Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why Booper? Why?

Can you believe he is whining because he wants in the house? He probably doesn't realize he's going to have to get a bath. He hates baths. That is because a bath around here is really being tied up on the front porch and sprayed with cold water from the hose. He does not care for it all, as you can see here and here. Be sure to click on the first here first and the second here second. It is a series in two different posts. And, guess what? It is summer. Do you know what that means? I don't have to give him a bath. I have my choice of two grumpy teenagers to do it for me. Bwah HA HA HA!!! In about... oh 20 minutes... there's going to be whining of a different kind. The whining of an American teenager actually having to do a chore. Bummer for them. Yay for me!


Brenda said...

How can they resist that face?

Sheri said...

Oh how funny! Now, my Britney mutt LOVES the hose, and loves the water, and is even all for getting in the bathtub . . . until she realizes that there is soap involved. Then, it becomes a whole different game. She more enjoys her nightly trips to the river. Lately though, she's been confused 'cause mama is getting in WITH her!! Just toooo daggone hot!!!

noble pig said...

He-he...bummer for the dog but yes good for the kiddo's...I asked my son to get me a pen yesterday and he said Oh I just sat down...whatever.

Trisha said...

Ah - the sweet sound of summer - whining teens! Your poor dog! My parents are having the same issues with their dog - who is all white! Apaprently he sat in a mud puddle (with nice black soil) and now his but won't come clean!

Sheri said...

Hi again . . . nope, not a paramedic, just a strange creature called an EMT-Enhanced. I can do advanced airways, about 9 different drugs, and IV's. I used to think I wanted to go on and be a paramedic, but I'm happy with the level I'm at, and I love my job at the bank. So, best of both worlds, get to do what I love at each!

Flea said...

Hey! My two muttleys are looking that way right now! It's mud season. And my two teens are giving them baths tomorrow!

Karen Deborah said...

I just finished my first really successful dog groom. I used a clipper and made a fancy clip whoo hooo!

Hey how about posting your FABULOUS salmon recipe with that chopped up fresh corn and cilantro and mouth watering scrumptious delish stuff that you put on top of it?

I have had a tragedy, my stoneware salad bowl, THE salad bowl slid out of the refrigerator onto the floor and BROKE! I will never be the same.
thanks for the bloggy blurb.

Debra W said...

Oh what a doll-face! Hope he is feeling clean and refreshed tonight!

Thanks so much for the very sweet comment you left for me. I'm so glad that you are back to blogging. I missed you while you were gone.


Just Me said...

My German Shedder loathes a bath, at least one from me. When I splurge and take her to the groomer instead, they always tell me what a good girl she is.

I like squirting her with the hose when it's hot outside. She needs to cool down under that heavy fur coat!

BTW, thank you for saying such wonderful things about my blog. I never considered myself PG-13, but I guess that post about "the talk" definitely cost me a family-friendly rating.

That post was downright cathartic. I'd been lugging that bit of baggage around for a long time.