Monday, August 11, 2008

Just a Wee Little Post Begging to Come Out...

My blog break is suspiciously beginning to look like NOT a blog break. Today has pretty much been spent like this. It included a little side trip... yesterday I added a blog roll on my sidebar. It will save me time when I get back to blogging. Because I am NOT blogging right now. I'm NOT. Oh, the side trip... it was over to Becky's blog... because I saw on my handy dandy new little blog roll doohickey thingie ma bob that she has a new post up. The post is hilarious and she talks about the kids going back to school and their supply lists. I left her a comment... with all kinds of errors because I don't proof read my comments... and I should. It was about the fact that I am not getting Double Shot's supplies until after the first day of school because he always comes home with a whole nother list and some of the stuff I buy was never needed at all. AND we will be going directly to Staples. I don't care how much it costs. I want to know I will be able to get everything in one place with minimal brain damage. Fighting my way through the school supply sections of Wal-Mart or Target is NOT my cup of tea. Anyway, so she leaves me a comment on my last post saying that she replied to my comment in her comments. Got that? Oh! It cracked me up. Y'all must go take a peek.

Oh... and in my comment I told her that Double Shot has some blood sugar issues. His metabolism is so high that if he doesn't eat he starts shaking and gets nauseous. He has his own snacks in the nurse's office so he can go eat when he needs to. We also send him with a lot of snacks in his bag. I didn't go into as much detail in my comment but we had a doozy of a time getting this boy up last spring. Not pleasant, let me tell ya... and yelling was eventually involved. And, yes, I have SD and have a hard time speaking but I can yell here and there for a bit. Something about stretching out the vocal chords or something. I can't for long though... and my yelling is also accompanied by my beating on the wall. Something my kids do not like at all. I'm sure it is most attractive considering I've been told that when I yell one of my eyes is bigger than the other and my lips become thin white lines. Well, during this time I'd had it and if he didn't get breakfast... he didn't get breakfast. Same thing went for snacks in his bag. Well, apparently he ran out of snacks in the nurse's office and she gave him money for lunch. Then I got a call. She wanted to let me know that even though the school was in an affluent area that they still had a free lunch program and directed me to where we could apply. Yeah. So, I then went back to stuffing his bag with snacks and making sure he had something to eat in the car on the way to school if he didn't have time to eat breakfast. Oh... and I forgot to mention that during this time I also didn't make sure his uniforms were clean because I was tired of having to find them. My thinking was that he'd go without breakfast or some snacks and snap out of it... and wear a wrinkly uniform and snap out of it. Nope.

And, just so you know, I've read all the parenting books all along and I'm quite aware that we screwed up somewhere big time. We are all about just surviving now. If you are a parent who is dealing with things like disobedience, talking back, refusal to comply with even simple things... you might like to read what I wrote awhile ago here. It is a post I titled Why Parenting Books Suck. Of course, if that is all I've had to deal with where my kids are concerned I'd be up on the table doing the happy jig. Let's just say no one will be asking me to write a book on parenting any time soon.

So, back to Becky. In her comment on my comment in her comment section she related a story about having to go into the office at school when she thought she was only going to be picking up her kid and not have to be seen. It is HILARIOUS! It is so hilarious to me because it soooooo sounds like my life! And it is the reason for my coming out of my supposed blog break for yet another post.

Double Shot has been a rough kid from the get go. We were amazed when he made it to his first birthday, then his second, then his third, then his fourth, then his fifth, and so on. Saying he has kept us on our toes is an understatement. The year he was nine I flipped out over the fact that I couldn't do sixth grade math and put my girls back in school. Chai Tea went to a private school for kids with learning issues (she is dyslexic/ADD) and Frappacino went to the public school. Talk about not fitting in anywhere!!! I continued homeschooling Double Shot and the next year we were back to homeschooling all three. Anyway, the girls were at school and I was sorting a mountain of laundry. That is not an exaggeration. I had not showered and I have baby fine hair. That means that it was all nasty and greasy. I was wearing my housecleaning clothes. Meaning rags. I was sitting on the floor next to the great mountain of dirty clothes and throwing them across the room into the appropriate piles. I had sent Double Shot out to play by himself in the backyard.

