Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boy Oh Boy...

Do you ever have days where all your plans get torpedoed every time you turn around?

Do you ever have days where your main form of sustenance comes in the form of a non-fat caramel macchiato with two extra shots of espresso and extra caramel over ice?

Did you know that shots to go overseas can cost $404.95? Of course, that includes a special anti-diarrheal pack, malaria pills, deet cream and a 18 page individualized disease listing for all the countries Frappacino will be visiting. Oh... and a thrilling video seen in the Passport Health office detailing what not to do. The highlight was the somewhat unattractive middle aged man acting out stomach pain due to traveler's diarrhea. I am afraid Frappacino will not eat, drink or breathe while she is gone. I wouldn't.

Have you ever taken your dog to be groomed and have her take a big dump in the back seat of your car on the way home and not be able to roll down the windows because the dog is dumb and would try to jump out? Yeah, well that's enough about that.

What kind of days have y'all been having?


Brenda said...

Oh no! My daughter is going to Africa...I didn't know it is that much....eeek. Sorry about the dog.

Just Me said...

FWIW, I put the Shedder in a harness, and to that I clip a special strap that snaps into the seat belt clip. The strap is just long enough to let her move without leaping out the window at another dog, kid on wheels, etc.

I'm very sorry about your icky day. I'm sure that Frappacino will figure out eating, drinking, and breathing in the safe hands of her grandfather. (I am so envious of her trip!)

My day yesterday was nonstop running. Oil change at 8:00, vet appointment with two cats at 10:30, and I had to drive forty minutes for a deposition at 2:30.

The depo was being held at a hospital, one of those old, old facilities that morphed and grew over the years to a multi-building campus. All I was given was the major intersecting streets, and I spent several minutes figuring out where I had to be.

The coolest part had to be that the deponent was a still-practicing doc in his 90s. 90!!! He looked 90, but his mind was wonderfully witty and sharp. I can only dream of being like that when I'm old.

Best of all, I returned to my car, drove to the gate, and learned that the lot only accepts cash (not posted anywhere when I came in). The guy LET ME GO. I got two hours of free parking! (Thank you, Mr. Parking Attendant!)

AmusedMomma said...

Sounds like our Monday, without the smelly stuff.

Although, last night one of the dogs peed on our bed right before we were going to retire for the evening. The same dog peed on the bottom bunk of the big girls' room last week. The man of the house is threatening to get rid of both dogs just cuz he's tired of dealing with this kinda stuff.

I'm sorry your day was so frought with yuckiness! I pray it gets better for y'all soon!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

you were having a yukky day... and after my day with martha on monday I would take just about everything... except the smell... I would not have survived that one LOL... HUGS to ya

Mabunny said...

I'm so excited Frappy gets to go on her vacation. EEk for the cost of the shot.
As for the dog thing, no I've never had that happen, but whoowee, does it count that one my male friends used to secretly hit the lock button on the windows in his truck, thereby not allowing me to roll down the windows when he purposely farted till my eyes watered? Pretty sure the smell would rival your ordeal.

claudia said...

Wow! I guess I'm not traveling any too soon! Well, not like I would do that anyway...just saying. Sorry 'boutall the stuffies going on...ew on that dog mess. Mine have gotten car sick and I couldn't roll the windows down, still not nice. Hope your today is much better.

Sheri said...

Dumb question on the shot. Did you try the health department, or your doctor? My Aunt and Uncle forked over major change like that, and then discovered that their health insurance would have covered it!!

Days here have been pretty good . . . haven't had any calls/comments from crazy chick, it's cool at night, breezy during the day, the house is clean, I have food in my fridge, and my car started this morning. Catch me next week . . . it's usually crazy drama happening to me!

noble pig said...

Good grief, that sounds like a day from hell, especially the doggie poop-de-doo. Sorry.

Becky said...

Maybe the dog needed some of Frappy's pills...anti-nausea or anti-diarrheal or anti-dumpontheseato.

:) The Maid

Makes you wish that the Jack Black
Vapoorize invention was legit.

Elysa said...


We just went to Africa in January. Depending on where you are going, it might not cost much at all. NONE of us had to get any extra shots for the part of Southern Africa where we were heading.


