Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blog Award!

Melody of Merrie Melody blessed me with this award for my blog. Melody has been enjoying the fruits of her labor through her garden. She posts pictures of her bounty that will make your mouth water and leave you considering planting a garden of your own! Thank you Melody!

These are the official blog award rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate up to 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated.

This is hard for me because I want to give the Award to everyone! But, I am going to actually follow the rules on this one (shocking, I know). So, here they are, in no particular order:

Mary of Keep the Light Shining. This sweet lady's blog has been such an encouragement to me!

Deborah of Songs from my Journey. Another blog I visit when I feel the need to be encouraged and brought back round to what is really important to me.

Christine of Smiles & Trials. This is a fairly new blog to me. I am fascinated with this family! The blog is the day to day journal of life for this amazing family of 13.

Alison of RDH Mom. Alison has the story of their adoptions chronicled on her sidebar. She also has a great sense of humor!

Brenda of Living with RAD. RAD stands for Reactive Attachment Disorder and it is something that many adoptive families deal with when adopting children not adopted as infants. Her blog is full of information and encouragement as she shares her own family story as they walk through RAD personally. My three children are all natural born to us but I've found many of her insights helpful with my children as well.

Ramona of Light in Earthen Vessels. Ramona also suffers from dystonia and has a remarkable story that I plan to share parts of on this blog. She is also a fellow Christian with a real heart for family. They are raising children from all over the world.

Last, but certainly not least, is Rick of Organized Doodles. He has been an incredible source of encouragement throughout our difficulties with Chai Tea. He also recently blessed me with the caricature that will be the header for this blog. You can read about it here. Thank you Rick! I pray that you are blessed as you bless others!

You may have picked up on the fact that many of the people above have adopted children (Deborah from Songs from my Journey has as well)... We seriously considered adopting some years back but decided to put it on the back burner for awhile... and then dropped it all together. It is, at times, a painful thing for me... but, for whatever reason, I still read about it and am fascinated by the families that give of themselves that way.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Giveaway Every Friday!!!

I am going to have a giveaway drawing over at The Uneducated Housewife's Guide to Politics every Friday for a $10 Starbucks gift card until the election. All you have to do to be eligible is comment on each of the new posts that week. You can also get your name thrown into the hat an additional time if you post about it on your blog... and additional entries each time someone comments and says that they were directed to the blog via your blog.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sometimes God Meets You in Odd Places...

Today has been a hard day. I am emotional... Trevor has been moved to a Brain Trauma hospital. I think it is kind of like a nursing home. My Dad, as men tend to do, makes it sound like everything is going to be okay and that it is just going to take time. I have more information now... Trevor has lost some motor skills and has short term memory loss. Only time will tell how much he will get back... and it is looking like it will be a long time.

Wrapped up in all of the worry about my brother... is the fear I have for my daughter. She is very much like my brother. I just don't know how much control either of them have over certain aspects of their lives. I feel powerless.

I don't normally read forwards. If you send them to me and are reading this... I'm sorry. Every so often I do and once in a blue moon I might even forward it on to one or two who I think will appreciate it. But, that really is rare. I'm not sure why I chose to read this one that I got today, but I did and I am going to share it with y'all.

This beautiful story was written by a doctor who worked in
Africa .

One night I had worked hard to help a mother in the labor ward; but in spite of all we could do, she died, leaving us with a tiny, premature baby and a crying two-year-old daughter. We would have difficulty keeping the baby alive, as we had no incubator (we had no electricity to run an incubator). We also had no special feeding facilities. Although we lived on the equator, nights were often chilly with treacherous drafts. One student midwife went for the box we had for such babies and the cotton wool that the baby would be wrapped in. Another went to stoke up the fire and fill a hot water bottle. She came back shortly in distress to tell me that in filling the bottle, it had burst (rubber perishes easily in tropical climates) 'And it is our last hot water bottle!' she exclaimed. As in the West, it is no good crying over spilled milk, so in Central Africa it might be considered no good crying over burst water bottles. They do not grow on trees, and there are no drugstores down forest pathways.

'All right,' I said, 'put the baby as near the fire as you safely can, and sleep between the baby and the door to keep it free from drafts. Your job is to keep the baby warm.'

The following noon , as I did most days, I went to have prayers with any of the orphanage children who chose to gather with me. I gave the youngsters various suggestions of things to pray about and told them about the tiny baby. I explained our problem about keeping the baby warm enough, mentioning the hot water bottle, and that the baby could so easily die if it got chills. I also told them of the two-year-old sister, crying because her mother had died.

During prayer time, one ten-year-old girl, Ruth, prayed with the usual blunt conciseness of our African children. 'Please, God' she prayed, 'Send us a hot water bottle today. It'll be no good tomorrow, God, as the baby will be dead, so please send it this afternoon.' While I gasped inwardly at the audacity of the prayer, she added, 'And while You are about it, would You please send a dolly for the little girl so she'll know You really love her?'

As often with children's prayers, I was put on the spot. Could I honestly say 'Amen'? I just did not believe that God could do this. Oh, yes, I know that He can do everything; the Bible says so. But there are limits, aren't there? The only way God could answer this particular prayer would be by sending me a parcel from the homeland. I had been in Africa for almost four years at that time, and I had never, ever, received a parcel from home. Anyway, if anyone did send me a parcel, who would put in a hot water bottle? I lived on the equator!

Halfway through the afternoon, while I was teaching in the nurses' training school, a message was sent that there was a car at my front door. By the time I reached home, the car had gone, but there on the verandah was a large 22-pound parcel. I felt tears pricking my eyes. I could not open the parcel alone , so I sent for the orphanage children. Together we pulled off the string, carefully undoing each knot. We folded the paper, taking care not to tear it unduly. Excitement was mounting. Some thirty or forty pairs of eyes were focused on the large cardboard box. From the top, I lifted out brightly-colored, knitted jerseys. Eyes sparkled as I gave them out. Then there were the knitted bandages for the leprosy patients, and the children looked a little bored. Then came a box of mixed raisins and sultanas - that would make a batch of buns for the weekend. Then, as I put my hand in again, I felt the.....could it really be? I grasped it and pulled it out. Yes, a brand new, rubber hot water bottle. I cried. I had not asked God to send it; I had not truly believed that He could.

Ruth was in the front row of the children. She rushed forward, crying out, 'If God has sent the bottle, He must have sent the dolly, too!!' Rummaging down to the bottom of the box, she pulled out the small, beautifully-dressed dolly. Her eyes shone! She had never doubted! Looking up at me, she asked: 'Can I go over with you and give this dolly to that little girl, so she'll know that Jesus really loves her?' Of course, I replied!

That parcel had been on the way for five whole months, packed up by my former Sunday school class, whose leader had heard and obeyed God's prompting to send a hot water bottle, even to the equator. And one of the girls had put in a dolly for an African child - five months before, in answer to the believing prayer of a ten-year-old to bring it 'that afternoon.'

