Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Bits

Remember when I was complaining about the heat here? And then when I was gloating that it was no longer hot here? Well we are at 54 degrees and raining. We've been getting some rain almost every day for the last ten days or so. It's been a steady rain all day today so far. Last night we got some wicked Mississippi like downpours. I LOVED it! Our temps will be in the 60's this weekend and then slowly climb back up into the low 80's by the middle of next week. AND we are supposed to get snow at 10,000 ft this weekend (We are at just over 6,000 ft.) Woo Hoo! Bring on the apple cider baby!

I loved living in the South and there is much that I miss. The heat and humidity? NO THANKS! I was so desperate for the feeling of fall that one time I totally cranked the air conditioner so that I could have a fire in the fireplace and serve hot apple cider during the bible study we were hosting. Mr. Macchiato came home and had a COW. Yeah, totally birthed a calf right there in the living room. I was all... "It's OCTOBER! It is supposed to be chilly!"

Anyway, I think I'm going to switch out my American Flag quilt this weekend and put the Fall one on my bed. I've already been down to the storage area of our basement and fondled our fall decorations. I usually wait until the day after Labor Day to switch quilts but... I just love Fall so. It is my favorite. Yup, even more than Christmas. But, I love Christmas... My least favorite season? Hmmmm... it is a total toss up between the end of winter and middle of summer. I think I dislike them both equally.

Oh! Guess what we are having for dinner tonight? Chili and cornbread!!! I can turn my oven on and not die from the heat. Yesssssssss!!! And if you are wondering... yes, I did go to Starbucks today and yes, I've probably had a tad too much caffiene. If I could talk right I'd be totally yakking off someone's ear right now.

Huh, I titled this random bits... that must mean I was going to tell some unrelated stuff but now I can't remember... I seem to recall Double Shot totally cracking me up earlier but I can't remember why. Huh... it's gone. He did tickle his gaseous self in the car on the way to practice when he made me momentarily blind and gag at the same time... but, I don't think that was funny.

By the way, Frappy is in a better mood today. Not great, but better. She came down to root around in the bags I brought home.

Frappy: What's all this stuff? (she pulled some clothing for me from a bag)

Me: Those are my new work out clothes.


Me: Shut up.

Hmmmmmm.... what else... OH! Paco, THE TERRORIST, needs his wings clipped again and was flying around yesterday. I went over to him and had him step up on my finger so I could put him back on the top of the cage. That little @*#@%$! BIT ME. And he drew BLOOD! Needless to say, I have not talked to nor pet him today.

Times up. Gotta drag Double Shot back out into the rain. He's whining. He He He...


Mary said...

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog Monday and your sweet words! And it made me aware that you have done a good bit of blogging since your announcement that you would be back the 25th. Oh,well, that's part of the female nature. . to change our mind!
You are so funny! Are all the things you say for real??


Coffee Bean said...

Unfortunately Mary, what I write about is for real. I don't posess the imagination to make this stuff up!

Coffee Bean said...

Well... maybe the birthing of the calf in the living room was a wee bit of an exaggeration... maybe.

claudia said...

What ever came of the keys on the roof? I am still snickering about that one.
I get all nostalgic when fall rolls around. When people start firing up the fireplaces and there is a smell of oak heating homes instead of gas fumes.
I too love fall, the only thing is, that it gets to be the hottest time of year around here. We have an Indian summer for a coupla weeks.

Lisa said...

I was born and raised in MI and spent 29 wonderful years there. The family and I moved to southern Florida in spring 2007. I so dislike the heat and miss my seasons so much. It is too wierd for me to spend Christmas in shorts and tank tops. Thankfully, we are moving to the mountains in TN in a year or 2 and I will have my seasons back even if they will be milder than MI.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yeah I wanna know about the keys too LOL
chili yummmm.... Me thinks we have alot of HOT left here this year... but I will live vicariously through you!
HUGS laura

Brenda said...

The weathre sounds heavenly.

Trisha said...

Oh sure - rub it in that you have good weather! Those of us in Texas are having a bit of a break - the temps are ONLY in the 90's instead of the 100's. Yee-haw!

You are pulling out a QUILT???? I don't even have a blanket on my bed. Just the sheet and even then get hot. Nice.

Hey - let us know about the darn keys!

Mabunny said...

YOU need to shut up Coffee Bean, just like I told my uncle to lastnight when he called complaining he was chilly in the 50s there! ( He lives in Lakewood CO)!
We got a bit of a cool wave this weekend too, today its supposed to get to 90 only but tomorrow 88 and monday 89! For us that is a BIG relief from 105-110 with heat index.
I'm not relaly tellu to shut up, I'm too nice to do that with out meaning it as a joke!

noble pig said...

OMG I would totally do the October thing in the heat witht the fire...oh we are twins! I laughed so hard! Was his calf a girl or boy?

Flea said...

Paco is evil.