Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Snippets From Conversations at my House

"Nice Zit."

"You spilled MY make-up all over MY bed!!!"

"You shouldn't have made fun of my zit!"

"Where are my keys?!?! Did you just lock them IN THE HOUSE?!?!?"


"Better to be pissed off than pissed on."
"I wish I could remember being a baby... well except for the crapping your pants part."
"Why can't I sleep? It's summer!!!"
"There's nothing good to eat in this house. It's all stuff you have to fix."
"I'll drive. My parents pay for my gas."
"Why do I always have to clean my bathroom?"
"I love you."
"Get out of the trash!"
"I got my nose pierced!"
"We have to pay how much right now?"
"Get out of my room!!!"
"You make me laugh."
"Shut up that bird!!!"
"You call this clean?"
"Does anyone in this house have a pen?"
"That's fricken awesome!"
"We are bleeding money."
"Mooooooom... no... why?"
"Why are there dishes under your bed?"
"I'm never having children."
"One day I am going to come home and find nothing but your feet sticking out of that computer."
What are some random snippets of conversations from your house?


Mabunny said...

hmmm, let's see...

Honey, what do you think of this?
( me pointing to picture on computer while DH is playing game on his puter totally ignoring me...)

Mooooom, where are all the bandaids?

Moooom we are out of bandaids...

I don't want that for dinner...

Yuck, that smells nasty...
(usually referring to sometihing I'm cooking that Nicole won't eat)

Mooooommmm, I"m boooooorrrreeeeddddd

You pick up the poop, I did it last time...

Thanks for the laughs, and have a great day!

RANGER said...

These are from yesterday:

Don't throw out that box while Mew is looking. She thinks it's hers.

We need a dog . . . well, we do.

Did you water that Hydrangea or did it rain?

If the coffee's made, I need some, if it's Starbucks.

The cat wants her sandbox done.

I just did it.

Sheri said...

Loved the snippets . . . unfortunately, since it's just me and the mutt, conversations are pretty one sided!

noble pig said...

OmG I am laughing so hard, especially the the baby comment about pooping the diaper...I'm rolling.

MUD said...

Watch my Lips! This is followed by finger pointing at her lips.

Oh that, I cut myself and used a paper towel and duct tape to keep it from bleeding all over my truck. Couldn't find the damn band aids.

I don't think that is funny! Why is that funny?

Why do you think the press is slanted. (In almost the same breath- look at this headline, it should be on the opinion page)

How much did that cost. (As if we don't have money left over when the month is finished vs. having month left when the money ran out)

You are making that stuff up. Well hell yes! that is how I do it. Would you like it if I just ran around quoting idiots?


April said...

I think I say "Get your fingers out of your nose" about 800 times a day.

I also say and hear a lot of "Who didn't flush the toilet?"

"Stop farting on your brother."

"Turn your bedroom light off."

"Stop putting Polly Pockets clothes on your brothers GI Joes."

I think I should post a picture of that last one. It's hilarious.

Natalie said...

"I can't put on underpants because my privates are full of blood."

"I left my keys at home so I'm going to nap before going back out to work on their computers."

"Can I watch the Banana Splits?"

"Mama, should I delete this?"

"Are you shopping for more Pokemon cards?"

"Can I have 2,3,4 more gummy bears, please?

"I don't want to go to the park and I'm tired of swimming."

"You need to drink more water, that's why your head hurts."

"Is the dog spontaniously loosing weight or are you feeding her less?"

"Not in there, those are the clean dirty dishes. Put it with the real dirty dishes."

"Don't look at me like that, I already fed you!"

"No wonder your tummy hurts, all you had for lunch was water, gummy bears and a few slices of cheese."

Chris H said...

- You are a magnificant cook Mum
- do I have to eat this poison?
- Girls suck
- Girls are disgusting
- I really love you Brylee (said by Griffin 2 seconds after saying he thought she was disgusting!)
- you are STARVING me!
- I'm busting, my penis is going to burst!
- Ewwwww You are disgusting!
- do you eat your boggers?
- I do! (Griffin)
- This dog has a penis! Ewwwww.

Oh man, I could go on and on and on..... and that's only from the two littlies in the house right now! Imagine when I had 6 kids home all the time!

Brenda said...

Let's see.
Stop it.
No you stop it.

Can we go blah blah blah
Can I have blah blah blah
Why don't I have a blah blah blah

When is it time to eat?
I'm hungry.
Is it almost supper time?

It wasn't me.

Juliet said...

Let's see...
Mum, can I watch a movie?

Mum, can I go on the computer?

Girls, can you please put the toilet roll ON the toilet roll holder!!!!

Meng, can you feed the cat please, she's hassing!

Mum, I heard you the first time!

HI... I'm bored.

Have you got any homework?.. No!.... Are you sure??

Betty... can you please STOP playing the recorder... it's 10.30 at night!!!

Does anyone want a cuppie tea??... Yes please,... Me too,... Me!,... Yes please!
(We're all fans of tea- let's put on a pot!)

There's just a few snippets of conversations at our house.

And here's a cute one from about 7-10 years ago- our oldest darling used to say "Do you know what?... This is what..."

Juliet said...

Ooh, I just thought of another very important one...

"Hello Beauties!!"

I say this with great enthusiasm at many different times of day, eg, when the girls get into the car at school, when they wake up in the morning, etc!

And my darling hubby's current favourite...
"Exacally" (gotta say it real drawn-out-like.)

Two Dogs said...

This morning....

"Uh, Dad, there's a big puddle of water on the front porch by the door."

"Yes, there was a raging thunderstorm yesterday. 'Member?"

"Uh huh, but where did the water come from?"

"Uh, the storm, maybe, Sir Isaac Newton? Are you retarded, like your mother?"