Before they call, I will answer. (Isaiah 65:24)
I will admit that, although I am a Christian, when I read these kinds of things I sometimes feel a bit emotionally manipulated. I will also admit that a lot of times when I pray I wonder if I'm even heard.
This reminded me of something that happened years ago that I haven't thought about in awhile. We had just moved to Mississippi and enrolled Chai Tea and Frappy in the local public school. Each morning I would pray with the girls on our front porch while we waited for the school bus. Frappy did not like her first grade teacher at all. I had asked her why and from what she told me I figured the teacher was a bit gruff. Frappy has always responded to a gentle approach and been upset by other methods. I've always dealt with those sorts of issues by telling the kids that they aren't going to always like everyone and to learn to deal with it, in a nice way, of course.
Anyway, they had been in school about a week. We were on the porch and I had the girls take turns praying first. I had already had a talk with Frappy earlier about giving the teacher time. When it was Frappy's turn she said, "Dear God, please, please! Give me a new teacher!" I was going to correct her and tell her that she could not pray that way but we heard the bus coming. That afternoon she came running home to me shouting, "God answers prayer! God answers prayer! He gave me a new teacher and her name is Mrs. Pray!" And He did. And her teacher's name was, in fact, Mrs. Pray.
I don't know why I allow myself to forget these types of things. I think if I lived back in Moses' day I would have definitely been one of those that, although witnessing the parting of the Red Sea, would have been wondering why we weren't in the Promised Land.
All you Bloggies that take the time to comment and who have prayed for me and my family, Thank You! I really appreciate it and your warmth and care means so very much to me.
See, I told you I am emotional today.

Things You Do When You Can't Get on the Internet!

1. Say, "What?" and peer in a little closer to the screen and try again.

2. Purse your lips and scrunch your eyebrows while you shut everything down.

3. Drink coffee while waiting for everything to boot up and wonder just how long it is going to take.

4. Get the same result... two more times.

5. Make oddly animalistic grunts as you shut the laptop and stomp down to the other computer in the basement.

6. Repeat steps one through four.

7. Raise your face to the heavens and cry out, "WHY?!?!?!"

8. Clean out the fridge

9. Scub out the inside of the coffee pot.

10. Clean the inside of the microwave.

11. Throw some laundry in the washer.

12. Dump dry towels onto the loveseat in the family room.

13. Feed the dogs.

14. Clean Benny's ears.

15. Look at the clock and see that it is 8:30 am.

16. Repeat steps one through four.

17. Holler out, "WHY! WHY! WHY!" while pounding fist on the table, and make the dogs bark.

18. Sit on couch and stare into the distance while drinking another cup of coffee.

19. Clean the inside of the dishwasher.

20. Look at the back door windows and think about cleaning them but don't do it.

21. Consider cleaning the floor, but don't do it.

22. Throw more clean towels on top of the still unfolded towels on the loveseat.

23. Think about folding towels, but don't do it.

24. Pick dead flowers out of the planters on the porch.

25. Make a list of things that need to be done around the house.

26. Make a list of things to buy at the store on Friday.

27. Think about cleaning the toilets, but don't do it.

28. Sit on the couch and stare with a cup of coffee, but don't drink it.

29. Try on winter coat bought last spring with the tags still on it and walk around in it.

30. Go look at sweaters in the closet and think about how new ones would be better.

31. Turn on the T.V. and watch news while NOT folding all the towels.

32. Flip through 250+ channels twice before deciding there is nothing interesting to watch.

33. Repeat steps one through four.

34. Sit slumped in the chair, staring at the screen, no expression whatsoever.

35. Wander around the house thinking there's nothing to do... still not cleaning the toilets or folding the towels.

So, that was part of my day yesterday. I was finally able to get online yesterday afternoon and answer and send some e-mail before I had to leave to take care of some things. I was able to get on last night and send some e-mails but before I could finish... you got it. Back down. Earthlink anyone?!?! This morning??? Still down. I'm now wondering if I can finish this post before it goes down again...

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Don't Understand

The hospital still will not allow my niece to see my brother. She insists on going up to the hospital with her mother every day and she sits out in the waiting room all by herself while her mother goes in to see him. She says she just wants to get as close as she can. She's just a nine year old little girl! I just don't get it.

Tomorrow he is being moved to some head injury floor or something. And they are no longer going to allow any visitors at all. They are saying that they don't want him agitated and want him to just rest. I don't understand. My mom was going to go down this coming weekend but she won't be able to see him if she does.

He's been saying some weird things... like insisting he's being restrained when he isn't. Seeing things that aren't there... That can be from the meds, I'm sure. He's very agitated and gets angry when he's awake. We don't know for sure about brain damage... yes, he's talking and recognizes people but... sigh. This is really hard.

They also give no kind of prediction as to how long he needs to stay in the hospital.

Oh Good Lord, A Meme... Thanks Flea!

The Good Flea tagged me in a meme and I told her I'd get around to it... Well, I guess I am round to it.

7 things I plan to do before I die

1) Learn how to accept my faults!
2) Get all of our pictures organized!
3) Write a book!
4) Climb a fourteener!
5) Go on a missions trip!
6) Change the World!
7) Save a Life!

7 things I can do

1) Cook!
2) Clean (when I feel like it)!
3) Read!
4) Write!
5) Dream!
6) Laugh!
7) Love!

7 things I cannot do

1) Math!
2) Speak easily!
3) Read outloud!
4) Sing!
5) Model swimsuits or lingerie'!
6) Eat whatever I want!
7) Eat whatever I want! (I know I put that twice, that's how much it bums me out!)

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

1) Belief in God!
2) Sense of humor!
3) Intelligence!
4) Quiet Strength!
5) Ability to admit it when wrong!
6) Honesty/Integrity!
7) Protective over those weaker!

7 things I say most often

1) You make me laugh!
2) Oh.. uh uh!
3) You Dork!
4) Stop it!
5) I'm irritated! (Mr. Macchiato's fav! Not really.)
6) I'm gonna google that!
7) I said I'd get off the computer in a minute!

7 celebrity crushes

1) Celebrities are dumb.
2) Celebrities are annoying.
3) Celebrities have trainers and lipo suction.
4) Celebrities poop too.
5) Celebrities are boring.
6) Celebrities are often celebrities for STUPID reasons.
7) I bet some celebrities eat their boogers.

Here is where I am supposed to list 7 people who now have to do this meme. But... I am always afraid I will list someone who doesn't like meme's. And I don't always follow the rules. So, if you want to do this, just let me know in the comments and I will go check it out and leave you a sassy comment.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh No! I Procrastinated Announcing the Winner!

Thank you, Mary at Keep the Light Shining, for sending me this cartoon! I can definitely relate! Y'all had me cracking up but... I had to say the very first one by JoJo really got me! So simple and straight to the point and sassy. Send me an e-mail JoJo and I'll get the card right out to you! (I have an e-mail button on my profile)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Things I Wish Hadn't Happened While Dropping Frappy off at College...

The wise and wonderful Mary of Keep the Light Shining said in the comments that maybe tomorrow I could do a Pollyanna post. Pollyanna is one of my two all time favorite movies and one of two movies that I will stop whatever I am doing to watch again if they are on, even though I've memorized both... the other is The Sound of Music. Here is the post she has up right now and it hit me between the eyes and then my heart.

I am Pollyanna-ing this post up! The good in each of the things I listed will be in bold italics underneath. Let "The Glad Game" begin!!!

I wish I hadn't been grumpy when packing up the cars.

I am glad it was a cool morning so we didn't get as sweaty as we would have if it had been hot!

I wish we hadn't left 2 hours later than planned.

I am glad we left two hours late instead of 3 hours late!

I wish we hadn't had to stop before we even got 15 minutes out of town so that I could take one of my contacs out, rinse it and put it back in.

I am glad I did not lose the contac when I dropped it on my lap!

I wish we hadn't had to stop again 45 minutes later so I could take my contacs out and wear my glasses instead. Brand new pair that I just put in that morning.

I am glad I did not forget to pack my glasses!

I wish I had tasted my Caramel Macchiato before we left the Starbucks after I took my contacs out because there was no caramel in it. None.

I am glad the extra bitterness of the Caramel-less Macchiato sharpened my senses and really woke me up and I didn't have a sugar crash later!

I wish I had not drippled my Non-Caramel Macchiato onto the leg of my jeans.

I am glad I did not spill the entire Non-Caramel Macchiato on my lap and I was only minimally burned!

