Friday, July 11, 2008

Tagged! 3 Random Facts About Me From Loved Ones

I was tagged by Trisha to ask a loved one to reveal 3 random things about me. Chai Tea is over for a visit so I am asking her.

Me: I got tagged on my blog to ask a loved one 3 random things about me.

Chai: Huh?

Me: You know a tag. It's a game type thing. Just tell me 3 random things about me.

Chai: You always stick your tongue out.

Me: What? No, I don't.

Chai: Yes, you do! You always go around with your tongue like this. She stuck her tongue over her top lip.

Me: That's nice.

Mr. Macchiato pulls up. It is hot. It is Double Shot's birthday and he has to go pick up hot wings. Double Shot always wants hot wings on his birthday. He seems a tad grumpy. He talks to Chai Tea a bit. He then notices I did not mail some cards that Frappy left for me. Yup, he's grumpy.

Mr. Macchiato: Are you gonna get off of there so I can look up Wing Stop and see what specials they've got?

Me: I'll be done in a minute.

Mr. Macchiato: Deep sigh and he rolls his eyes. Chai Tea shows him a picture of me sleeping on the couch that she took with her cell phone. I told him things got busy and I didn't get the cards mailed. So, was that part of your busy day?

Me: Well... we rented a video and I got sleepy...

Mr. Macchiato: Gives me the look. He looks like a prune.

Me: Hey, I got tagged and I have to ask a loved one to list three random facts about me. Chai Tea said I stick my tongue out all the time. What have you got?

Mr. Macchiato: You spend too much time on the computer. Yup, you had to know that one was coming. Still looks like a prune.

Me: Hey Double Shot! I look over at old prune face... Will you call Double Shot to come up here... please?

Mr. Macchiato: Aren't you about done? I didn't come home early from to work to sit here and watch you on that computer. I could take a picture of that and put it up at work and look at it all day. He said that before I could finish typing what I was about to say, so I say it now.

Double Shot: What?

Me: I got tagged on my blog and have to ask a loved one 3 random facts about me. Dad and Chai Tea already gave me two.

Double Shot: You XXXX when your stomach hurts. Laughs at himself.

Me: No, I'm not putting that on my blog. More laughing from him.

Double Shot: You always spill stuff on your shirt. More laughing.

Me: No, they already know that.

Double Shot: You dance around all crazy sticking your butt out and then stop before Dad sees you.

Chai Tea: Yeah! He never believed us!

Mr. Macchiato: I know she does that. Kids laughing.

So, there ya have it. Three random facts and then some. I'm not going to tag anyone but if you want to do it... go for it! Just let me know in the comments so I can go check it out. Oh, and "Phbbbt." You are supposed to do that when you tag someone in their comments but I am doing it here and I don't know if I spelled it right.


noble pig said...

The kids will rat you out every time!

Chris H said...

I don't think I will do that tag, I dread what my 'loved ones' would say about me! I know on my headstone they want to put "She liked everything TIDY" ! I scream a lot when the house gets messy.... I can picture you with ya tongue out! cute.....

Just Me said...

Well, if I were to interview my kids, I'd get something like this:

"Mommy is plunk." (she means "plump," but that's how she says it.

"I don't like Mommy's new hair cut."

"Mommy makes great chicken."

Isn't it funny, though, what your kids notice about you?

Deborah said...

hehehe...thanks for my morning laugh....I have an old prune face here too, when I'm sitting at the computer.
I'm not sure I'd want to do this tag least not for the public!
Have a nice weekend.

Trisha said...

Funny! At least your prune face had more to say than my Hubby! I can almost see you dancing and sticking out your tongue! Today Hubby told me that I always sigh when something is on my mind. Like he couldn't have told me that before I blogged my tag!!!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I've definitely found a laughing place at this blogstop. You crack me up! I can only imagine what my family would say. (And the world is NOT going to find out from my blog!) You're brave ... and fun! : )

Laura ~Peach~ said...

lol tooo funny ... the mental image has me rolling (i personally miss the pictures) but totally understand why you removed them
love n hugs Laura

thislittlepiggy said...

I don't play tag because of the whole bacon thing, but I've enjoyed learning more about you! :o)

Flea said...

That's hilarious! Your family - so much love to go around. :)

Glad to hear Chai Tea is there socializing and spreading the love.

Flea said...

you check out my blog yet this morning? :D