Coffee Bean said...

Hey Brenda,

Elysa is right, it totally depends on what area you are going to and what risks they have there.

Frappy had to get three shots... typhoid, flu and polio. The real expense was the malaria pills. They were $9 each and she has to take 18 of them. We could have gone with Doxycycline but she would have had to take it before, during and 28 days after her trip and the pills we chose stop malaria in the liver (which means sooner). Being on an anitbiotic that long can cause problems for girls and she did not want to deal with that. We also bought her the antidiarreahal pack which has a combo of Imodium AD and a strong antibiotic and a bunch of packets of flavored electrolyte solution without sugar. We also bought their deet cream. We could have just bought the antibiotics and gone to Wal-mart for the rest and saved a couple of bucks... but it was just easier to get it all done with so we don't have to worry about it.

Oh, and insurance. Frappy is 18 and she is still covered by our insurance but not for anything preventative... like physicals or vaccinations.


We called the doctor first. They didn't have the vaccinations we needed so they referred us to the Health Dept. The Health Dept. did not either and referred us to Passport Health (they have offices all over the United States). It was a pretty long appointment because the nurse made her a booklet containing all of the areas she will be and talked a lot about the risks and safety measures and then made us watch a video. It was very informative and I'm actually glad we went. Oy... was it expensive though!

linda said...

Did the dog REALLY take a dump in the back seat??!!! OMG!! I am laughing so hard!! Hope they were leather!!

As far as malaria goes, she'll take about two of those malaria pills and then probably no more! They make you crazy!! They made me not be able to sleep for about 48hrs after I took one. And, the pills themselves gave me an upset stomach...yuck! Maybe I just have an extra sensitive system. I'm so fragile, you know!!!

Coffee Bean said...


She sure did and NO the seats are not leather! Fortunately, it wasn't a goopy one. TMI I'm sure.

Natalie said...

On the way to the pool today I backed out of the driveway and into DH's precious 26 yr old pickup truck parked across the street. He is LIVID!

I had to tell you here since he might not let me write about it on my blog. He's like that - no even slightly dirty laundry is allowed on my blog. Heaven forbid that someone we know finds out that our life is not perfect. Or that my version contradicts his version.

Sue said...

Sheesh! What a day you had! And I was complaining about having to spend my morning at the DMV with 4,000 other people that didn't think they'd need an appointment on a Wednesday at 10:30am.

I hope tomorrow is better!

(Thank goodness it wasn't a goopy one. See, it can ALWAYS be worse!)

Two Dogs said...

linda is so right about the malaria pills, they made Bean so sick that she didn't take them anymore despite her orders, but of course she is already nuts, so that didn't change much.

Isn't life grand most of the time? Nothing but opportunities daily. By the way, I have taken to calling "problems" by the euphemism "opportunity.' It changes my outlook for the better, ma'am.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the info. Sounds like I need to call and see. I cannot even remember which country....

Doris said...

I can relate to the doggie dump in the back seat. Happened to me once. From then on I walked the dog outside the groomer's side door before putting him in the car.If he pooped we could pick it up in a plastic baggie.

Karen Deborah said...

If my dog pooped in the car I would probably have a wreck. As for shots, didn't need anything to go to colombia except a current tetnus. Find out what illnesses are there you don't need everything ever made. Also the health dept's give cheap shots and usually know what you need. It don't have to be stressful.

Elysa said...

Dittos to what Karen said. And don't just go by what some official says she needs. Try to find out straight from the missionaries or whoever it is she'll be visiting/working with.

Officially, folks that go to Swaziland are recommended to do the malaria treatment and get some other stuff.

But all the missionaries that I know of say its not needed, I lived there two years and never knew of any malaria, and this past time that I went, we ignored all that extra stuff.

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh aloud about the dog. Thankfully we haven't had that experience yet. We are, however, moving from the West coast to the East coast starting tomorrow. We will be taking our two year old chocolate lab who has epilepsy. I think she has had some brain damage during some siezures and is rather dopey, but lovable.
Enjoy your blog. I just found it through The Park Wife.