I wish I did not have to see how my daughter drives without me in the car with her.

I am glad I am now certain that she is protected by an unseen force!

I wish that her dorm room was not on the third floor of a building with no elevator.

I am glad her dorm is not one of the dorms with 12 floors and no elevator!

I wish that she did not take so much stuff (although... after seeing what some other girls brought... including her roommate... she wasn't so bad).

I am glad that I burned many calories going up and down the stairs!

I wish that I did not steal Double Shot's new socks. He ruined all my socks and I got him new ones for the start of school. It seemed to me that they shrank an awful lot but it was an illusion. Those socks are meant for a man with the shoe sizes between 10-14. Double Shot is now a 13. So you know, socks that are too big like that bunch up in your shoe... and will actually give you a blister when you have to walk all day... everywhere... in a mad panic. Besides the fact that the feeling is right up there with having panties stuck in your crack.

I am glad that my panties were not stuck in my crack!

I wish people wouldn't pretend that they understand me. It is obvious they don't. This time my response to, "Oh! You sound horrible!" was, "I know." and to, "Are you sick?" was, "Yes."

I am glad that I live in a time with blogs and texting!

I wish that I hadn't been awakened by Mr. Macchiato at 10:30 pm to inform me that Frappacino was at her dorm FREAKING OUT. I had gone to my hotel and crashed and 9:30 pm. I wasn't even sure of where I was at first.

I am glad that I got one good solid hour of deep sleep!

I wish I hadn't had to get in my car and drive over to her dorm where she was out in the parking lot flipping out because the lights would not go out in her car... AND her Dad told her to flip something in the door, which she did, which caused the door to not be able to shut at all.

I am glad that I was still in town and could be there for her in her distress!

I wish I hadn't gotten calls from Mr. Macchiato while I was driving back to the dorm asking if I was there yet.

I am glad that Mr. Macchiato was concerned about our daughter!

I wish that when I got to my hotel... the one I insisted on staying at because it was half the price of the only other hotel with any vacancies near the college... that I didn't notice that it strangely resembled the hotel in some movie I saw that someone else in this house rented with Luke Wilson in it... that I watched because Luke Wilson is usually a COMEDIC actor. Not in this movie. It was a hotel where the guests were video taped while being murdered. Not my kind of movie.

I am glad that is was not a hotel run by murderers and that I survived my stay!

I wish that after sharing that with Mr. Macchiato and talking about what will happen if Frappy's car is not fixable... that he hadn't shared that someone got their head chopped off on a greyhound bus a couple of weeks ago and whoever did it ate part of it... while I was ALONE in a possibly PSYCHO HOTEL.

I am glad that he didn't tell me that there was a psycho lose in town that had a thing for fat, freckled, and sunburnt women that are almost 6 ft. tall and that the authorities thought he might be holed up in a hotel like the bad Luke Wilson movie!

I wish that I had told Mr. Macchiato that he was more than just a Rotten Rat Bastard for telling me that when I couldn't get to sleep until AFTER 1:30 am.

I am glad that I was finally able to fall asleep and get some rest!

I wish that I did not get up an hour late the next morning.

I am glad that I only overslept one hour!

I wish we didn't have to miss the second part of orientation because we had to take Frappy's car to a shop.

That is half a lie. I am glad that I missed my second part of orientation because... it was BORING the night before!

I wish Frappy and I didn't get into an argument because I was offended that she called her car a piece of crap. More than once.

I am glad that we are able to provide Frappy a car, even if it isn't new and perfect, and I am glad that someday she will feel bad about it!

I wish that I hadn't stolen two pairs of Double Shot's socks because that is all I had to wear and that with the blisters from the day before... was right up there with both sides of your panties in your crack or a thong that is two sizes two small. Not that I would know what that feels like.

I am, again, glad that no sides of my panties were in my crack!

I wish that I thought to use sunscreen.

I am glad that my sunburn was not severe!

I wish that my back brake light didn't go out and that I wasn't told so by Campus Police.

I am glad that the brake light was pointed out to me so I could get it fixed before being run down by a cement truck driver who was blind in his left eye and didn't see me!

I wish I wasn't so passive aggressive when Frappy asked me the name of the Governor of Colorado and told her it was John Ritter. (It is Bill Ritter and it irritated me that she didn't know. Now I feel bad because she may repeat that and look really dumb if she does. I might correct that... but then again... I might not. If you don't know who John Ritter is, like if you live in another country or something, he was an actor that died awhile back).

I am glad that I knew our Governor's name!

I wish we didn't go to Target, where 3,458,234 other college students and parents decided to go at the same time.

I am glad that I didn't fall on the floor into the fetal position and get carted off to the Looney Bin!

I wish I didn't about wreck my car whipping over to the side of the road because there was a bee by my boob and I couldn't get it off my shirt.

I am glad that the bee didn't sting me on my boob!

I wish the bee fell out of the car when I threw my door open.

I am glad... I am glad... oh boy. I am glad that the bee didn't sting me on my boob!

I wish the bee didn't go under my seat where I know it is still lying in wait for me.

I am glad that I have not seen it since... and that it did not sting me on my boob!

I wish that when I said goodbye to Frappy that it wasn't in a rush at the car shop because she had to get back to the dorm for a hall meeting.

I am glad that we got to hug and that she, hopefully, had enough time to get back to her hall in time!

We did get her moved in, car registered, bike registered, $64 worth of (hopefully) anti-theft gear and special night-time blinking reflectors (a decision made to purchase at midnight the night before after nearly running over several bike riders with inadequate reflectors) installed, student ID card made, books bought (gack... $602 and another book that will be around $150 that is not in), tours and orientation... all while in the midst of a pulsating throng of parents and students and long lines.

I am glad that we got everything we needed to done!

Special Thanks To:

The three Campus Police officers who crawled all over Frappy's car and finally figured out how to get her door to shut.

The tow truck guy who came out to see if he could figure out how to get her lights to shut off... got them to do so and then directed us to where to take the car in the morning... and didn't charge us anything.

Mr. Macchiato... who felt bad for being a Rat Bastard and prayed with me after freaking me out.

The auto shop that fixed Frappy's car (needed a new door switch and we got her windshield fluid pump fixed too) AND replaced my brake light bulb.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do You Procrastinate? Contest!!!

I procrastinate. In fact, sometimes I procrastinate procrastinating. Why? I don't know. Make me feel better. Tell me how you procrastinate in the comments. The person who makes me laugh the hardest will get a $10 Starbucks card. Not a big prize, I know. Got a kid in college. I may be on the corner with a tin cup by Christmas.

Hey, guess what? I'm not even going to take my laptop with us. Shocked? Me too.
**That is not Frappy in the picture. I got it from I picked it because it reminded me of her and it looks like the girl is doing homework.

Trevor is a Fighter!

Trevor is now aware he's been in an accident and communicating a little. He is still very agitated... in fact, he indicated he wanted to smoke... ugh... NO! He's still in ICU!!! (He's probably going through nicotine withdrawl. When he was here for the girls' graduation in May he and my Dad had to go outside constantly to smoke). His CT scan showed that there was less bleeding in his brain yesterday and some of the swelling is going down. I think his lungs are the main concern now. He's having a hard time breathing and generating a lot of fluid.

We know more about the accident now. He was driving a friend's Ford Explorer on a curvy road. He went through a fence, down and embankment, probably air bourne, through another fence and another embankment, air bourne again and then hit a tree at which point he was ejected from the vehicle. Apparently, the Explorer is in pieces. I don't know what that means... if the bumpers fell off, the hood or some doors or what. I heard that and thought of it all disassembled but I don't know how that would be possible.

My Dad says everything is fine with him. Hopefully he's telling the truth.

