Monday, July 14, 2008

Blog Awards!

Way back on June 2, 2008, RDH Mom, Alison, gave me this little award. I am seriously technologically challenged. Computer stupid. Lame. I could not figure out how to get it onto my blog! And then things got busy. Anyway, I was really touched by it and had wanted to give it to everyone who posted about the Dystonia Awareness Week contest. Y'all really blessed my heart by doing that!

Alison @ RDH Mom I know she's already been given the award, but I want her to get it again! What a sweetie! A big part of Alison’s blog is the story of their adoptions. It gives you a great picture of what is entailed in the adoption process! But, that’s not all that’s on there. Check it out!

AmusedMomma @ Kids Say the Darndest Things Paula is a personal friend and a seasoned advocate for homeschooling here in Colorado. Her family is very involved in homeschool support and you can find many links on her site to many homeschooling resources. Her blog is not just about homeschooling. She touches on many different subjects and I always enjoy the things she shares about. Although, sometimes she uses words I don’t know the definition to. Don’t tell her I said that though. She already has enough to laugh at me about in regard to my severely lacking computer skills. Check it out!

Brenda @ Living with RAD Brenda is a sweet gal that is dealing with Reactive Attachment Disorder with a couple of her adopted children. She is a wonderful resource, not just for those that are also dealing with RAD, but for those considering adopting and for those frustrated with parenting (that would be me). She has a way of putting things in perspective and her gentleness really comes through. Check it out!

Elysa @ Musings from Graceland Elysa is another personal friend. She is the mom to seven kids ranging in age from 14 to 2. When she was single she was a missionary to Swaziland. This past February she was able to return to Africa with her two oldest girls on a short term missions trip. Elysa also homeschools her children. Her blog contains many of her personal insights. Check it out!

Flea @ Flea’s World Flea is a really neat gal with a great sense of humor. She has this whole Fred & Bessie thing with these little cow salt & pepper shakers (at least that is what I think they are… they might just be little ceramic cows). She often photographs them on their many adventures. She’s even given them their own blog at Formica Fields. Like me, she also homeschooled her children for nine years and they are now in school. She also writes stories that she shares. Check it out!

Julia @ My Bloomin’ Life Julia has a wonderful blog where she shares her spiritual insights as well as some funny stories about her life. Not long ago, I was having a really bad day and this post really helped me get through it. She is also a homeschooler. Check it out!

Just Me @ Peanut Butter & Bacon Sandwiches Isn't that a cute blog title? Just Me has a great sense of humor. She can get a little PG 13 or so... just to warn ya. She was a regular commentor on my first blog and just found this one recently. I am glad she did because I didn't have a way to contact people because I cleared all my blogs out of my favorites and didn't even read blogs between the time I deleted the other one and when I started this one and couldn't remember all of them to let them know I was back. I am looking forward to getting reaquainted with her and her blog! Check it out!

Karen @ Fresh Fixins My two youngest kids were baptized in Karen’s hot tub when we lived in Mississippi. She also took care of our girls when we came to Colorado to find a home before moving. We’ve actually been able to get to know one another better through our blogs and e-mails back and forth about our blogs. She is a wonderful cook! She and her husband are raising and homeschooling two of their granddaughters and just graduated the oldest! Check it out!

Kathy @ Kathy’s Dusty Trails Kathy is a vet and sometimes posts pictures of surgeries… gross but still very interesting! She and her husband are settling into their new cabin home in the mountains. She takes wonderful pictures and even takes you on some horseback adventures! I always come away from her site wishing I could live near her and hang out on her porch while I ask her about everything she does! Check it out!

Laura-Peach @ Silence is Broken Laura-Peach is currently sharing her life story on her blog and it is a humdinger! She is currently covering her twenties. After reading her posts I often spend some time looking at the pictures she posts and wonder about her. I am very interested to read the rest of her story to see how she got to where she is today. Some of what she’s been through just breaks my heart. Check it out!

Linda @ When You Think You’ve Seen it All Linda is a new blogger and I am looking forward to seeing what she does with her blog! Awhile back she told about a harrowing experience with her dogs. She is a nurse going through... uh, I can't think of how to spell it and am too lazy to go check... sigh... saying that made me feel like a loser so I went back a looked... anesth...ugh! I forgot already... okay it is anesthetist training. Check it out!

Ma Bunny @ Able’s Antics Ma Bunny is a wonderful lady with a big heart. I love the lapghan she made for me after winning her blog contest. She is trying to raise awareness of pediatric cancer by crocheting hats. I just attended the graduation of a beautiful young lady that had cancer when she was a baby and not expected to live. The doctors said it was a miracle! I had the honor of teaching her American Government and Geography along with 5 other girls, two of which were mine, over the course of two years. Check it out!

