Monday, July 14, 2008


We were given this special little flyer at the gate into Yellowstone. We had heard about bears in Yellowstone but not Buffalo. We laughed at the flyer.

Years ago there was a big fire in Yellowstone. It was good to see all of the new growth. It will be a long time though before parts of the park are what they once were.

I loved the river. It was really pretty. Especially early in the morning.

I love the way sunlight hits water, making it sparkle.

Boy, oh boy, looky what we saw in the road! We didn't get a picture of the heard that was amongst the trees to the left. After getting that bright gold flyer with the warning about people getting gored... Mr. Macchiato didn't even want to use the zoom on the camera. We drove past this bad boy slowly, with the window up and he gave us the stink eye... big time. The stink eye with gooey snot hanging from his big buffalo schnoz. Several people ahead of us pulled their vehicles to the side and got out with their cameras. Not us. We can read.

There are geyser fields all over the park. They don't exactly have the most pleasant of aromas. Just so you know.

More little geysers. Exciting. I know.

Breathe it in kids. Breathe it in.

And here is Old Faithful. I took a video of it spewing but none of the 137.9 times I tried to upload it to blogger worked. So you get a picture. This is toward the end. There is seating for hundreds all around this spot... maybe thousands. We sat there in the hot mid-morning sun and waited 45 minutes to see this bad boy. The most interesting thing by far was the group of Amish people that came and sat behind us. I'm not rude so I didn't take pictures. But, I wanted to. All of the women and girls were wearing the same pattern of dress. I was most interested by their shoes. Many of them were wearing flip flops. I found that a tad odd. Do you know what all of them had hanging off of their arms? Digital cameras. Okay. So maybe I did stare a little. Or maybe even a lot. But, I did not take any pictures of them.
The year my family lived in Pennsylvania after I graduated from High School we visited Amish country. It was very interesting and we went on several very informative tours. I know that the Amish do not have electricity in their homes and they do not drive. They do ride buses and many of them do have electricity in their barns. Apparently, many of them now have computers out in their barns as well. I marveled at the flip flops many of the women were wearing. It made me wonder if under their unworldly dresses they were wearing home woven undergarments... or if they order stuff online out in their barns from Victoria's Secret. And... I wish I took pictures. Sometimes it is a drag not being rude.


Just Me said...

They might've been Mennonite. They're not as strict as the Amish order.

I shared this post with The Oracle, and his response was, "What happens in the barn stays in the barn."

I loved the pictures!

Elysa said...

I commend your strength in resisting the urge to be rude and take photos. Though I'm afraid I might have tried to sneak a picture like pretending I was taking a piccha of my kids when really I wanted them in the background so I could crop out MY kids and zoom in on them.

I know...I'm so bad.:/

Brenda said...

Fun and beautiful. I have not been there since I was a little girl.


Coffee Bean said...

just me... I've been around Mennonites as well and I'm pretty sure these were Amish. Amish speak this strange german/english mix and this group was. The old man and woman of the group were very traditional Amish... down to the shoes. If I didn't have the problems that I do with my voice, I would have said Hi and started talking to them and would have found out for sure. Just another one of many reasons that I hate having SD.

noble pig said...

I have always wanted to go there...just beautiful...but gored by buffalo...I have never heard of that!

Junebug said...

Well, if you figure out about the Victoria Secret let me know. :D

Jody said...

Back in 1990 my husband was camping in Yellowstone in a tent and woke up to one of those Buffalo sleeping on the side of his tent! Yikes

Chris H said...

Cool photos! We have gysers here too.. not as spectacular as your Old Faithful, but just as stinky! People watching is so much fun eh? I love it. I watched a Doco on Buffaloes recently, they are lovely snotty creatures for sure. Good on you for NOT getting outta the car... wise move that.