Frappy and I are going to have a long and busy day! We've got a lot to get together before leaving tomorrow morning for her college.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and good thoughts. I am doing fine and not freaked out anymore. As my Dad likes to say, "It is what it is." I don't know that I will go out to California to see my brother... it might be a wiser choice to send the money we would spend for me to go out there because we can't do both... I don't know. I pretty much feel like I am on stand by and waiting to see.

I may or may not post over the next couple of days. We've got two days of a pretty full schedule so I may be exhausted when I get back to the hotel. I'm exhausted already just thinking about it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Update on my Brother

They are having to heavily sedate him because he is combative when he comes to. They are doing another CT scan today to see how things are brainwise. He is not able to take deep breaths so there is a worry that he will develop pneumonia. His girlfriend is staying by his side at all times which has provided some comfort for my parents.

My father lives in the mountains between Sacramento and Reno. He works in Reno and had to go there today to hand in a proposal for a very big job he's bidding on. My stepmother was worried about him yesterday and the fact that he wasn't going to get any sleep and be doing all that driving. My father also had a CT scan on Friday because something showed up on his lung in an x-ray... so we've all got that in the back of our minds too.

It is very hard to be states away. My Mom and Buck are also having to deal with that. I may be going out there but right now we are all waiting to see what is going to happen. There's not much point in going right now because he is in the hospital... unless he takes a bad turn. I've got to get Frappy settled at college. It is during times like this that we really regret moving away from our families... although, Trevor and my Dad would still be in another state. I just hate being so far away! I just want to see him... to hold his hand... to tell him how much I love him. To see my niece and hug her... to be with my Dad. Instead I am doing laundry, running errands and getting our ducks in a row to leave on Wednesday.

A very bizarre little bit of trivia... Trevor's accident was 15 years to the day after my jet ski accident in which I broke my back.

When Trevor was 10 years old he was hit by a car. He was on a field trip and the bus pulled over to the right side of the road and had the kids cross the street to go to a donut shop on the other side of the road. The kids were still on the crosswalk when Trevor decided to join them. He left the bus and was running to catch up. He was in front of the bus when the light turned green and a guy behind another car changed lanes and sped up... hitting my brother. It was pretty bad. He had an avulsed eye (came out of the socket), broken collar bone, broken leg and I think his arm was broken too. He was in a wheelchair for awhile. But, he survived... he even walked and ran long before they said he would be able to.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Upcoming Show on ABC

Watch "Medical Mysteries" Tuesday, August 19th at 10 pm (Eastern Time) on ABC if you'd like to learn more about Spasmodic Dysphonia. Here is a link to an online article of what will be on the program.

Please! Please Pray!

I just got a call from my brother Buck (more here). Our little brother, Trevor, is in a coma. My Dad is on his way to the hospital now (He lives over an hour away from him). They will not give any information over the phone.

Trevor's MySpace Page. He is a singer/songwriter/recording artist.

UPDATE (1 pm): Trevor is going to live and he is not paralyzed. He was in a one car accident and was ejected from the vehicle.

UPDATE (1:45 pm): Trevor has moments of consciousness now. He recognized our Dad, which is a good sign. He has a head injury and four broken ribs and is all swollen and bruised. Some of his teeth were knocked out. He has no insurance of any kind... I am just so grateful that he is going to live.

UPDATE (3:30 pm): Trevor's head injury includes multiple facial fractures. His 9 year old daughter is taking it pretty hard. They're not letting her see him because they believe it will be too traumatic for her. His in-laws went out to the scene of the accident and told my Dad they don't know how he survived. Trevor has been separated from his wife for around 8 years but they have never officially divorced.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


People keep asking about Frappy's car keys. I've sent a few e-mails and have said what happened in the comments to that post but not everyone re-reads the comment sections, so here you go!

I was going to have Double Shot get them down when I brought him home. However, they were not there when we pulled up. For a moment we wondered if the Demonic Squirrel Murdering Raven swept down and carried them off... No. Frappy got the ladder out and climbed up there herself when NO ONE WAS HOME. I wasn't happy and asked her what she would have done if she had fallen, to which she replied, "I didn't."

Wondering about the Demonic Squirrel Murdering Raven now? Well, back at the beginning of the summer I heard a racket outside. It was around noon. Two gigantic black ravens were circling over our next door neighbor's house and then dive bombing a squirrel in their tree. Our squirrel, Rusty. Yes, we name the wild critters that flit about our home. We've seen him run along the back of our fence with insulation from our other next door neighbor's attic to make some nest in the other (the site of the attack) neighbor's back yard. Wouldn't that make him their squirrel... no. We named him and we claimed him. He was free to sleep where he chose. And make babies with Gwendoline on the top of their shed. Yeah, we saw that too, along with a few of their lover's tiffs. Anyway, he was a tough squirrel. He stayed on the very same branch and defended himself against the two ravens. Double Shot and I watched the battle rage for nearly 20 minutes and Rusty was victorious. From that day forward he became, "Rusty the Great and Mighty Bad Ass Warrior Squirrel," in my mind.

The summer wore on. We went on vacation to Seattle and came home. Rusty was still cruising about. We didn't see as much of Gwendoline but she showed up here and there so I figured she was busy doing, hopefully, motherly things and didn't have the time for little romantic rendezvous a top the shed. For which I was grateful.

About a week after we got home we were awakened at 3 am by terrible and unsettling sounds. Because of what Double Shot and I had witnessed, I knew immediately what terror was afoot. We couldn't really see anything but the thrashing about in the tree. It didn't sound good and it went on for some time. Rusty fought long and hard but in the end his loud squirrel cries weakened and then we heard his neck snap. I am sorry for the graphic nature of this post. But Rusty the Great and Mighty Bad Ass Warrior Squirrel deserves to be known for his bravery. Later, in the early morning light, there was no sign of Rusty or any ravens. There were, however, several broken branches hanging solemnly from the tree. I could sense the tree's sorrow as it slouched, defeated and also wounded. I know the tree was Rusty's friend and sought to protect him.

We've not seen Gwendoline since that terrible day. We hope that she was whisked away by Rusty's fellow squirrel warriors to somewhere else in this kingdom that is our neighborhood. We hope that there is a little Rusty Jr. and that he is being schooled in the way of his father and that he will also arise to be great and mighty.

As for the Demonic Squirrel Murdering Raven... I keep Double Shot's fully loaded Air Soft pellet gun handy. I hope to shoot him in the eye one day.

I'm going to go take my medication now.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Bits

Remember when I was complaining about the heat here? And then when I was gloating that it was no longer hot here? Well we are at 54 degrees and raining. We've been getting some rain almost every day for the last ten days or so. It's been a steady rain all day today so far. Last night we got some wicked Mississippi like downpours. I LOVED it! Our temps will be in the 60's this weekend and then slowly climb back up into the low 80's by the middle of next week. AND we are supposed to get snow at 10,000 ft this weekend (We are at just over 6,000 ft.) Woo Hoo! Bring on the apple cider baby!

I loved living in the South and there is much that I miss. The heat and humidity? NO THANKS! I was so desperate for the feeling of fall that one time I totally cranked the air conditioner so that I could have a fire in the fireplace and serve hot apple cider during the bible study we were hosting. Mr. Macchiato came home and had a COW. Yeah, totally birthed a calf right there in the living room. I was all... "It's OCTOBER! It is supposed to be chilly!"

Anyway, I think I'm going to switch out my American Flag quilt this weekend and put the Fall one on my bed. I've already been down to the storage area of our basement and fondled our fall decorations. I usually wait until the day after Labor Day to switch quilts but... I just love Fall so. It is my favorite. Yup, even more than Christmas. But, I love Christmas... My least favorite season? Hmmmm... it is a total toss up between the end of winter and middle of summer. I think I dislike them both equally.