Our backyard was HUGE. In fact, one third of it was sectioned off by metal stakes with wire fencing attached. Down toward the bottom of the yard there was a grouping of trees next to that fence. Well, I was sitting on the floor sorting when something brought me up short. I seemed to have heard something but I didn't know what. I was slowly standing when I heard something very faint and I ran. There is just something when you are a mom that tells you something is wrong. I had such a rush of adrenaline as I went out onto the back porch. My son was standing but hunched over and had his hand on his back. He was as white as a sheet and I could see that he was terrified. I ran down to him and he said, "My back." I lifted his shirt and there was a hole a bit bigger than a nickel right next to his spine. I walked him as quickly as he could go up into the house. I grabbed wads of paper towels and shoved them up the back of his shirt, slipped on some shoes, grabbed my keys and phone and we were out the door. I was shaking as I first called our pediatrician. We had a wonderful relationship with her and had moved beyond that of normal doctor/patient relationship. I told the nurse who I was and she got the doctor for me. I didn't know if I should head there or the ER. Her office was pretty well set up so she told me to bring him there. I then called my husband.

When we got to the office, the doctor and a nurse were ready for us and we went straight back. Double Shot had been up in a tree and had fallen out onto one of those stakes. Fortunately, he apparently bounced off the stake when it hit his muscle layer. If it had punctured through that into his chest cavity it could have killed him. My husband and our pastor showed up and were let back to where we were and we all stood around and watched while he got stitched up. Afterwards we walked out into the waiting room where there were several people from our church who had come to pray. I totally looked like hell. I was mortified. And then... because everything was okay everyone insisted on going out for Chinese food for lunch next door. I borrowed a baseball hat from our pastor... hmmmmm... I don't recall him asking for that back.

Guess What? Now when I need to clean my house, I take a shower, do my hair, and my make-up. Every time I cannot do those things I feel panicky because I am afraid something is going to happen. You think that is silly? No, not at all. This isn't the only story I have of being caught looking like crap. Heck, I cannot even go around in my own house without a bra on when no one is here because someone ALWAYS rings my doorbell. Always.

Okay, back to my blog break. No, really.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

oh dear your double shot and my cory ... Look out ER here we come... I could make it to the university hospital er in less than 20 minutes its 26 miles one way! they always knew ahead of time I was coming... and cory was so crazy he would tell them all of his information from the time he was 3 years old... including his SS# they ate him up. stitches and all!
HUgs Laura

Becky said...


Oh, my friend, we have so many of those stories...and the no bra thing!


Ask me to tell you about breastfeeding and the UPS man someday.

Back to your break.
The Maid

Brenda said...

I knew you couldn't resist coming back to talk to us!!! I'm glad double shot is ok. Its ok if you didn't look your best. Dress up at church on Sunday and they'll say "Wow you look great today!"

Deborah said... all of that I don't recall reading that you are hyperactive....but whew...I got tired reading!
Years ago when my teen age son didn't want to wake up in the morning, I did something I always wanted to do, and finally got the courage to do...I threw water on him...and then I ran. It was such fun! It was worth making him mad!
Now I have to go over and read your comment and the response to your comment!
By the way, if you ever officially come back from your break, I have a giveaway on my blog.

MUD said...

Like I said, I don't always get the women stuff. I do get the parenting stuff. I think it is hilarious that the Master Gardner always puts on a bra when she gets up. Heck, my 53 pickup needs a bra more than she does. Oh well, it makes her feel dressed. Me, I am still unwashed and wearing what I slept in last night and it is near noon. Oh well, MUD

Sheri said...

Oh, how funny! I needed the laugh . . . and I can't wait for you to get "back" to blogging!

Natalie said...

I put my kitchen apron on so that I can go out front when I'm still braless in the am. I'm supposed to be on a break too!

Sheri said...

No Olympics? None?? Wow! I loved the synchronized diving and swimming last night! I was whooping and hollering in bed for the swim relay gold . . .exciting stuff!