Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Urgent Need

Elysa is a close personal friend and she requested that I post this. It is from a friend of hers... Jeff Goins of Adventure in Missions. I do not know anything about him or his organization but I trust her. If you feel led to help, please check out his website and make sure you are as informed as possible. The following is the e-mail Elysa received this morning.

My friend Pat is about to become homeless. She's been there before and doesn't want to go back. She's been working for awhile now at the local La Quinta to provide for herself and her two beloved dogs.

I met her about a month ago, while I was delivering groceries to different people in need. She told me her story, and it broke my heart.

Pat has cancer. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she was bummer, but still thanked God for her many blessings: job, apartment, dogs, etc.

Then, for no apparent reason, her job fired her. In anticipation of the chemotherapy keeping her from any kind of intense activity, she paid her next two months' rent (May and June). That's why we brought the groceries - she had spent all her money on rent and didn't have enough for food. When we found her, she was barely scraping by, but believing God would take care of her.

I told her to call me if she ever needed anything. I say that a lot and don't usually get a response. Sometimes, I'm not sure that I mean it. This time, Pat is holding me to it, and I'm grateful.

She asked if it were at all possible to help her with her rent and utilities, which should be about $525. If she can make her deadline of July 1, she'll be fine after that, because her disability and food stamps will have kicked in. She even offered to pay me back $10 a month if I can get her the money. I don’t entertain ideas like this usually, but it appears that Pat is genuinely in need and has fallen through the cracks of the “system.” I’m looking into ways that we can get some local organizations to help, but I think it would be beautiful if individuals just surrounded her and met the need. I’ve seen this done before, and it’s amazing.

I told her that I'd ask you, the Church, if it can be done. What do you say? Can it?

If you're interested in helping Pat, send me a message before this Friday (June 13), which is when I told Pat I'd let her know. mailto:mjeff.goins@gmail.com

Jeff Goins
World Race Mobilization
Editor-in-chief, Wrecked for the Ordinary
Blog: http://jeffgoins.myadventures.org/

Update! The need has been more than met! Cool, huh?


Brenda said...

I will keep this matter in my prayers.

Debra W said...

There is an organization called Modest Needs. It is one which Mark and I have donated to and I know that it is very reputable. They assist people who have immediate emergencies who are requesting $1000.00 or less. I know that they do require some validation of the situation(ie. medical bills, heat or electric bills, etc.), but they are an excellent resource. They have a website which explains the whole process, but it is definitely worth looking into. The site is modestneeds.org.

Best of luck,

Elysa said...

Kelly----Thanks for posting this. I've just posted an update from Jeff at my website:


Its a beautiful thing when the body of Christ truly behaves as the body of Christ.

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