Oh! Guess what we are having for dinner tonight? Chili and cornbread!!! I can turn my oven on and not die from the heat. Yesssssssss!!! And if you are wondering... yes, I did go to Starbucks today and yes, I've probably had a tad too much caffiene. If I could talk right I'd be totally yakking off someone's ear right now.

Huh, I titled this random bits... that must mean I was going to tell some unrelated stuff but now I can't remember... I seem to recall Double Shot totally cracking me up earlier but I can't remember why. Huh... it's gone. He did tickle his gaseous self in the car on the way to practice when he made me momentarily blind and gag at the same time... but, I don't think that was funny.

By the way, Frappy is in a better mood today. Not great, but better. She came down to root around in the bags I brought home.

Frappy: What's all this stuff? (she pulled some clothing for me from a bag)

Me: Those are my new work out clothes.


Me: Shut up.

Hmmmmmm.... what else... OH! Paco, THE TERRORIST, needs his wings clipped again and was flying around yesterday. I went over to him and had him step up on my finger so I could put him back on the top of the cage. That little @*#@%$! BIT ME. And he drew BLOOD! Needless to say, I have not talked to nor pet him today.

Times up. Gotta drag Double Shot back out into the rain. He's whining. He He He...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Little Snippet from my Bad Sitcom Life

Uh... that blog break? Um... apparently I've totally given up on it. Well, on this blog. Here I didn't want to waste people's time by coming here to see if I've posted so I was nice and gave a date I'd be back. I can see by my numbers that most believed me. You, yes you, who kept checking anyway... you are BLOGAHOLICS. Welcome to my world.

Okay, so I am obviously not painting at the moment. I've got the Atomic Vomit walls primed. And yes, that is the official name of the color of paint that was on the walls. I didn't think to take a picture before I began but I did part way through. When I am all done I will post some pictures. So why am I not painting right now? Well... Since I am trying to get this project done and Double Shot has two a days... I decided good ole Frappy could have shuttling him around as a chore this week. She wasn't happy about it but, you know, when you've got a car, insurance and gas all paid for by Daddy... uh... once in awhile you can do ole Mom and Dad a favor, right?

Oh good Lord have mercy. On Monday she had plans with a friend and the running of the brother around but a little crimp in the timing. She still got to do what she wanted to do though. Tuesday she didn't complain and whittled things around so that she got to spend time with another friend AND go out with her boyfriend, Hot Chocolate that night. She was supposed to be home by 11 pm. She got home at 11:40 pm. Mr. Macchiato was exhausted and went up to bed before she got home. One or both of us stay up until everyone is home so when someone is out late and/or doesn't come home on time, it affects us. Yesterday she went shopping in between and was engrossed in some novel she bought. She did holler about having to drive him in the afternoon but it wasn't too bad. This morning... OH MY GOSH.

Oh, let me back up a tad. Last night, while I was rolling around on the floor in the room I am painting because of the fumes and because I was exhausted, Double Shot and Frappacino walked in. While I looked at them upside down, I was informed that Frappy had been pulled over by the police. She wasn't going to tell us because she did not get a ticket, but Double Shot made her. She was going 45 mph in our neighborhood on the way to the second football practice. She saw the squad car and slowed way down. The cop said she was going 35 mph... you are only supposed to go 25 mph. He told her it was a $100 fine and 4 points on your insurance record and that he was going to just give her a warning. Number one, and I told her this, she could kill some one's kid driving like that in the neighborhood! Number two, she would lose her good driver discount! Her reply? "UGGHHHHH... Whatever! I didn't get a ticket!" Good old Dad said, "If you lose your good driver discount you will have to pay your entire insurance bill each month." To which she says, "That's not gonna happen Dad!"

So back to this morning. It was time for Double Shot to leave. It takes a half an hour to get to the school. Last night he got there late because of the little pull over and he did not pre-treat for his asthma. He had to use his rescue inhaler and really struggled through the whole practice. He has to be careful with the timing of the pre-treat (two different inhalers and a total of 5 puffs... but each puff must be spaced a certain way). If he does it too soon it makes him feel sick. If he does it too late it doesn't work as well and he ends up needing a rescue. If it is timed right he's just like everyone else and doesn't have any problems breathing. He got anxious because it was time to go and she wasn't coming downstairs so he was hollering. She said she needed to put in her contacs and do her hair. I told her he needed to be on time and to wear her glasses She said that she'd gotten him there on time all the other days. Uhhhhhh... what? So it's okay to take him late today?

Things escalated back and forth and Frappy got to the point where I did not think it wise to have them be in the car together alone. So I clipped up my wet hair (think Pebbles from the Flintstones) and grabbed my keys. Double Shot's stuff was in her car so he hollered for her to open it. By this point I was in the driveway and Double shot was standing by her car on the street in front of the house. Just as a lady was walking in front of our house, Frappy opened up the door and threw her keys into the yard while she yelled, "Open it yourself IDIOT!" Sigh...

I did not know the lady. She was walking the most adorable 3 month old golden retriever. She looked at me and said, "Hey! I've got two of those at my house only they are both girls!" I smiled and she stopped when she got to me. I asked her what her puppy's name was and she said, "Charlie." And I got to pet him!!! As she was walking away she said, "They act like that so we can be glad when they leave home." I smiled and nodded my head. I was thinking... Lady, I think I am soooooooo already there.

It is four days until school starts. It is six days until I go up to Frappy's college with her and drop off all her stuff. It was just a couple weeks ago that I was freaking out and wondering how I was ever going to be able to drive away... Today... I think it might just be a slow roll by as I shove her stuff out on the curb.

Oh, and when I dropped Double Shot off he said, "Uh... just so you know, um, Frappy's car keys are on the roof of the house."

I did get to pet a puppy. That's a good thing, no?

Wow... You Never Know Who is Reading

I got a very warm and encouraging e-mail from someone at Family Life Today last night. He said that he and his wife could identify with what I had written in my The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly post. He found it through a Google Alert on Dennis Rainey. At first, I was really embarrassed... I know anyone can read my blog but I tend to think of just other women and the occasional retired guy reading (Hi Mud). At the same time, I was very touched. He gave me some resources that I checked out that I want to put up here for anyone else interested. Here is part of his e-mail below:

We just got done reading a book released by FamilyLife Publishing™ called Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest. My wife loved it!! I hope that you will continue to turn your thoughts to your Lord. I don’t mean this to sound like a platitude. Rather, I would trust that you can dialogue with some close friends, continue to journal in your blogs and pray with “Mr MachiattoGod loves to hear your thoughts, keep Him posted too!

Also, you may want to check out some of the online resources that FamilyLife makes available to help equip you and your friends. From podcasts to blogs (FamilyLife’s
MomBlog & FamilyLife Culture Watch) and weekly award-winning E-Zines like The Family Room™ or The Marriage Memo accompany that broadcast you were referencing.

I especially liked the MomBlog. It has a bunch of different contributors and covers all the stages of being a Mom.

Gee, I wonder who else gets Google Alerts when someone puts their name on the internet?!?! Hey, GEORGE W. BUSH... you think I'll get an e-mail from a staffer at the White House? I let you know if I do.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank You!

I'm in a better place this morning. Thank you so much to all of you who left encouraging comments and sent e-mails. I really appreciate it more than you can know. I have given myself an hour this morning to blog and maybe catch up a little since I've not been reading a lot of other blogs. I stopped by Deborah's of Songs from my Journey... I was so touched and so grateful for her words. Please go read what she had to say here.

So... today, I paint.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Giveaway!

