Monday, June 30, 2008

Where Did We Go?

We went home to Seattle to visit our families! No one actually lives in Seattle anymore... or Bellevue for that matter. Both of our families lived in Bellevue when we met and later married. Chai Tea was also born in Bellevue on a wintery Valentine's Day night in 1989.

We took our trailer and camped out along the way. Benny and Lu Lu came along for the ride, but Paco, the terrorist, had to stay home. He was not happy about it. Not one bit. We drove up through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and then into Washington. My mother lives out in the country southeast of Olympia. We stayed in two different campgrounds while we were there and then ran around visiting from them. On our way home we took a different route out through Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and then back down through Colorado. We may or may not have gone through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons... okay, we did. And I took A LOT of pictures!

This is part of the campground we stayed in first. It is out on Lake Offut and the campground has been there since 1939! It is not too far from my mom's house.

They had boats you could rent. We didn't because we were busy visiting, but we did go walk around. Lake Offut is not terribly big, but a good size. Definitely more lake than we've got anywhere near home. That's Frappy walking on the dock.

This is the little Lakehouse that is part of our "Resort" campground. I suppose back in 1939 it was pretty nice. It kind of gave me the creeps.

All in all, it was very pretty.

This is Puget Sound and was taken from the Redondo Boardwalk. Mr. Macchiato's little brother lives near there. He hosted a wonderful barbeque at his house and all of Mr. Macchiato's siblings were there. Mr. Macchiato's little brother is a chef at a very upscale restaurant in Seattle.

Benny and Lu Lu had never seen that much water before. They got to smell all kinds of new smells!

The tide was in so we didn't get to walk on the beach.

It. Was. Beautiful.
**Note: I do not have photoshop and know absolutely nothing about touching up photos... I have to get one of my kids to crop something for me when I want to do that! All of my photos are straight from the camera and the colors you see are the colors that I saw.


Rick said...

Seattle!! You were only 10 hours away from me!! Next time drive back down my way on your way home.

April said...

I LOVE road trips!! I want to drive the kids on a cross country trip. But my hubby says no way. That sounds like the vacation from hell to him. Wanna come instead?

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hi there! I hopped over from Kathy's Dusty Trails to take a refreshing tour with you. Blue skies, no smoke -- beautiful! Thanks so much. We Northern Californians (*cough*cough*) remember those days. I agree, that lakehouse could use a makeover to alleviate some creepiness that has crept in over the years. (If you listen closely you can hear a mournful cello singing out a note of pending doom -- yikes!) Thanks for the tour. : )

Trisha said...

Love your pictures - I don't do Photoshop either and think that it lends a bit of realism to the photos!

Every once in a while I contemplate playing with photos but . . . then again I like them the way they are.

Lori said...

I lived in Bellevue for 9 years and my son was born there in 1992. I now live in Idaho and you probably drove right by me on your way to Seattle. Look up Pocatello on the map. Next time wave when you go by.

Karen Deborah said...

awesome, what a place! I do believe you are getting attached to the terrorist.