Monday, June 9, 2008

Next Group...

Yeah! It worked doing it that way! I only have another couple of minutes but this time I typed it all out into a word document first so if I lost it I wouldn't have to start all over again!

Julia @ My Bloomin’ Life

Julia has a wonderful blog where she shares her spiritual insights as well as some funny stories about her life. Not long ago, I was having a really bad day and this post really helped me get through it. Check it out!

Just Me @ Peanut Butter & Bacon Sandwiches

Isn't that a cute blog title? Just Me has a great sense of humor. She can get a little PG 13 or so... just to warn ya. She was a regular commentor on my first blog and just found this one recently. I am glad she did because I didn't have a way to contact people because I cleared all my blogs out of my favorites and didn't even read blogs between the time I deleted the other one and when I started this one and couldn't remember all of them to let them know I was back. I am looking forward to getting reaquainted with her and her blog! Check it out!

Karen @ Fresh Fixins

My two youngest kids were baptized in Karen’s hot tub when we lived in Mississippi. She also took care of our girls when we came to Colorado to find a home before moving. We’ve actually been able to get to know one another better through our blogs and e-mails back and forth about our blogs. She is a wonderful cook! She and her husband are raising and homeschooling two of their granddaughters and just graduated the oldest! Check it out!

Kathy @ Kathy’s Dusty Trails

Kathy is a vet and sometimes posts pictures of surgeries… gross but still very interesting! She and her husband are settling into their new cabin home in the mountains. She takes wonderful pictures and even takes you on some horseback adventures! I always come away from her site wishing I could live near her and hang out on her porch while I ask her about everything she does! Check it out!

Laura-Peach @ Silence is Broken

Laura-Peach is currently sharing her life story on her blog and it is a humdinger! She is currently covering the teen years. After reading her posts I often spend some time looking at the pictures she posts that go along with those years and wonder about her. I am very interested to read the rest of her story to see how she got to where she is today. Some of what she’s been through just breaks my heart. Check it out!

oooooh... I am cutting it real close! Gotta run! I'll be back later.


Debra W said...

Great work, KJ! I am so glad that you were able to bring so much attention to this illness.


Julia said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out and for all the new blogs to read! That took a lot of time I'm sure, and I appreciate it!


Kathy said...

Thanks for the compliments. Looks like I'll have interesting new blogs to visit in my spare time....*sigh* I really do remember having spare time once upon a time.
Good job on spreading the word on SD.