Deborah of Songs from my Journey is having a giveaway to celebrate her 200th post and her sixth month blogaversary. She is giving away three signed copies of her book, Stepping Stones Along My Journey, and one of her CD's. Here is an excerpt:

Gems From My Journey:

When you see someone hurting, do you say, “Friend, come let’s pray,”
and do you share their burden, and brighten up their day?
Do you give some comfort, as God’s word you share,
or do you ease their heartache, by showing that you care?
When a loved one who’s estranged keeps weighing on your heart,
don’t let the moment pass; just call or send that card.
You’ll quickly mend some fences when you heed that still small voice,
for there’s no wound or chasm too deep for God’s great grace.
When a long forgotten friend suddenly comes to your mind,
don’t push that thought aside; don’t say I’ll waste my time.
A friendly hand extended may just help someone in need,
so kindle an old friendship, and allow the Lord to lead.
When you heed the Spirit’s prodding to share God’s love and grace,
you’ll never have regrets for the choices you have made.
And you may never know what a few words fitly spoken,
may do to lift the load of one who’s heart is broken.
aThose words have been a balm on my heart today. Be sure to go check her blog out and enter her giveaway. Maybe you'll find something there that speaks to you too.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

You know what? My life really sucks right now. Things went back to square one with Chai Tea. Well, no. Worse than that. We have gotten to the point where we cannot communicate with her without a third party present. We've left the ball in her court. Only we are afraid she will never pick up that ball.

One of the reasons I decided to take a "blog break" was that I need to paint Chai Tea's room so that we can move Double Shot into it. His room is off of the family room and is really meant to be an office. The door has glass panels in it and we've had a curtain hanging on the inside of the door for the last 6 years. We had some issues with Double Shot being distracted by the TV during the school year so we decided to move him upstairs. The room has been taped and ready to go but every time I go in to start on it I panic. It was the same when she left. For four months I kept her door shut. I don't know how many times I went in there to try to start packing things up. When I finally did, it took me 2 days and they were two of the worst days I'd had since she left in January. Right now it is still her room. The color is just... her. It won't be her room anymore once I paint it. Once it is painted and Double Shot is moved in... there will really be no place for her here. I don't know why it is so hard. At the same time I never want to live with her again. I need to finish the room so we can move Double Shot in this weekend. School starts on Monday. Every day for over a month I have had this struggle. For me, putting the paint on those walls is shutting a door. And it is a door that must be shut.

I won't share details of exactly what is happening. We are a family with 4 other people besides myself that are affected. One of the things that is good about this blog being anonymous is that, in some ways, I am free to share the heart of things. I've shared a lot on here that is very personal but at the same time, I don't believe I am all that unique. I often wonder how many others there are out there that are like me and really hurting. When I 've shared things before it is because I hoped that it would find someone who can relate and that they can know that they aren't alone. Today... this is just for me. I don't care if anyone can relate or not.

You know... I hated blogging. I thought that it was a waste of time. There were a few blogs I was aware of that I knew the people in real life and what they presented on their blogs was far from reality. It bothered me. I also strongly felt that the computer replaced real life relationships for many and that it wasn't healthy. But then I was home alone all day for the first time in 20 years. My voice prevented me from the normal ways of keeping up with people. I traitorously stepped out of the homeschooling world... and into silence. I did not realize how far we'd gone in surrounding ourselves with almost exclusively Christian homeschoolers... I did not realize that when we stopped homeschooling that only a few would remain friends... I backed into blogging. I had so much fun those three months I had my first blog, Laughing Always Helps. I love to make people laugh. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel like everything is really okay. No one knew I had trouble talking. No one knew I was lonely. I got positive feedback. I started to dream and believe that maybe it was possible to still accomplish some of my goals.

One of my biggest fears is that my children will all leave and that I will not be able to get a job and that I'll have to stay at home all alone every day until my husband retires. That I won't be able to make new friends. That I won't have any purpose.

You know, I've gotten a lot of wonderful feedback from y'all. So many have been so nice to compliment me on my attitude and how I've handled things with my voice and my daughter. This blog is much more honest... real... than the other one was but, I still only share what I want to share. Everything I write is honest and how I feel the moment I am writing it. There's a lot I don't write. There are those days where I feel so alone and so sorry for myself that I'm not even really functioning. My husband made me go get on anti-depressants a couple months ago. I've written about how we are working toward a better relationship with our daughter... before I deleted the other blog I wrote about how we will always be waiting for her with our arms open wide. I don't always feel that way. There are days when I am so hurt and so angry over what she has done. This is hard. This is the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life.

It's funny how things you go through change your perspective. I don't sleep well. In fact, the doctor gave me something for that but it doesn't always work. Since January, I often fall asleep readily but then wake up within an hour. I've spent so many nights just going over things. Thinking... thinking... always thinking. I search my mind for every memory. Where did we go wrong? Where did I go wrong? I should have handled this and that situation this other way. I should have been more patient. I should have nipped that in the bud. I should have... should have... should have... Other times I think, I am a good mom. I know I am a good mom. One time not long after she left, I was in Wal-Mart in front of an end cap and I unknowingly said, "I was a good mom!" out loud and then started to cry. There were other people around and it was really embarrassing. I had to leave.

In December of last year, just over a month before she left, there was that shooting at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. When we heard the gunman had been homeschooled, his father was a doctor and his mother was in charge of the women's ministry at their church, I thought their family must have been royally screwed up. His father must have never been home. His mother must have cared more about her ministry duties. I don't know how many times in my life that I have judged people by their kids' behavior. Ever since our daughter left the way she did I have thought of the mother of that gunman. My heart breaks for her and the rest of their family. Not only did her son kill others, but he is dead too. I pray for her.

The other night I was listening to a program on Christian talk radio. It was some Family Life Today, or something like that, with Dennis Rainey. They were talking about men/women differences and got into parenting... it might have been one show and then another starting. It was raining so when I pulled into the driveway I decided to listen to the rest of the program. They were talking about gleaning wisdom from parents who've already gone through what you are going through with your kids. They said to look for the parent's who'd been successful... who had kids that turned out... I cried. That would definitely NOT be us.

I know that our kids have their own free will. I know that we are not responsible for the choices they make. I know that we love them and that, while we are in no way perfect, we have done our best in trying to do what is right for them. But... I feel differently so much of the time. If only... if only... if only...

At my core, I am optimistic. At my core, I always hope for the best. It is a fight though. I know that it doesn't matter how many times I get knocked down... that what matters is how many times I get up. I know I will continue to get knocked down and I will continue to get back up but, sometimes I am afraid that there will come a time when I won't. I know enough about myself from the way I do projects that I start out well, falter in the middle, and then finish strong. I keep telling myself that maybe I'm just faltering here. I'm uncertain. I don't know that I can do this. But, I will finish and I will finish strong. I won't know until it is all said and done.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just a Wee Little Post Begging to Come Out...

My blog break is suspiciously beginning to look like NOT a blog break. Today has pretty much been spent like this. It included a little side trip... yesterday I added a blog roll on my sidebar. It will save me time when I get back to blogging. Because I am NOT blogging right now. I'm NOT. Oh, the side trip... it was over to Becky's blog... because I saw on my handy dandy new little blog roll doohickey thingie ma bob that she has a new post up. The post is hilarious and she talks about the kids going back to school and their supply lists. I left her a comment... with all kinds of errors because I don't proof read my comments... and I should. It was about the fact that I am not getting Double Shot's supplies until after the first day of school because he always comes home with a whole nother list and some of the stuff I buy was never needed at all. AND we will be going directly to Staples. I don't care how much it costs. I want to know I will be able to get everything in one place with minimal brain damage. Fighting my way through the school supply sections of Wal-Mart or Target is NOT my cup of tea. Anyway, so she leaves me a comment on my last post saying that she replied to my comment in her comments. Got that? Oh! It cracked me up. Y'all must go take a peek.

