying to fix my computer it is not fixed it comes and goes at will but they are sending me a new disc that they say will fix it.
will email you my phone number!
love n hugs Laura

Deborah said...

LOL...this was so funny, and the comments too....I've been there....I even have a love seat in the office where I dump the laundry...but somehow when I'm waiting for the internet to decide to work, I can't function, so the laundry stays piled name is Deb, and I'm a blogaholic

Elysa said...

For some reason, the part about trying on the coat made me bark out a really loud laugh. Anna was offended that the laugh was related to a funny, imaginary dialogue she was just having with a facebook app.

I'm such a bad mom.

Flea said...

Um. I don't clean Benny's ears while I wait for the internet. Sorry.

Sarah said...


You sound exactly like me. Only I'm less productive. I just sit there and cry... ;)

Trisha said...

Okay! This one has me chuckling out loud - loud enough to startle my kitty! I just went through this for an entire weekend! We all quickly get addicted to technology, don't we?

Stephanie said...

HAHA! Sounds very familiar

Karen Deborah said...

whew tough day, did you ever fold the towels? hee hee