Megan @ Undomestic Diva Megan’s blog gets an R rating. She is the hysterically funny mom to 3 boys aged 5 (maybe 6 now) and under. They have a Saint Bernard named Morty and just typing that makes me laugh. Her sarcasm and wit are pretty clever. She is a Starbucks fiend and they really should pay her... or at least, give her free drinks for all the free advertising she gives them! She says some shocking stuff… stuff you might sometimes think but never say. I sometimes refer to her as, “Little Miss Crusty.” That came about after I saw a picture of her. She is very young and very beautiful. She got a kick out of the fact that I thought she looked wholesome. Her sense of humor is anything but! Remember the R rating and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Ranger @ Ranger Ranger has a neat blog that I'm going to spend some more time perusing. I like her conversational style of writing... you feel like she is talking to you! Poor thing lives somewhere super hot already! It looks to me a bit like Florida. Anyway, she's got some neat ideas for leftovers and the cleanest stove I have ever seen! I like how she trained her dogs too! Check it out!

Rick @ Organized Doodles Rick is not only a talented cartoonist… he is just a really neat guy!!! I used a caricature he did for me as my blog header on my first blog, “Laughing Always Helps.” I decided I wanted to keep it as a souvenir from the first blog. I have commissioned him to do another for me. I should be getting it sometime this summer. He’s become quite busy and has a back log. Check it out!

Roland Hulme @ Militant Ginger Gosh, I was really touched that he posted about my contest. I’ve only posted a comment on his blog a couple of times. His blog is mainly commentary on political issues and current events. He is very smart and while I don’t always agree with what he has to say, I am interested in his point of view. I always come away from his blog thinking… and sometimes in search of the dictionary! He and his wife just had their first baby. Check it out!

Tj @ Humble Origins Tj is a very caring person that leaves encouraging words wherever she comments. She’s got a great sense of humor and I love her self portrait she has on her blog. She is very creative and makes some darling things! Check it out!

Trisha @ In My Dreams I Can Talk Trisha is my fellow SD’er. It is because of her efforts to educate others about SD that I was directed to her podcasts and then to Arwyn @ The Whispered Sound of Silence… who posted a video of herself talking… that I came up with the idea for this whole contest. Trisha was a teacher. Many people with SD have difficulty keeping their jobs because most jobs require talking. The inability to be heard if there is any kind of background noise affects all areas of your life and leads to a certain level of isolation… no matter how much you try or how outgoing you are. She hasn’t been getting many comments on her blog and is frustrated. Please go check her out and leave her a comment. It will make her day! And she has done so much to try to get the word out… 21 podcasts so far! Wow!

Two Dogs @ Mean ol' Meany What a nice guy! I was so touched that he would post about my contest on his blog! His blog is mainly centered around his views of our current political situation. I like to read about other people’s political views that aren’t on TV or broadcasting through the radio… you know, just regular people. WARNING! He gets an R rating and can be pretty crude... well, really crude actually. You might need to scrub your mind with borax. Think Michael Savage. Check it out (if you dare)!

Bunny B Her site is unlike any I've seen before. It doesn't have a title but the url says bunnymoney. It seems to be a site that lists contests... so if you like contests head on over because she seems to know where they all are! Check it out!

Claudia @ stitchintime Claudia is in the midst of some trials! Being a mom is really hard sometimes... I know. It is oddly comforting to read about another mom in the trenches. I know I am not alone. I'm sure she could use some encouragement so drop by and help lift her head. She is also a stitcher... which I think that means she does cross stitch. She also recently entered the Wii World and is a self-professed addict. Check it out!

Deborah @ Songs from my Journey Deborah is a lovely lady from Canada. I’d been to her garden blog before. Her pictures are just beautiful. She posted about the contest on this other blog that I hadn’t been to. The music is soothing and you leave there feeling peaceful. I am looking forward to reading more of what she’s has to say. I recently realized that she writes music. Check it out!

Mary @ Keep the Light Shining Mary is a delightful Great Grandma! Yup, you read that right. She is really cute too! She has a little story about "Paw Paw" up and her great grandson. I got choked up reading it. She's recently been camping and is very active! What an inspiration. I will definitely be reading through her archives as I sense she has a lot of good stuff in there. Her latest entries are very inspiring... be sure to have a hanky handy. Check it out!

Snbjork @ Suzie Q and Her Family, Too Snbjork, or Suzanne, is a beautiful, young Mormon Mama with some adorable little ones! She has an incredible recipe site here, too! There are some great recipes in there and she even includes the nutrition information with many of them. Check it out!

The Cotton Wife Last but not least and the winner of the $20 Starbucks card. She just had baby number three on July 3rd. She posts beautiful pictures of their farm… there is a certain feel to them that I really like. They grow “peanuts, soybeans, corn, cotton and chilluns.” I am looking forward to learning more. Check it out!

A BIG THANK YOU again to all y'all!!!

This morning Flea directed me to her blog where I was listed among those she was giving the above award. What a sweetie! And she said I was real, and honest and earthy... which tickled me. I told her I was going to blow dry my hair and put on some lipstick so I could go to Home Depot. And I did. Thank you very much Flea! I would like to pass this award on to:

Chris @ Diet Coke Rocks. She lives in New Zealand and I love the way she words things. I often have to ask what she means. She's a bit of a spicy thing (PG-13 to R) and boy does she ever like to shop!