Oh... and in my comment I told her that Double Shot has some blood sugar issues. His metabolism is so high that if he doesn't eat he starts shaking and gets nauseous. He has his own snacks in the nurse's office so he can go eat when he needs to. We also send him with a lot of snacks in his bag. I didn't go into as much detail in my comment but we had a doozy of a time getting this boy up last spring. Not pleasant, let me tell ya... and yelling was eventually involved. And, yes, I have SD and have a hard time speaking but I can yell here and there for a bit. Something about stretching out the vocal chords or something. I can't for long though... and my yelling is also accompanied by my beating on the wall. Something my kids do not like at all. I'm sure it is most attractive considering I've been told that when I yell one of my eyes is bigger than the other and my lips become thin white lines. Well, during this time I'd had it and if he didn't get breakfast... he didn't get breakfast. Same thing went for snacks in his bag. Well, apparently he ran out of snacks in the nurse's office and she gave him money for lunch. Then I got a call. She wanted to let me know that even though the school was in an affluent area that they still had a free lunch program and directed me to where we could apply. Yeah. So, I then went back to stuffing his bag with snacks and making sure he had something to eat in the car on the way to school if he didn't have time to eat breakfast. Oh... and I forgot to mention that during this time I also didn't make sure his uniforms were clean because I was tired of having to find them. My thinking was that he'd go without breakfast or some snacks and snap out of it... and wear a wrinkly uniform and snap out of it. Nope.

And, just so you know, I've read all the parenting books all along and I'm quite aware that we screwed up somewhere big time. We are all about just surviving now. If you are a parent who is dealing with things like disobedience, talking back, refusal to comply with even simple things... you might like to read what I wrote awhile ago here. It is a post I titled Why Parenting Books Suck. Of course, if that is all I've had to deal with where my kids are concerned I'd be up on the table doing the happy jig. Let's just say no one will be asking me to write a book on parenting any time soon.

So, back to Becky. In her comment on my comment in her comment section she related a story about having to go into the office at school when she thought she was only going to be picking up her kid and not have to be seen. It is HILARIOUS! It is so hilarious to me because it soooooo sounds like my life! And it is the reason for my coming out of my supposed blog break for yet another post.

Double Shot has been a rough kid from the get go. We were amazed when he made it to his first birthday, then his second, then his third, then his fourth, then his fifth, and so on. Saying he has kept us on our toes is an understatement. The year he was nine I flipped out over the fact that I couldn't do sixth grade math and put my girls back in school. Chai Tea went to a private school for kids with learning issues (she is dyslexic/ADD) and Frappacino went to the public school. Talk about not fitting in anywhere!!! I continued homeschooling Double Shot and the next year we were back to homeschooling all three. Anyway, the girls were at school and I was sorting a mountain of laundry. That is not an exaggeration. I had not showered and I have baby fine hair. That means that it was all nasty and greasy. I was wearing my housecleaning clothes. Meaning rags. I was sitting on the floor next to the great mountain of dirty clothes and throwing them across the room into the appropriate piles. I had sent Double Shot out to play by himself in the backyard.

Our backyard was HUGE. In fact, one third of it was sectioned off by metal stakes with wire fencing attached. Down toward the bottom of the yard there was a grouping of trees next to that fence. Well, I was sitting on the floor sorting when something brought me up short. I seemed to have heard something but I didn't know what. I was slowly standing when I heard something very faint and I ran. There is just something when you are a mom that tells you something is wrong. I had such a rush of adrenaline as I went out onto the back porch. My son was standing but hunched over and had his hand on his back. He was as white as a sheet and I could see that he was terrified. I ran down to him and he said, "My back." I lifted his shirt and there was a hole a bit bigger than a nickel right next to his spine. I walked him as quickly as he could go up into the house. I grabbed wads of paper towels and shoved them up the back of his shirt, slipped on some shoes, grabbed my keys and phone and we were out the door. I was shaking as I first called our pediatrician. We had a wonderful relationship with her and had moved beyond that of normal doctor/patient relationship. I told the nurse who I was and she got the doctor for me. I didn't know if I should head there or the ER. Her office was pretty well set up so she told me to bring him there. I then called my husband.

When we got to the office, the doctor and a nurse were ready for us and we went straight back. Double Shot had been up in a tree and had fallen out onto one of those stakes. Fortunately, he apparently bounced off the stake when it hit his muscle layer. If it had punctured through that into his chest cavity it could have killed him. My husband and our pastor showed up and were let back to where we were and we all stood around and watched while he got stitched up. Afterwards we walked out into the waiting room where there were several people from our church who had come to pray. I totally looked like hell. I was mortified. And then... because everything was okay everyone insisted on going out for Chinese food for lunch next door. I borrowed a baseball hat from our pastor... hmmmmm... I don't recall him asking for that back.

Guess What? Now when I need to clean my house, I take a shower, do my hair, and my make-up. Every time I cannot do those things I feel panicky because I am afraid something is going to happen. You think that is silly? No, not at all. This isn't the only story I have of being caught looking like crap. Heck, I cannot even go around in my own house without a bra on when no one is here because someone ALWAYS rings my doorbell. Always.

Okay, back to my blog break. No, really.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Apparently I am a Big Fat Liar

I really am taking a blog break. I just have to tell y'all about my teasing Double Shot. I drove him and six other football players up to Denver this morning and do it again tomorrow. Yesterday I told him I wasn't going to brush my hair or wear a bra. I am totally laughing typing this. His face!!! Oh, it is just so much fun! I did dress nice, wear make up and blow dry my hair but I kept teasing him on the way to pick up the other boys at the school. Stuff like I was gonna tell the boys to hop onto our hunky boy bus and I made all kinds of what I am sure were super attractive faces.

The thing is... during baseball season Mr. Macchiato and I picked up the managers for the team, a boy and a girl, and took them with us to an away game. It was pretty quiet in the car on the way out so Mr. Macchiato had a Tim McGraw CD playing. It was pretty pleasant and I was enjoying the scenery... and some song came on about making love. I didn't catch it immediately but when I did I quickly changed it to another song. Double Shot was MORTIFIED. No one said anything in the car or to him later when they were away from us but he said his ears got all hot and started burning him. I just laugh and laugh every time I think of it. It was totally unintentional but... WOW! How awesome was that?!?!?! I say ya ain't had a proper childhood unless your parents have embarrassed the crap out of you here and there. Us parents gotta have some perks during the teen years!

So, I'm busy teasing him with my vast supply of scenarios when he brings up the Tim McGraw thing. Oh, that boy put a twinkle in my eye this morning! Then he looked at the CD collection. We were in Mr. Macchiato's Expedition so we could take as many boys as possible. Poor ole Double Shot forgot to throw some of his CD's in there. There was Tim McGraw... nearly every CD he's made. The ones missing were in my car. A ton of Kenny Chesney (not one of my favs), George Straight and George Jones. Now... I don't know why Mr. Macchiato loves George Jones but he does. Personally, I can't take all the whining about boozing and women... that didn't stop Mr. Macchiato from dragging me to a George Jones concert in Philadelphia, Mississippi some years ago. I think we are the only people under the age of 100 that have been to one of his concerts. Everyone there had grey, white or silver hair... except us. And we were in our mid thirties. I seriously considered startin' drinkin' just to get through it. But I digress.

