Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Day at the Beach

This is the beach in front of Fisherman Bro's cabin. See the block wall in the left hand corner of the picture? That is the wall I showed in a picture in the Deadliest Catch post. As you can see, when the tide is out there is a nice beach to walk on.

This area of the island is very private and I was able to let the dogs go. They had a wonderful time running up and down the beach! They did worry me a bit a couple of times when they disappeared but they always came back. Lu Lu was more adventuresome in her wandering. I thought Benny would be the one I'd have to keep a closer eye on.

This is Sweet Pea. She is 7 years old and an absolute delight! That there is a buoy made into a swing. She is Fisherman Bro's youngest. I just realized that by giving Fisherman Bro that name that my sweet sister-in-law is now Fisherman's Wife. Rest assured that she is not a shrew. Sorry Fisherman's Wife. Double Shot has been going on and on about how nice she is and how much he likes her.

Booper with the ball he soon lost.

Here are Sweet Pea and Buttercup chasing the dogs. They did a lot of that. Buttercup is going to be 10 at the end of July and the Fisherman's middle daughter. Their oldest daughter is nine months younger than Frappacino. Frappy was thrilled to find out yesterday that she will be joining her on the trip to Malaysia and Cambodia.

Me thinks Booper is kissing that ball goodbye.

Run Lu Lu... RUN.

All that running will wear even a big boy out!

Frappy and I gathered sea shells. I got the most wonderful picture of her that I am going to enlarge and frame.

I had so much fun with these little girls! They are smart and funny and beautiful. They like to talk about boys. Buttercup has a boyfriend. She showed him to me in her class picture. They've already been together for one whole month. Sweet Pea has a crush on a boy in her class. She showed him to me in her class picture as well. He is a twin and she has never ever mixed them up. Not even once.

I love to watch sisters. I had an older sister that died before she was 2 years old. I have always wondered throughout my life what our relationship would have been like had she lived. My girls are 14 months apart just like my sister and I were. I loved to watch them interact as well. I love this picture. Sweet Pea is trying to balance herself on a boogie board. Buttercup is holding on to her. It is beautiful.


Sheri said...

I'm so envious! I would LOVE to be able to let my Britney mutt run on a beach. As much as she loves the water, I know it would be pure heaven for her!

I have/had a younger brother (I never know how to state that) who died when he was 20, 9 years ago. Even now I wonder what things would be like if he were still around. I hope it's a normal thing . . .

Trisha said...

I am enjoying your vacation right along with you!

Just Me said...

I think if I let Knucklehead go running down the beach she'd go into olfactory overdrive and I'd never see her again.

Sheri: Yes, the "what if" is normal. My eldest sister died in 1991, right when our relationship was transitioning from squabbling to friendship. Every day I wonder what our relationship would be like if she survived.

If Fisherman Bro's wife is not into fishing, you could call her The Fisherman's Widow instead. How about Fisherman's Mate (as you suggested) or Fisherman's Catch. Or just find another nickname that suits her perfectly.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

fantastic pics I am envious too! what a beautiful place and to have a sister OH I wish...
hugs Laura