April @ April's Reign. She's a working Christian mama with a sense of humor on the edge. She says it like she see's it and boy does she make me laugh.

Becky @ Yes, I am Fearfully and Wonderfully, the Maid. She's the real life bud of April and I bet they have some great fun together! She's got like a zillion kids and is pregnant. Her descriptions of their life are a hoot.

Cathy @ Noble Pig. She is a hoot! She is also quite the wine connoisseur. She was so kind as to give me some excellent advice on what to buy for a special night Mr. Macchiato and I had last week! She also posts some fabulous recipes and beautiful pictures.

Dawn @ Because I Said So. She's a big blogger in the Mommy Blogger world. She even just wrote a book and gets interviewed by radio stations as well as TV stations. She got her start in the blog world last year after she had a tremendous response to a story she posted on ebay trying to sell the pokemon (or some kind of cards like that) cards that her kids snuck into her cart at the grocery store. She's got six kids from early teen down to toddler and has an engaging way of pulling you in and making you laugh as she gives you the real large family picture!


April said...

Coffee Bean!! Dude!! You are so sweet! I have had the biggest piece of crap of a day. You made me smile! I also just chugged a pomegranate raspberry wine cooler, but I am sure it is your sweet words that did it. :) You seriously lift my spirits on a daily basis. Thank you!! And I totally wish you lived closer to me or I lived closer to you, we would be BFF. I know it!

Elysa said...

Awww-w-w-ww...thanks, KB! Now I'll have to be passin' the luv on to some of my other bloggie pals!


Deborah said...

Wow... What a great list! As a homeschool and adoptive mom, you've given me some new blogs to check out!
Thank you so much for this sweet award.

Rick said...

Awh shucks Bean! Thanks for giving a "What-you-may-call-it" Award! I'm touched (in the head.)

I would like to thank all the members of the Academy that voted for me. And to my Mommy and Daddt, my wife, my second cousin, once removed, and her little dog too. I especially wish to express my gratitude to my friend, Coffee Bean, who fought so hard to see that I was given this honor. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Dawn said...

Awwww you are so sweet! Thank you so much for the bloggy love!

Chris H said...

Ha ha ha at Rick's noble acceptance of his award, he cracked me up! I also would like to Thank all and sundry for me award, especially you dear Bean, you are lovely.

Becky said...

If this award came with a cash prize, I would do as the lovely Chris at Diet Coke Rocks recently did and buy myself some new knickers. ;) LOL

Seriously, though, I wouldn't be showing you all photos of them!

Thanks are a sweet soul lifter. I will miss seeing your face on your blog, now that you've gone all anonymous on us. :)

(Totally share your concerns with that by the way...I've yet to put a single photo of a Maidette on my blog.)

:) God Bless!
The Maid

Brenda said...

Coffee Bean. Aww. Thanks. I love reading your blog. you have such a wide range of readers. That is cool.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

thats so very cool thank you!
made me blush all the sweet things you said about me... I have been thinking about how to make one of these awards to give to the folks who move me... but i am challenged too LOL
some day though IT WILL HAPPEN!
love n hugs Laura

Karen Deborah said...

Wow KJ I have been wondering if I like stink at this since I haven't been tagged or memed, or ever had an award for something and then YOU give me a really cool one. so duh I'm tupid, how do you do this?
thank you thank you thank you. smooch!!!!! I'm doin a cartwheel, and I'm dreamin,,,

snbjork said...


claudia said...

Thank you so much Coffee Bean! My first award! It comes at such a perfect time too. The trials go on and they are getting more pronounced, so I do, I really do appreciate your kind thoughts. You are just the sweetest person, I need to take "grace" lessons from you!

Alison said...

thank you so much!!! you have listed some very interesting blogs that I have not found yet....I must go blog hopping now!!

RANGER said...

Ranger shouts through the blogosphere: "Thank you, Coffee Bean, from the bottom of my demitasse."

Then Ranger takes a sip of her hot chocolate because, right now, the air conditioning is still working.

Roland Hulme said...

Aww! Thank you for thinking of me!

Mabunny said...

That is my first blog award ! Thanks Coffee Bean:))Now for all of us who are technologically challenged please let me know how to get the award on my blog!!! and I will in turn share it with some others!
No, not all the annoying stories I bug Chris with are yours:)) I actually think he gets more annoyed at trying to keep track of whos who in my big blog world:))

noble pig said...

You are so sweet...I hope you found some wine you liked!

Two Dogs said...

Oh yeah, I am so crude and obnoxious. Do you realize this post was over 2500 words? Ding-dang, that is some kinda writing. At that rate, you could complete an entire novel, the length of War and Peace, in 224 days. Impressive.

Thanks for the props, ma'am.

Flea said...

Awww. Thank you!

AmusedMomma said...

::blushes:: why thanks, darling! That was so sweet of you!

Now... whom to pass the love on to? That's take some brain cells to figure out and right now I've few left, so in great Scarlett O'Hara fashion, I'll think about it tomorrow "afterall, tomorrow is another day!"