Oh, that poor boy. He opened that compartment 57 times in the hope that some different CD's would appear. We gathered up the boys and stuffed them in... yes, squeezed them in the big ole Expedition. Some of those boys are HUGE. Double Shot loves it when I drive because he gets to sit up front. He's inherited certain traits of mine... such as not liking other people touching him with their bodies when he is sitting next to them. The conversation was hilarious. They, of course, talked mainly football. I don't follow it well enough to understand what all they were talking about... I go to my son's games so I can pray for him and grow some more ulcers. I make him wear a red arm band on his leg so I can pick him out in the piles. I still think a first down is the first time someone falls down. That makes Double Shot laugh. I'm waiting for him to buy me a Football for Dummies book for Christmas. Anyway, they talked about music some. Double Shot listens to mainly Christian music... not hymns or praise and worship... the stuff that you probably wouldn't realize was Christian until you pick out something like, " I LOVE JESUS," being screamed through some pulsating mass of sounds of which you are not certain the origin is. Then they went on to talk about the football camp in Dallas that Double Shot missed because we were in Seattle. Only two of the kids in the car went and the conversation went like this:

Big Cute Kid with Braces (BCK for short): Dude! The people in Texas are totally weird about football! 8,000 people showed up to watch a scrimmage with no pads!

Big Kid who has bad acne (BKwA for short): Dude, it is so like totally hot there. It was 120 degrees. I thought I was gonna die.

BCK: There's nothin down there man. There was like corn fields. Corn fields and Mc Donaldses. All we got to eat was Mc Donalds... well, we got some pizza and chicken once we got there I guess.

BKwA: DUDE! Tell em bout the Mexicans!

BCK: Yeah! Dude! There was this little pick up truck that had mattresses piled in the back and all this luggage tied up all over and you couldn't hardly even see the truck and there was all these Mexicans stuffed in the truck!

BKwA: Yeah Dude! You couldn't hardly even see the truck Dude!

BCK: Them Texans are some kinda crazy bout football. Dang Dude.

You know, I was very happy to do the morning runs. Most of the people that were willing to carpool only wanted to do the evening run. They are at camp from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. I know what my boy smells like after a two hour practice. It ain't nice. I'll take the morning, thank you very much. I thought I was going to have it foot loose and smell free... because I'm so smart. Uh... someone or two in my group...ummmmmm... apparently did not shower after practice last night, nor bother to smear some pit stick anywhere. Cough. There was an aroma of smelly teenage boy that kept wafting up my way and singeing my nose hairs before I could switch to mouth breathing. The person who drives them home tonight... over an hour drive... is going to be hating life. They will definitely be going with windows down. I'd take bugs in my teeth not to breathe that.

Anyway, I really and truly am on a blog break. I just wanted y'all to know that. OH! I almost forgot to tell you...ohhhhh did this ever crack me up! Double Shot came and whispered to me when all the kids got out... oh my gosh, I am laughing. He asked me to go to the library and get some cool CD's because he now thinks his CD's wont be cool enough. Sorry kid. I have a fine for the amount of money it would cost to inoculate and entire village in a third world country against some kind of disease. Sometimes... being the mom of teens is actually fun! Sigh... I'll be back to crying about it before the end of the day though. But for now, in this moment, I am going to ENJOY!

Big Love to Ya from the NOT blogging unitl Aug. 25 Blogger Liar Person.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yeah, yeah... I'm on a blog break, but...

I just want to let anyone who is checking in, even though I said I wasn't going to be here until the 25th, that it is no longer hot! Apparently, the key is to give your dogs a bath and get them all fluffy and smelling good. Once that is accomplished the big black clouds roll in over the horizon, the earth trembles as thunder shakes the land, and fantastical shows of lightening snap toward the ground in search of prey... Then it rains... Great torrents of rain so that your backyard overflows with mud and you are forced to gather up doggie bags before taking your dogs outside to do their bidness on their leashes... therefore granting you control of where they place their spastic paws. Read and weep oh people who are still in the land of HOT!!! We are at 63 degrees and will be going down into the 50's tonight. We have actually shut some of our windows! Oh, and, we are at 90% humidity... instead of our usual BIG FAT ZERO humidity. That means that I have been blessed with a day or two reprieve from the hour or so I spend each day slathering myself with baby oil and then lotion in an effort to stave off lizardly skin. Ahhhhhh... I might actually let Mr. Macchiato put the fan on low tonight and get under a sheet. Woo Hoo!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Needed Blog Break

Things are really crazy here right now so I am going to take a blog break until August 25.

God Bless Y'all!

Frappacino's Grand Adventure

Unfortunately, Frappy's camera broke while she was in Malaysia. She had a time of it trying to get the pictures she took downloaded... but she prevailed. Grandpa has the rest of the pictures from her trip. People, she took HUNDREDS of pictures before her camera broke. I am only sharing a handful here.

Monkeys run wild over there. This particular monkey tried to attack Frappy's cousin. She hopped over that little wall there real quick!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia... where Grandpa says the city began.

Monkeys really were everywhere.

A lake in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It is the rainy season there so the mud from the bottom of the lake churned up to the top.

Hmmmm... would you like to go down there?

Cambodian boys doing what boys do. Believe it or not, they were poking the crocodiles seen in the picture above. I wonder if that middle boy lost his arm to a crocodile.

An outlying temple near Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Oh yeah. I took her to get her expensive shots and to watch a video on what not to do... including a warning about wearing flip flops. Yup, she did. Interestingly though, the one injury she did get on her foot was when she was wearing running shoes.

This handsome dude is part of a bridge.

The other side of the bridge.

Another outlying temple.

Wall art inside the temple.

More wall art. I think I had a nightmare about this picture.

Don't ya just love all the faces everywhere?

Another temple.

Trees have grown up all around these ruins.

Inside a temple looking up.

The inside of Angkor Wat.

The middle of Angkor Wat.

Phnom-Penh's version of France's Arc de Triumph,

On the palace grounds in Phnom-Penh.
Frappy went to Malaysia, Cambodia and Borneo, Indonesia. She has definitely seen more of the world than either her father or myself. She got a kick out the airport in Taipei, Tawain. They are really into Hello Kitty there and had the waiting room all decked out in Hello Kitty... even the phone booths were Hello Kitty.

Here is a short video by National Geographic on Angkor Wat. There is a lot about it on the internet if you are interested.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Meet Taffy!

This here is Taffy. Salt Water Taffy to be exact.
My mother breeds Shih Tzu's. Taffy is a Shih Tzu.
My mom also breeds Griffins and Teddy Bears.
Teddy Bears are a mix between a Shih Tzu and another kind of dog that I can't remember the name of.
Mr. Macchiato never really cared for Shih Tzu's. In fact, he calls them Shit Zoo's.
That is because my mom's beloved first Shih Tzu named Zoe came into our house all prissied up with pink bows in her hair and bejeweled collar and leash and decided she was going to rule the roost. And she pooped on our floor. Twice. Then she went into heat for the first time and my mom put her in little designer bloomers. It was just too much for him.
But... Taffy changed that. Just look at her sweet face. We all fell in love with Taffy. Even Mr. Macchiato. Taffy was born the day before Benny. They are both 18 months old. Taffy has a job right now. She has to have some babies for my mom. But, when she is done, Taffy will come to live with us.
Lu Lu has a kidney problem and we don't know how much longer she will live. She is doing well right now but she has days... We won't get Taffy until Lu Lu passes on. Our friends are worried... they asked Lu Lu if she needed help and they told us they were going to be watching. Then they asked if they could get one of my mom's dogs too.

This is Miss Daisy May. We had a lot of fun playing with her. She is one of the teddy bears. I think her Daddy is a Bischon. Whatever that is. She was an only puppy. That is very rare. In fact, I don't think it had ever happened with any of my mom's dogs before.

She has the cutest little puppy bum!

Do your job well Miss Taffy! We can wait a long time for you!