Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Giveaway!

Deborah of Songs from my Journey is having a giveaway to celebrate her 200th post and her sixth month blogaversary. She is giving away three signed copies of her book, Stepping Stones Along My Journey, and one of her CD's. Here is an excerpt:

Gems From My Journey:

When you see someone hurting, do you say, “Friend, come let’s pray,”
and do you share their burden, and brighten up their day?
Do you give some comfort, as God’s word you share,
or do you ease their heartache, by showing that you care?
When a loved one who’s estranged keeps weighing on your heart,
don’t let the moment pass; just call or send that card.
You’ll quickly mend some fences when you heed that still small voice,
for there’s no wound or chasm too deep for God’s great grace.
When a long forgotten friend suddenly comes to your mind,
don’t push that thought aside; don’t say I’ll waste my time.
A friendly hand extended may just help someone in need,
so kindle an old friendship, and allow the Lord to lead.
When you heed the Spirit’s prodding to share God’s love and grace,
you’ll never have regrets for the choices you have made.
And you may never know what a few words fitly spoken,
may do to lift the load of one who’s heart is broken.
aThose words have been a balm on my heart today. Be sure to go check her blog out and enter her giveaway. Maybe you'll find something there that speaks to you too.


Chris H said...

Re your questions... I have no idea what Spider was on about! And "Lost the Plot" means you were doing something, following a set path and then just went off in another direction.. or it can mean you were doing something and just up and threw a hissy fit (usually AT someone else) it can also mean you went nuts (insane) or... Like I got so mad I lost the plot(went nuts) and throttled me son! lol

Deborah said...

Hi CB! Thank you so much for posting the link and excerpt! I'm so glad it was an encouragement to you.