Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm giving it another try...

I really want to thank all of you that posted about the DAW contest! My schedule is crazy today so I only have a bit of time to get some of these out before I am out the door again!

Alison @ RDH Mom

A big part of Alison’s blog is the story of their adoptions. It gives you a great picture of what is entailed in the adoption process! But, that’s not all that’s on there. Check it out!

AmusedMomma @ Kids Say the Darndest Things

Paula is a personal friend and a seasoned advocate for homeschooling here in Colorado. Her family is very involved in homeschool support and you can find many links on her site to many homeschooling resources. Her blog is not just about homeschooling. She touches on many different subjects and I always enjoy the things she shares about. Although, sometimes she uses words I don’t know the definition to. Don’t tell her I said that though. She already has enough to laugh at me about in regard to my severely lacking computer skills. Check it out!

Brenda @ Living with RAD

Brenda is a sweet gal that is dealing with Reactive Attachment Disorder with a couple of her adopted children. She is a wonderful resource, not just for those that are also dealing with RAD, but for those considering adopting and for those frustrated with parenting (that would be me). She has a way of putting things in perspective and her gentleness really comes through. Check it out!

Elysa @ Musings from Graceland

Elysa is another personal friend. She is the mom to seven kids ranging in age from 14 to 2. When she was single she was a missionary to Swaiziland. This past February she was able to return to Africa with her two oldest girls on a short term missions trip. Elysa also homeschools her children. Her blog contains many of her personal insights. Check it out!

Flea @ Flea’s World

Flea is a really neat gal with a great sense of humor. She has this whole Fred & Bessie thing with these little cow salt & pepper shakers (at least that is what I think they are… they might just be little ceramic cows). She often photographs them on their many adventures. She’s even given them their own blog at Formica Fields. Like me, she also homeschooled her children for nine years and they are now in school. She also writes stories that she shares. Check it out!


noble pig said...

Thanks for all the cool new linky-loves.

Elysa said...

Enjoyed getting to know about some of your regular commentors and their blogs thru this post. What a sweetheart you are!

Love you SO MUCH!!!!!!!

Brenda said...

Awww. Thanks for your sweet words. Not I am off to check out some of these other blogs!

Ecolo said...

This is great to get to know more bloggers. Thanks.

Alison said...

thanks for your kind words..and for all the new blogs that I now get to check out and get hooked on!!