Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Being a Bad Blogger

Ugh! I am driving myself crazy. I am a bit routine oriented and tend to do the same things in the same order but everything is all out of whack. My multi-tasking abilities seem to have run off somewhere. I still cannot find my day planner and will probably just go buy another one later today. Shhhhhh... Don't tell Mr. Macchiato.

I have got so much stuff to do!!! Why am I on the computer then? I am sitting in a coffee shop waiting for my son. We just live too far away from his school for me to go home and his school isn't near the places I need to run errands to. I was filling out the piles and piles of forms we have to fill out every year for him to be in sports. Now I've got to get doctor's signatures. We also have to fill out piles of paperwork for all of his meds that the school has to keep in the office. I wish they could just use the forms from last year. Nothing has changed. UGH!

AND Frapppy has to get a physical and there are more forms to fill out for the college. We have to switch her from the pediatrician to our new family doctor. Our old one up and moved. I like our new doctor better anyway... but I hate filling out all that paperwork.

Is this not the most boring post ever? It is nothing but me whining about everything. Did I tell you it is hot and that I am melting? No? It is HOT. It is so hot that I dreamt about a blizzard hitting our town and all of us being snowed in. Actually, there was a lot more to it than that. It was weird... there was something political going on... some kind of unrest. I don't know where my kids were. They weren't in the dream at all. Mr. Macchiato was ill and unconscious and I was saving his life by making a sled out of duct tape and then dragging him through the snow. I woke up thinking I needed to make a list of all the things we should have on hand and thought to myself I should be buying a roll of duct tape every time I go to the store. And then I thought it would be nice to have oodles of toilet paper on hand in case there is a revolution. And hand sanitizer. And baby wipes. And plastic bags. And plastic sheeting. And energy bars. Well, and water too. Then I got stressed because if there is a blizzard and our town is buried in snow for years... because of global warming you know... or what if it's not really a blizzard but some kind of weird fall out from being nuked... Anyway, the whole dream made me very distressed because I am not prepared for a disaster.

I wish it was snowing today. Yeah, I know I was complaining when it snowed in April. I was a fool. I will never complain about the snow again.

Blogger is a moody little booger today! Oh! Cool, check out my site meter over on the left! I'll be hitting 10,000 unique visitors today.


Elysa said...

Even when you're a moodly little blogger you're still my sweet, darlin' BFF little blogger...and woo-hoo on the 10,000 mark! WOW!!!!

Now go buy that duct tape! ;D

Melody said...

Don't you hate the unrestful dreams?! I actually have dreams like that almost every night! I think we must be too stressed out about the state of the Union. And who isn't when it appears that everything is going to hell in a handbasket!

I have talked my kids into getting 72 hour kits (here is an idea for what to have on hand) ready just in case of natural disasters or any disaster really. We have a lot of the stuff that we'd need if we were staying put at home, but I want us to have backpacks and be ready to travel if needed. Anyway, I want us to get all of the essentials like we are going backpacking and then next summer take a backpacking trip and use it.

Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble. I only meant to say that I empathize.

Sorry about your dayplanner! I started leaving mine at home in a drawer because it got so heavy in my purse...but after missing a couple of doctor's appts lately I realize that I really am dependent upon the thing.

I hope that you can find your dayplanner and have a better night sleep!

Flea said...

You've passed 10.000! Yay! I love stream of consciousness posts. :) If I thought the rest of you could stand them on a regular basis, that's all I'd post.

Duct tape...

RANGER said...

If you leave out the part about snowing, the rest of your dream's survival gear sounds much like a hurricane season survival kit, here.

Yesterday, I had heat-pack-meals in my hands at the grocery store and forced myself to put them back down.

Today, I bought Tap-Con screws because they came with a free drill bit.

There's no end to it . . .

Trisha said...

Hey - what is a blog for if you can't have a blog once in a while that is just. . . you?

I enjoyed following you along on your complaining trip and dream recounting.

Ahhh - snow - I would like that too!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

10035 :)

thislittlepiggy said...

Maybe you need to check out Blogging Without Guilt? HUG

Julia said...

OMG! That was the funniest post EVER! LOL . . . duct tape . . . unconscious husband . . . blizzard . . . what more could you ask for? ;-)

Bloomin' Life

Angela said...

Ramble on girl! I HATE sweating also in the's just that why I don't do much I like to walk,,that's good..not in the summer though,,LOL