Monday, July 7, 2008

Mondays and Dirty Little Secrets

Remember when I posted this and this and this? Well... you may or may not have noticed that I never really followed it up. Why? Well... things got down to the wire and I just couldn't finish it the way I wanted to. I did make a lot of progress, but in the end... ended up shoving what I couldn't finish back into that room. And there is also the fact that as I was in the middle of it all, Mr. Macchiato and I talked about possibly changing some things around this summer.

Well, it is summer and we are going to change some things around. Chai Tea moved into her own one bedroom apartment and she came and got all of her stuff from her room while we were on vacation. Our son is in a room off of the family room that was originally used as an office by the couple that lived here before us (and the only previous owners of this 30 year old house). The door to that room is glass paned. We hung a curtain on the inside of it for privacy. By moving Double Shot up to Chai Tea's room we will be able to make his room into an office and let a lot more light into the family room by removing that curtain. We will also be able to move a lot of the stuff crammed into my dirty little secret into the office closet.

We have a little less than two weeks before Frappacino returns from Asia and my mother-in-law gets in from Ohio. On the same day. At different airports. Which means I need to get busy!

Yesterday we finally got our trailer back in storage. I tried to get everything put away in the house as we went along but ended up with some piles that I need to take care of today. We had a crazy weekend with the fourth, a baseball tournament down south of town that took up all of Saturday, and a trip to Denver to see Frappy off. Thankfully, we have absolutely no sports this week. Summer ball is over and weights and conditioning for football doesn't start back up until next Monday. The Monday after that football practice starts and will quickly move to two a days... and a camp at the beginning of August. STOP! I can't think about all that's coming up... I've got stuff to do... breathe.... breathe!!!

Okay. One day at a time. Today... I need to get the house in order, get laundry done, or at least, well on its way and go through all of our paint supplies to see what we need before I go to Lowes. I am hoping to get Chai Tea's now Double Shot's room taped and ready to go for bright and early tomorrow. I am really pushing to get the painting done and furniture moved by Friday. I want to tackle another dirty little secret this weekend that I'll need Mr. Macchiato's help with... the baseboard in the kitchen and in the downstairs laundry room and bathroom. And maybe... just maybe... I can talk him into building me some shelves in the laundry room. I hope. Pretty please with sugar on top... Mr. Macchiato. If you are reading this.


Trisha said...

You are certainly ambitious. It sounds like a lot is changing around your house - no wonder your dls is still haunting you! Who would have time to get rid of it during all of this?

I have finally singled out my personal dls and will post about it soon!

claudia said...

My goodness...I don't envy your list of to do's! Probably because I have enough of my own! I just wish I could muster up the energy to tackle my stuff. Maybe I should make my new Wii and prize that I can't open up until some of my dirty little secrets are put to rest!

ann said...

After 'dead week' weights and conditioning started this morning - so I have one roaming aimlessly rather than sleeping in - and we are still in summer lax - no painting around here -though I too have sent one to her own apt.

Deborah said...

I had missed those posts, but went and had a look. Thank you for making me feel better! I keep trying to get my house organized, but as you said, it's slow going! I hope you accomplish all you want to get done!

Chris H said...

There is nothing like keeping oneself busy I say! My hands are tied at the moment, and also I shouldn't do anything more to this house... it won't be mine for much longer I hope! Can't wait to see photos of your progress.